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The Rituals Of A Secret Society

It was my eighteenth birthday, a special day for me. This is the day when I would go to the city for the first time in my life and stay there for the next few years. My mother told me that my father would come and take me with him. I had only seen him a few times in my life. My mother also briefed me that I would be inducted into the trade of prostitution after a ritual tonight. I was thrilled that I would join the trade of the family, but was also deeply sad that I would be away from all my sisters, aunts, and especially my mother.
My mother understood my feelings and said that I would see my father more during this phase of my life than I ever have and ever would again. She also said that I may also meet my elder sister Sonali, who also had been gone to the city, three years ago, on her eighteenth birthday. Besides, my mother lovingly told me, it was only till I reached the age of 27 that I would be away from the village. Then I would be married to breed children and raise them here under the guidance of the elders.
Our village is an all female village, hidden in a remote area, having its own culture. Only husbands are allowed to come and copulate with their woman so as to make them pregnant.Special huts are built on the fringes of the village where the husbands can meet their wives. Once their woman becomes pregnant, the husbands must leave.
The female children are looked after till they reach their 18th birthday, when they are taken to the city. There in the city, their virginity is sold, and they are to entertain men or women with sex till they are 27 years old. When women reach the age of 27, they are sold to a husband, and bear children for him until she no longer can. She raises her children in the all-female village with the help of older women. The only time they see men after marriage is to be impregnated. Special herbs are given to young women to keep their sex drives high at all times and to prevent pregnancy.
My mother packed my things up, and promptly my father came early in the afternoon. He loaded my luggage and me into a car for my first trip to the city.
The car was luxurious and my father was driving it, while I sat besides him. My father kept looking at me. He then told me, “Rupali, don’t be afraid, I have connections and I am putting you in the hands of a very good friend of mine. He is the leading seller of women to the brothels that caters to the richest men.”
I listened to him intently and nodded. He continued, “You would stand on a dais before a group of men, and they would bid huge amounts of money on your virginity. I am sure that you would be worth a lot of money because your long black hair and innocent eyes emphasizes your virginity and purity. You are also petite and womanly, and men would want to touch your body more than they want to breathe.”
Soon we arrived in front of a beautiful bungalow, surrounded by tall trees. Beautiful sculptures were tastefully placed all around a huge lawn. An old woman of around 50 years took charge of me and took me to a bathing room. The old woman said that her name was Radha and her job is to look after the prostitutes sold and employed here. She gave me a large dose of the herb kanyashil, the herb that would increase my sex drive so much that I would be able to have sex for days without a break. I had already been taking the anti-pregnancy herb, nishantana, for a month. Radha bathed me with hot water in a large bath tub. She touched me gently, focusing on massaging my breasts with the soft cloth. I was feeling warm and tingly, and my inhibitions began to fall away as the steam heated my skin.
Radha helped me from the bath and dried my skin gently. She massaged sweet almond oil into my skin and dressed me in a white cloth that was slung low on my hips and another, smaller cloth tied around my large, round, ample breasts without any bra or panty. She dried my dark hair until it curled gently around my face and shoulders.
Then she took my hand and led me from the room without a word. The sun had set and it was time for the auction.
I was lined up on a circular dais with five other girls, all stunning. The men before us were all obviously rich; they watched us with hungry eyes and hard cocks that tented their luxurious pants, straining to be in us.
Then one by one they came on the dais, lifted our face, rubbed their hands on our skin, felt our breasts, and asked us to part our legs and put their hands in between our legs and felt our pussies. The kanyashil was taking effect; I was burning with desire when their hands stroked on my body and I imagined their hard cocks pounding in all my holes. I was tempted to touch myself between my legs, where the insatiable tingling originated, but I was still shy enough to resist.
A soft music started somewhere in the back ground and an old matronly lady came forward and removed the white cloth from our hips and breasts, making us stand naked in the harsh spot lights, illuminating our features starkly. Then the dais started rotating slowly, so that every member bidder could get a view of the girls from every angle.
The bidding started, and it passed in a haze. I couldn’t focus on anything but the waves of arousal pounding my body. Suddenly, it seemed to me, I was being led away. Radha took my arm and leaned in to me. “A very rich man has purchased you,” she whispered to me excitedly. “He is young and handsome.”
I was packed into another car with Radha sitting besides me; my father’s car was behind us. I was barely aware of anything happening around me. I suddenly noticed that we were in a large city. Radha and several muscular men unloaded me and my few possessions in front of another beautiful house. I was now becoming a little nervous and I barely noticed anything until Radha guided me to a comfortable room and motioned for me to sit on the large bed in the centre. She shut the door behind us and came to sit next to me.
“Do you know what will happen now?” she asked me. I shook my head.
Radha smiled at me and then said, “They will take you into a huge dark room and you will lie on the table in the centre. There will be a total of nine men watching as witnesses to the loss of virginity, including your father, your uncle and your elder brother, who are representing your family. It is the law that they witness, and it is not against the law for them to use you as the other men will.
Three men will have sex with you to begin with: first the man who purchased you, then two of his chosen associates. Before they take your virginity, they will bring you to orgasm and taste you. Then each one will fuck you, one by one. Then the orgy will start. Every man watching will probably have sex with you in some way while others are occupied with the brothel’s prostitutes.”
She sighed. “Tomorrow you will be very sore, but tonight you will be so aroused that it will all feel good. You will black out a few times. But it will pass in a haze and your body will enjoy it more than you can imagine. We all go through it, but before long you will enjoy it.”
Radha slathered my skin with glittering paint, the colour of moonlight, and then she placed a silvery mask on my face and dressed me once again in the white cloth. She smiled at me and said, “Tonight you are the virgin goddess. You are taking part in a ritual that has survived thousands of years.”
The candlelight lit her face and the world swam before me. Radha continued saying, “At the beginning of time, there were three gods; they wanted to create children, and the only way was to use the virgin goddess of the moon. They created the herb, kanyashil which grew up from the ground at their command. They gave it to her and waited. When she lay on a stone table begging them to ravish her, the eldest amongst the three, the God of the Sun, stepped forward.”
I could see everything Radha was telling me as if it were happening before my eyes. I was sweating, I wanted to be touched so badly, but somehow I felt the wait was worth it.
Radha kept narrating, “The Sun God leaned forward and buried his face between her legs, overcome with the desire to taste her virgin nectar. He used his tongue to bring her to high passions that caused her body to overflow with wet, fertile life. She moaned as if the pleasure of his actions was too much for her body to take.”
I moaned too, imagining a golden man devouring my juices, my own virgin nectar dripping down my thighs.
But I eagerly heard Radha narrating the old rites, “Each of the gods stepped forward to have a taste of her; then they took turns thrusting their huge hard cocks into her virgin hole. Each time a god pumped his seed into her womb, it would overflow, mixed with her own fluids. Each drop fell to the earth and became life.”
She took my arm and led me to a huge wooden door across the hall. Radha cautioned me, “Once we enter, do not speak. Later there will be time for screaming; be silent and let them talk. Meet their eyes and use your own eyes to beg them to devour you. It will further inflame their passions.” She opened the door and gave me a gentle push. Before I knew what was happening, she shut the door and I was left alone in a dimly lit room with nine naked men with huge pulsing cocks pointed in my direction. There were eight women also. They were also naked. All the men wore masks on their faces.
Six males were standing in a line, at one side of the table, more towards the wall of the room, facing the table. Six women were similarly standing in the opposite side of the table.
A man painted gold like the Sun God and wearing a golden mask was standing in front of the table. Besides him stood two other males, one painted in colours depicting god of fire and the other painted as god of wind. Two females whose bodies were colourfully painted stood besides the God of Fire and the God of Wind.
The man painted gold like the Sun God and wearing a golden mask stepped forward. “Welcome virgin goddess,” he said quietly. It echoed around the dark room. His deep musical voice sent tremors through my body and I could feel my nectar dripping in another tantalizing stream down my leg. All the males and females present in the room knelt down and bowed in my direction. The sun god took my hand and pulled me gently to the beautifully carved table in the centre of the room that was piled high with silk and linen, and decorated with flowers.
The two females, painted as deities now came forward and removed the cloth from my body, exposing my ivory coloured flesh to the burning eyes of the men and women in the room. The painted girls pushed me back onto the table. Made me lie down, spread my legs and held me tightly one on each side of me. The sun god stood next to the table, his cock standing proud and erect, shining in the dim light, as if it was rubbed with some oil. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his huge cock; I could stack both my hands around it, and there would still be plenty of cock still visible. My nectar flowed more thickly as I imagined it pounding into me, but I had to wait.
He positioned his head between my legs, and inhaled. His breath tickled my tender, inflamed flesh. “First we will taste her virgin sweetness,” he announced loudly to the gathered men. “Then we will pump our hot seed into her as we take her innocence.”
His tongue began to move up and down my slit, barely touching me. I raised my body toward his mouth and moaned. I was losing control fast. The two painted females held me firmly by my shoulder.
The man was amused. “Look at the virgin begging for my touch!” he laughed. The other men leered at me. “Every woman is a dirty slut, even the ones who have never had a cock.”
The men laughed loudly. From my position, I could see one man already pumping his hand on his thick, rigid cock, gazing at me with glazed eyes. His watching eyes made me even hotter, as did the first man’s words and the other men’s laughter. At that point, I didn’t care if they thought me a slut or a whore, as long as they fucked me hard and long, and quelled the longing ache in my loins.
He moved his tongue harder and faster, tasting my juices, thrusting in and out of my hole like I knew their cocks soon would, lapping at the little nub that pushed me closer and closer to oblivion. It seemed like time barely passed before my body spasm in an orgasm. I saw coloured lights behind my eyelids as my body flopped uncontrollably under his burning touch. The pleasure was intense and everything went dark for a moment, though my eyes were still open as wide as they would go.
When my eyes cleared, he had removed his hot mouth. The other man dressed as Fire god stepped forward and licked at the fluid dripping down my slit and into the crack of my ass, tickling and arousing me further. Then it was the turn of the god of wind to taste me. I had several more orgasms as they each took their turns tasting me, slipping their tongues into me and licking my sensitive nub forcefully. Finally they stopped and stood back looking at me.
It was then that I noticed that the men lined up on one side of the table had crossed over and were kneeling in front of the women lined up on the other side of the table. They were lapping away the sweet nectar that was flowing in-between the thighs of the women, who were trembling in anticipation.
The Sun God man stepped up and manoeuvred his cock between my legs. He rubbed it up and down my slit like he had done with his tongue. I groaned and pushed my pelvis up toward his cock. He teased me for a moment before slamming his huge cock into me with no warning. I screamed at the brief, searing pain, but he paid no heed and kept on ramming into me. Before long, the pain subsided and soon enormous waves of pleasure took over. He thrust back and forth furiously, grunting in my ear. I moaned against my will, feeling dirty and used, but felt so good at the same time. I fucked him as hard as I could, and came twice more. Then the other two men dressed as God stepped forward and used my hole one by one. Their thick hot cum was pouring out of me, overflowing and splattering onto the linen over the table. By the time they were finished, I was drifting in and out of consciousness, exhausted by the intense orgasms.
I still noticed the other men were now standing and the women were kneeling in front of the men folk and sucking their cocks vigorously.
“And now,” announced the Sun God, “we will celebrate the initiation of a virgin with the ritual orgy!”
I could see that the men all rushed and grabbed the women in front of them to fuck. One man came toward me. He removed his mask and I recognised him immediately. It was my father.
“Hello, my beautiful slut,” he whispered, mounting me. “I made you; it seems only right that I defile you as well.”
He slipped his cock into me and pounded into me for several moments. It felt so good to feel another cock in me; for the few moments of rest I had, I felt unbearably empty and I was feeling even more aroused than before. His cock was even bigger than the Sun God’s. He flipped me over so that I was on my hands and knees. I was on my hands and knees bent like a bitch before my own father. He had an up-close and personal view of my hole, dipping with three men’s seed. He rubbed the seed on my other hole before pushing in his huge cock into my virgin ass.
I felt like he was tearing me apart and I cried out with the pain, but it sent another shiver of unbearable pleasure through my body. My scream of pain became a moan of amazing pleasure.
“That’s my baby girl, my lovely nasty slut,” he grunted in my ear. “Mmmm, make your father spew his seed in you! Let him fuck your dirty, whore holes!”
Another young male climbed up on the table. He held my face and started kissing me. He removed his mask and I saw that he was my elder brother. My brother slid under me and positioned himself between my legs before me and pushed his cock into my soaked vagina.
Now I had two males fucking me, two of my male relatives, my father and my brother. They fucked me in both holes, and the pleasure overwhelmed my body. I felt so dirty and used, but I couldn’t resist it. My flesh cried out that it wanted to be abused by anything with a cock. Before long, I was being held up by the groping hands and thrusting cocks. I had lost all control of my body and I was limp except with more orgasms wracked my body. I could make out that my uncle had climbed on the table. My uncle knelt beside us and pushed his own cock down my throat.
I moaned around it, but it tasted so sweet and salty that I immediately began sucking it with abandon. He fucked my face in the same way that my father and brother were fucking my vagina and asshole, his hands pulling my head towards him. He spurted his hot, salty seed and I tried to swallow it all, but there was so much that it dripped out of my mouth. A second later my father and brother began pumping their own seed into my holes, moaning and grunting and pulling at my hair and flesh with enough force to cause me the most pleasurable and amazing sensations I had ever felt in my life. They roughly pinched my nipples and bit my breasts and neck. I could feel their hot seed erupting in my body and had several earth-shattering orgasms.
They all pulled their cocks from me and I fell forward. Their seed dripped out of me from all of my holes. They laughed at me and called me a whore. The other men who had been watching me had also removed their masks while naked girls pumped their cocks with their hands and sucked them. When they were ready to spill their milky semen, the men pushed the women away and aimed their spurts at my naked, abused, dripping body. One by one they splattered me before leaving to fuck the many other women waiting.
I lay there for a few moments, slowly regaining feeling in my nether regions. An old man I didn’t recognize climbed on top of me and straddled my chest. He reached back, scooped some of the milky goo from my vagina, and rubbed it on my breasts. Then he gathered up my breasts and began to rub his wrinkled cock between them, slowly fucking them. It wasn’t long before his meagre load splattered my neck and chin, and I tried to catch some in my mouth, eager to taste him.
For hours, man after man fucked me senseless until they were exhausted. By the time the sun had risen above the horizon, most of the men had left or passed out, while I and the other women lay around the room, some conscious, most passed out like the men. Old maids came in, taking hold of the women gently and supporting them from the room. Some had to be lifted up onto shoulders and carried out. The sight of their naked forms, used and limp like my own, stained and dripping with men’s seed and their own sweet juice, made me want to touch them.
I wanted to lick the fluids from their bodies, or suck it from between their legs. I too was covered with milky white ejaculate from more men than I was able to count; my mask lay forgotten on the floor where one of the men had ripped it from my face and tossed it. My body paint was smeared in some places, completely rubbed off in others. I could barely see my own skin under the mountains of slime covering my body. I saw Radha approaching towards me. She smiled sympathetically at my bright red, swollen vagina and asshole, gaping, stretched, and still dripping seed onto the silk beneath me. Her eyes took in my stretched, raw mouth and its lingering smile of satisfaction, as well as my engorged nub that was still throbbing in the most divine way.
“How do you feel?” she asked.
I didn’t answer. My whole body felt abused, but warm and tingly beyond words. Interestingly, I was still feeling aroused and wanton. I wanted to feel like a whore again. I had swallowed so much milky, salty-sweet seed and taken so many huge cocks down my throat that I couldn’t speak, but I smiled as best I could, feeling completely blissful. She gave me a knowing smile.
“Good,” Radha said. “Let’s get you in the bath with the other girls. They still have the kanyashil in them too, and I’m sure they will love playing with a pretty thing like you.”
My body was exhausted, and it felt good to slip into the hot, steamy water. The bath was just deep enough that I could sit on the bottom and my breasts would gently crest the water. The water that lapped against my nipples began to arouse me once again. I no longer felt any shame at my naked, abused body and made no effort to hide my breasts from the other women in the bath. I leaned back against the warm marble, my eyes closed. I felt so relaxed. My thoughts drifted back to what I had just experienced: the loss of my virginity, my first orgy, being fucked like a whore by my father, brother, and uncle, along with countless other men. My hands drifted down my abdomen; I longed to touch myself between my legs, to slip my fingers into my abused hole…..
A hand not my own began to creep up my leg and I opened my eyes. A woman was sitting before me, her large, firm breasts floating on the surface of the water. Her warm, wet hands crept up my thigh towards my aroused vagina. Her eyes were beautiful, a dark, deep brown. Her wet hair was a black. Her lips were red from too many cocks and mouths serviced, plump and delicious-looking.
“Would you like to play?” she asked me, her voice light and sultry. I nodded, unable to speak from the lust pumping in my blood once again. I vaguely wondered how long the kanyashil would last.
She swept her hand up my thigh before gently stroking my slit. I moaned softly. Another woman approached. She sat to one side and began to gently massage my shoulders. Before long, her hands drifted down to my wet breasts; my nipples became hard, light pink pebbles. The woman rubbing my slit slid a finger into my hole and began to move it in and out without force, respecting the soreness between my legs. I moaned and pumped my hips against her hand. A third woman took my face in her hands and kissed my lips. I kissed her back, lightly nibbling her lower lip. She slipped her hot tongue into my mouth, swirling it around mine. I could taste men’s seed in her mouth, as well as another, sweeter flavour.
I wanted to ravage her, and I tried to convey this with my roving hands. I roughly pinched her nipples and she moaned so loudly the sound echoed off the wet stone walls of the bathing room. She pulled her mouth from mine for a moment, looking into my eyes. Her eyes were identical to mine; I noticed our similar noses and the curve of our lips were the same. It took me a moment to recognize her in my sex-induced fog, but then it hit me at the same time I had the most wonderful orgasm yet. Three years ago, my sister, Sonali, was escorted from our home in the female colonies by our father, and I hadn’t seen her since. I missed her over the years, and I hugged her close to my body as I spasm again and again.
The women lifted me from the water and onto the ledge of the bath. Sonali positioned her face between my legs and began to lick my vagina with vigour. I moaned again. It felt completely different with a woman’s tongue inside of me, and very dirty because it was my own sister’s tongue. I groaned like a wounded animal as I erupted again. My nectar glistened on my sister’s face, and she buried her face between my legs once again, moaning as she did so.
Another woman, with long black hair that flowed down to her tiny waist, straddled my lap and kissed me. After a moment, she pushed my back onto the marble floor and placed her own beautiful, wet hole over my face. I hesitated, not having done this before, but I extended my tongue timidly and gave her slit a gentle lick. She and I moaned at the same time. Her fluids tasted like honey, and one taste had me trembling and leaking again. I continued lapping at her dripping slit before plunging my tongue into her. I pumped it into her over and over, before swirling it around her hard, swollen nub. She screamed and her nectar flowed into my mouth. It overflowed and dripped in tingly, warm streams down my cheeks. I had another orgasm from the combined pleasure of her delicious taste and Sonali’s continued ministrations on my nether regions.
The last orgasm put me over the edge and I passed out. When I awoke, there were women all over me. Two women had my hands in theirs and were plunging my fingers in and out of themselves, looks of ecstasy on their gorgeous faces. Two more were sucking and nibbling my nipples and breasts; Sonali was tonguing my asshole and thrusting her finger into my sopping vagina, while another woman pumped a wooden shaft in and out of Sonali. Looking around, I saw women everywhere pleasuring one another. The sight made my skin hot and tingly. My body erupted in an earth-shattering orgasm one more time and I passed out again.
When I awoke, I was clean and dry, lying in a tangled pile of naked women on a warm, soft bed. The room was lit with pure sunlight, which glistened off the skin of my bed-mates. I could not remember how I got there. The sun was high over the horizon. My body was too exhausted for me to move and I didn’t really want to move anyway. Sonali was asleep half on top of me, one of her nipples touching mine, her long, shapely legs tangled up with three other women’s legs. I smiled contentedly; too tired and blissful to be concerned with what would happen when I awoke again.
A woman’s voice roused me as I felt the other bodies in the bed move sleepily.
“Rupali, it is time to wake up.” I opened my eyes. The shadows were long outside the window, and the light had the distinct look of late afternoon. A matron was gently shaking my shoulder.
“There you go, up you get,” she said with a smile. “The owner of this brothel has purchased you for a trial period. If you please him, you will get to stay here for a while.”
I nodded, pushing my aching body from the bed and trying to ignore the sick, scared feeling in my stomach. She draped a robe over my naked flesh and took my arm, leading me over to a small table with a bottle of liquid and a silver cup. “First drink this up. It is a mixture of honey wine with a large dose of kanyashil. It’s delicious and will make your transition much easier. Then we’ll get some food in you and wash you for the night ahead.” She poured me a generous glass and I drank it gladly, knowing it would make me less frightened.
“Now when you meet the owner of the brothel, who you will refer to always as ‘master,’ you will show him your talents, and if he likes you, he’ll send you down to join the other girls in the public room. That’s where the girls service their customers each night.”
“Do you mean the room where I was last night?” I asked, my mind trying to digest the information she was giving me through my lusty daze I was already in as she hurried me through the maze of corridors.
“Oh no, that is the special event room. However, for men who want private service, there are rooms off the main room where you can take them. You’ll pick it up soon enough. First let’s get you cleaned up.”
She ushered me into the bathing room I had been in the night before. It was empty for the time being. She washed my hair and body, gently caressing my nipples and vagina to arouse me, before drying me and dressing me in a similar outfit to the one I wore the night before: a cloth that barely covered my breasts and vagina. It exposed much of chest, legs, back and midriff while hugging my shapely figure. However, this one was as red as my lips and emphasized my fair, ivory skin.
“You look beautiful in this,” the matron mentioned, surveying me with satisfaction. “You won’t wear this for long. The men will rip it from your flesh as soon as they see you in it.”
I nodded and tried to smile. I felt sexy and dirty, and I couldn’t wait for a cock to play with.
Another matron entered the room with a tray of fruit, bread, and wine. She nodded to me and held out the tray. I looked at the first matron.
She smiled encouragingly at me. “Go ahead and eat, dear. You are going to need your strength for tonight.” I took a piece of the fruit and ate it. It was so delicious that I began to devour it all with vigour. I finished the fruit, a few pieces of bread, and two large glasses of the wine. It had a honey flavour that I couldn’t place; it made my taste buds tingle.
“The kanyashil tastes delicious in the wine, does it not?” asked the matron holding the tray. I nodded. The effects I had already been feeling from the first dose began to grow, and the stirring between my legs was amplified to almost unbearable levels.
I was so aroused that I was tempted to grab one of the matrons and force her on her knees to service me, but I held the impulse in check; I needed to save myself for the master, or so my fogged mind whispered to me. However, the image of my sister, her tongue in me, like a small, flexible cock, came unbidden and I could feel the echoes of what she had done to me between my legs. I let my hand drift down and slipped my finger into my slit, feeling the wetness there. I didn’t care what the matrons thought, but they paid my actions little ministrations no mind. I guess they were used to women pleasuring themselves during polite conversation.
“We never introduced ourselves,” the matron with the tray said. I am Lata and this is Yashodha. We have been assigned to your well-being while you are here. Yashodha will take you to the master’s quarters for your test.”
Lata nodded to us and began to leave. However, she turned to wink at me. “Good luck, Rupali. The other girls love you already, and they really want you to stay.”
I looked back at Yashodha. She smiled. “Are you ready? How do you feel?”
I took stock, although of course she could tell how ready I was. The nectar of my lust was dripping down my legs; my soreness had faded to nothing and my vagina was tingly and warm. I was beginning to sweat a bit from the heat coursing through my body. My fear of what was coming had also faded. All I wanted at the moment was a cock inside of me. I smiled, a bit dazed from the kanyashil’s affects.
Yashodha held out her hand and I reluctantly removed my own hand from my vagina. She took it in hers and wiped the fluids from my fingers with her dress before leading me from the bathing room. We walked for a few minutes before we reached a wooden door etched with gold. “This is the master’s room. Remember, always say ‘Yes, master’ or ‘No, master.’ Otherwise he will punish you. Good luck!” She knocked on the door and hurried away.
A few seconds later, a man answered the door. He was tall and thin, about my father’s age, with greying hair. “Hello, my new little slut,” he said in a deep voice. “I am your new master. Welcome to my private sanctuary.” He opened the door wider and I entered. There were three other men in the room, but it was dark and I couldn’t make out their faces. A large wooden table dominated the room. Behind the table was a deep red, padded chair that looked like a throne. A few candles provided the only light.
The master began to caress my bare skin. His fingers were hot and rough, but his touch was gentle and arousing. He slipped my dress from my body and I was naked. He sat back on his throne, watching me with a hot, aroused gaze. His eyes glowed with hunger and lust. He motioned to one of the other men.
“Bend the whore over the table and fuck her,” he commanded. The man stepped up behind me and pushed me over the table before I could catch a glimpse of his face in the flickering candlelight. He forced his cock in me without a word. I cried out at the sharp pain, but a moment later I was moaning with pleasure. He reached around me and pinched my nipples hard, causing me to spasm with my first uncontrollable orgasm of the night. The man’s cock was huge and I felt like I was being torn apart in the most pleasurable way. He pulled out of me and I dropped to the floor, my trembling knees unable to hold me.
I looked up at the master. He smiled cruelly at me. “What do you want, my pretty slut?”
“More please, master,” I begged in a hoarse voice. “I need another cock inside of me. Please!”
His smile widened and he motioned to the other men. “Suck my cock while the other men fuck your ass and vagina.” I nodded and crawled on my knees toward him. He pulled his cock from his trousers; it was huge and red, almost purple. He was extremely aroused as well. I took his cock into my hands and rubbed caressed it gently before plunging it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head. Suddenly a cock penetrated my ass and began to saw in and out. The man behind me grunted and moaned as he fucked me mercilessly. I let the master’s cock slide in and out of my mouth, scraping it gently with my teeth and moaning.
The master groaned and his seed erupted in my mouth. His load of seed was immense and filled my mouth with a salty flavour. I swallowed it all and pulled away, a thin strand of my saliva and his ejaculate connecting his cock to my swollen lips. The man behind me stopped fucking my ass for a moment and the master motioned again. The last man came around to my front and forced his cock in my empty vagina. I had another orgasm almost immediately, and sparks danced behind my closed eyelids. When I opened my eyes, I was face-to-face with my father.
“Hello, pretty slut,” he grunted, bouncing me up and down on his cock. The other man began to saw his own cock in and out of my asshole, moaning and grunting in time with my father. I was alternately filled from behind and from in front of me, and I had an orgasm again, my muscles clenching at their cocks, trying to hold them inside. They yelled and spilled their seed at the same time in my body, and I felt a tingling sensation as they filled me with milky ejaculate. After a moment they pulled out and I dropped to the floor once again.
The master grabbed me roughly and pulled me into his arms. I clung to him and began to kiss and lick his neck, hoping to arouse him again so I could have his cock once more. “Mmmm,” he said. “I definitely think my patrons will like you.” He looked up at my father and asked, “How much for a year in my brothel?”
I turned my head back and looked at him. I remembered what the women had said the day before about using my eyes to inflame passions, so I licked my lips and watched him. I didn’t know this at the time, but he later said that I looked both dirty and innocent, and his passions were definitely inflamed.
“One hundred and fifty lakhs for now, but I’ll pull the price down to seventy five if you allow me to use her whenever I’d like,” he said. His cock was growing as he stared into my eyes.
“That will be agreeable,” replied the master. “She is beautiful. I may begin using her at my own whim as well. I may have a brothel full of young women to fuck as much as I like, but she is quite fun.”
My father looked at me. “I’ll be downstairs, my little whore,” he smiled, a cruel look of hunger in his eyes. He turned and left, the other man in tow. There was wetness between my legs again, from my own desire and from the other men’s seed, which was dripping out of me.
The master pulled me in for a kiss, shoving his tongue roughly in my mouth and around my own tongue before pulling away. “Let me call in another slut to suck all that seed from you, and then we’ll have a little fun before you join the other whores downstairs.”
I nodded, knowing that my life would never be the same, but it was sure to be full of sex. I liked that.
The master called a matron into the room and left me lying on the floor for a moment. The cold stone of the floor gave my vulnerable, naked body chills as I lay prone and waiting. After a while, I don’t know how long, the master came and lifted me from the floor. He laid me on the wooden table in front of his throne and sat down. I watched him all the while, wondering when he was going to fuck me again.
“Look, my gorgeous whore,” he whispered, pointing to the door. “Look at the treat I have gotten you.”
I looked over, and there was my sister, Sonali. She was beautiful, much prettier than me, I believed, though we had been told our whole lives how much we looked alike; we could pass for twins. Her long hair shone in the dim candlelight and her unbound breasts bounced with each step she took toward me; her red nipples stood out from her perfect globes of pale flesh. I wondered what was going to happen next, although I could guess.
Sonali smiled at me as she went to kneel before the master.
“Whore,” he commanded, “clean my cock of her juices with your pretty mouth, then clean up the mess your father made in her hole.”
Sonali nodded and took his whole cock in her mouth. She took it all and bobbed her head up and down several times before licking the head like it was the most delicious thing in the world. And for us, under the influence of the kanyashil, it was.
I watched her, my own passion growing as she pleasured him. Her mouth stretched to receive his generous tool, and she sucked and licked it like a madwoman. Finally, when I didn’t think I could take the burning arousal between my legs any further, he stopped her.
“Mmmm,” he moaned. “I love the way you do that, slut. But I think your beautiful, dirty sister could use your talented tongue as well.”
She rose gracefully from her knees and came to stand over me for a moment, looking into my feverish eyes, before climbing on top of me and capturing my mouth with hers. Her hands grasped my hands in a vice-like grip and she held them above me head. I could taste the cocks she had sucked, including the master’s cock. I could taste other women’s fluids on her lips and tongue. I couldn’t wait for my own fluids to join them in her hot mouth. Her tongue danced around mine and I moaned into her mouth. She echoed me before pulling away and kissing down my neck, leaving a tingling, hot trail.
She placed burning kisses down my neck and chest; then began to suck on my hard nipples. She moved from one to the other, using her soft fingers to pinch, pull, and rub the one that craved her mouth while the other had the pleasure of her lips. I moaned and squirmed beneath her, coming closer to an orgasm with each lick of her tongue on my flesh.
Just when I was about to scream out my pleasure, just as I was about to erupt, Sonali abandoned my breasts. She kissed my stomach, lower and lower, until her face hovered above my wet, used hole. She kissed it too, gently and lovingly, before diving in.
She licked up and down my slit before using her tongue to scoop the semen out of me. I didn’t think I could stand it for long, and I was right. After only a few moments, my body erupted and the ceiling swam before my eyes. My body twitched uncontrollably but she firmly held my hips down until I was able to relax again.
When she could touch me again without triggering another immediate orgasm, she inserted her tongue in me again. She plunged it in and out, thrusting it into me like a thick, tiny cock. Sonali used her fingers to massage my hard nub, and I came again, spectacularly. She moaned into me and the vibration sent another pleasurable thrill through me.
Suddenly the master appeared beside me. His cock was huge and hard again from watching my sister fuck me with her sexy mouth. He turned my head to the side and began to fuck my mouth, groaning. I closed my eyes and swallowed his cock gladly, flicking it with my own tongue, wrapping my tongue around it. He stopped me after only a few minutes and for a moment I was disappointed; I enjoyed his cock in my mouth.
He got up on the table behind my sister and positioned his cock between her legs. When he entered her, I felt it in her loud moans, in the way her mouth moved in frenzy on me. He fucked her hard and fast, and she came several times. Each time she was forced to abandon my body for a moment as she screwed up her eyes and screamed with unimaginable pleasure; it made me even more aroused just to see her passion so blatant on her angelic face. I watched her and watched the master as he pounded in and out of her, leaning forward every so often to grab her perfect breasts and red nipples. His pleasure was written plainly on his lined, handsome face.
After a while, he came and spewed his white ejaculate into her. He pulled his cock from her slowly, Sonali’s arms and legs shook for a moment with a tremendous orgasm before she collapsed on top of me, still moaning.
The master pulled me out from under her limp, trembling body. “Why don’t you clean up your sister before you two go downstairs and get to work?”
I didn’t need to be told twice. I flipped her over gently and kissed her red, swollen lips. I straddled her body, rubbing my groin against hers. She moaned and wrapped her arms around my neck. I pushed her hands away and held them in mine as I mimicked what she had done to me, kissing her neck and chest before biting each of her nipples gently. I continued down her body, leaving kisses on her soft skin.
When I reached her wet hole, where the master’s massive load dripping from between her pretty legs, I licked it, letting my tongue slip between her folds and into her wet hot centre. I used my tongue to clean her of the master’s seed, sucking it into my own mouth and swallowing it as she did for me. It was salty, but her sweet taste lingered on my tongue. I slid my tongue along the inside of her thighs and from her ass to her vagina, cleaning her of the milky goo. I continued to lick and suck and plunge my tongue into her. Before long, she was caught in the throngs of a long, continuous orgasm. Her sweet nectar overflowed and I lapped it up greedily. Whenever the flow slowed, I would nip her hardened nub until she gave me more of what I wanted. My face was dripping with her juice, as she produced so much that I couldn’t swallow it all.
Finally Sonali was exhausted and clean, and I pulled away. When I looked up, the master was tugging at his cock, hard again, aroused by the sight of two sisters bringing each other the most exquisite pleasure. I locked eyes with him and began to wipe my wet face on my hands and licking them clean, sucking on my fingers. He seemed close to an orgasm, so I left the table and knelt before him again, letting his cock once again invade my mouth. It was barely there for a heartbeat before his seed joined Sonali’s nectar in my mouth. I swallowed it all and sat back on my heels, smiling like a good pet.
He patted my head, sat back, and closed his eyes. “Go now, whore,” he whispered. “I am tired. Take your slut sister and go downstairs. Go earn my money.”
I stood up, grabbing my clothes and Sonali’s and tucking them under my arm. I pulled her from the table, supporting her limp body. She rested her head on my shoulder, before turning her head to kiss my earlobe. A burning shot of passion travelled up from between my legs and into my stomach, and her hot breath tickled my ear.
“I’m so glad you’re here, Rupali,” she whispered.

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