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The Seduction Of Nina

Hi everyone let me first introduce myself my name is Liya and I am 28 years old female have been married for two years my to Pradeep, he works in a bank. He is a handsome hunk and our sex life in good. I love the way he makes love with me and keeps me satisfied but I always want new things in my sex life like different positions different places different atmosphere to have sex.
It makes me more excited and an aggressive person. I also like to experiment but Pradeep is somewhat reserved about this without his knowing sometime I flaunt my assets to people I like the way they devour my body. Now I have an excellent body since we are planning and I have not become pregnant.
I am fair have baby smooth skin with little golden hairs on my arms which can give any man an instant erection with little or no make. I look beautiful that what Pradeep says and his friends also can’t take their eyes from my legs when I wear miniskirts. I have good figure to 36 28 36 like a model I take pain in keeping my body perfect.
I like people who admire my body. Now our sex life was going smoothly but I had that desire to do something special, in the mean while Pradeep got a promotion transfer to Bangalore. I was very happy because it was a place where I could fulfil all my sexual desires on reaching Bangalore we moved into a complex which had almost 120 flats.
There were four flats in each level. It was a luxurious flat Pradeep had already set down everything before moving to Bangalore. I instantly like the place. Our flat was 7a on reaching their and I was about to open the door to our flat the door to the flat opposite our opened and my eyes fell on a pair of beautiful brown eyes followed by a beautiful face.
It was the girl who lived in 7b opposite our flat. She introduced herself as Nina she was happy to meets us from her I came to know that in our floor only our two flats were occupied the others were vacant. Nina was 20yrs old since it was the month of April her final year B.A exams were completed and she was having vacation since both her parents were working.
She was alone during day time and she was happy since I was a house wife she would have someone to spend time with during day time. She was extremely beautiful from the tight t-shirt and three fourth she was wearing and I could bet she had a good figure. We became friends instantly the devil in my mind started to make plans on having this beauty.
I wanted to have a feast of her body and her lips were so sexy and red that I felt like kissing her in front of Pradeep in fact I felt like tearing open her dress and make love to her and I acted beautifully not letting Pradeep or Nina know my intentions about my plans.
Days passed on with anything spectacular happening I was always looking for chances to get Nina onto my bed, but I was not getting any in the mean while we had become very close Nina used to share her personal matters with me like she was a virgin and that she has never been kissed these things made me want her more
And the waiting was killing me at last I got my chance Pradeep had training in Hyderabad for one week he was afraid that I would be afraid in flat at night I told him that I would invite Nina to sleep with me at night so we talked to her parent and everything was settled. The day came Pradeep left and I began to wait impatiently for the night to arrive.
At around 7’0 clock the door bell of our flat rang I almost ran and opened the door there my beauty was standing at my door wearing a pink T-shirt and a tight three fourth the dress hugged her body making her look more beautiful and the colour enhanced her complexion. She told me she had food from home I too had finished my dinner.
We began chatting on various topics the matter shifted to different topics and I intentionally took the topic of sex. To open her up I asked her if she wanted some drinks, Pradeep had a unique collection at home. She at first said NO when I insisted she said her parents wouldn’t allow her so I said nobody will know it and she said ok.
I prepared a combination of gin and handed her the glass. I asked her what all she knew about sex. Nina told me she had little knowledge about it. I asked her whether she had seen some porn films she told me No but she wanted to see. I told her I had some if she wanted to see I could put on. I again refilled our glasses I think the gin began to have an effect on her.
She was getting bolder she said Yes I would love to see. So I created the perfect atmosphere I closed the doors and dimmed the lights. I choose a CD which had a lesbian episode. I put on the cd and sat close to Nina. The cd began with two females sitting on the couch and touching each other Nina began seeing the cd with wide eyes she asked if females like to have sex with each other.
I told her a female can give sensation to another which no man can give. Soon the girls in the cd removed their clothes and began fondling each other i saw Nina seeing this with wide open mouth and I slowly began caressing her hair she did not seem to mind it she was closely watching the cd in the movie the scene shifted to one girl sucking another’s pussy.
I shifted the caressing of my hands to her neck I could see Nina was squirming in her seat I knew she was getting excited slowly I pulled her towards me so that her weight rested on my body, now my hands began moving on her arms slowly touching her boobs on the way at first she didn’t notice it but after some time when I began to press her boobs slowly she instantly let out a cry.
Nina sat up and said Liya what are you doing now I was in real heat in no way would I have allowed her to leave without letting me have sex with me. I knew she was also excited i told her I wanted to teach her about sex. She was taken aback at my bluntness she didn’t say anything I consoled her nobody would know it.
She was silent I knew I had to take my chance now or never. I pulled her towards me and forcefully kissed her on the lips she was not prepared for this I had an advantage here so I put my tongue in her mouth and touched each and every corner of her mouth with my tongue. I could feel her saliva mixed with Gin in my mouth it was just exotic.
Nina began responding to my kisses I asked her whether she was ready to enjoy what I had to offer. Nina in a feeble voice said yes and I began removing her clothes in an instant I removed her t-shirt and three-fourth she was there on the couch in her black bra and panties. She was looking downwards on the floor.
I stood up and removed all my clothes in an instant before Nina could change her mind. Nina I want to see u fully naked like me I told her with this I removed her bra only leaving her in panties I had made up my mind to make her remove her panties herself. Her boobs were soft 32 c her nipples were jet black and were standing like little rocks on a small mountain.
I pushed her slowly on the couch so the she was lying on her back then I began kissing her starting from her forehead, I moved down towards her cheeks then I kissed her fully on the lips, I probed her lips with my tongue and I parted her lips with my tongue and inserted my tongue inside her mouth.
I began to tongue kiss her and I told her to do the same she responded in the mean time my hand was fondling her boobs slowly pressing them giving the warmth of my palms. I sucked her upper lips and then her lower lips her taste was like fresh morning dew. Then my kisses began travelling lower with the tip of my tongue.
I traced a wet line from her throat to the valley of her breasts when I reached the valley of her breasts I took hold both her boobs in my hands and pushed them together and I inhaled her perfume from the valley of her breast her breast had the smell of jasmine flower. I licked her breast mount to my full content and then I began devouring her nipple first the left one
And then the right one I took each nipple in my mouth and sucked them in and out of my mouth I flicked her nipples with my tongue I could see Nina arching her back from my assault unknowingly she crossed her fingers in my hairs she began to moan loudly saying please Liya stop I will die. I was not the one to let her go.
I gave love bites on her nipples Nina couldn’t take it she pulled my hairs but no pain would stop me today from assaulting this beauty of mine after and I sucked my Nina’s boobs dry I moved downwards to her belly I rained kisses on her stomach and gave her love bites on the side of her stomach I wanted to make her moan in pleasure and pain.
I wanted her to know that her body was for me to enjoy today I wanted each and every inch of her body to have my love marks. I kissed her belly button I inserted my tongue inside her belly button and licked inside of it she had a round beautiful big belly button my tongue was half an inch inside it.
I began licking and giving small bites on her belly button Nina called Liya please make love to me make love to me but I wanted her to cream before I made love to her and after finishing on her belly button I moved downward and kissed her pussy through her black panties. I licked the outline of her pussy lips making her panties wet.
I pulled up her legs and began licking the side of her thighs I took enough of her thigh flesh in my mouth and sucked on them Nina was turning into a frenzy mood she was asking me to lick her pussy I told her I will not I held her thighs and was still licking her thighs side. Nina could not hold herself anymore she turned into a frenzy she pulled my hair tightly and said lick me bitch.
I told her I won’t remove her panties she pulled her panty and told me lick me or I will die. I won my sweet contest, I just couldn’t lift my eyes from her pussy lips it was hairless and red in colour I drove my face between her legs I inhaled her sweet rose like smell from her pussy I could see her pre cum glistening on her outer pussy lips.
First I licked her outer pussy lips I asked Nina tell me what to do she told “Lick me Bitch” eat me have a feast on my pussy. I spread open her legs and inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy I began tongue fucking her pussy. I chewed on her pussy lips nibbling on her pussy lips as if there were creamy chocolate.
I found her clitoris which was hard I made O- shape of my lips and sucked hard on her clitoris tears began to flow down Nina’s cheeks still I was hungry for her body I again with all my might spread open her legs. I sucked my middle finger well I lubricated it first with my saliva then from her pussy juice with my left hand.
I spread open her pussy lips and inserted my tongue as far as it would go into her pussy with my right hand middle finger I inserted it into her ass and began to fuck her ass with my finger and her pussy hole with my tongue occasionally I would rub her clitoris with my middle finger. Nina was thrashing wildly in the couch was having a hard time doing all this.
At the same time but I wanted her to enjoy and when it was over she would never ever leave me because nobody could offer her what I have given her today. At last with a violent jerk and a loud moan she had her first orgasm. It was so violent that I thought she would pull my hairs of my head she jerked quite a few times her juice flew down on my face.
I licked all her juice from my face she tasted like honey. She was exhausted but I was not I was still a bitch on heat. I threw myself on her she didn’t knew what was coming I put one of her foot down on the floor and positioned myself in such a way so that our pussies would touch each other.
Now I began to rub our pussies Nina said no but who the hell would hear that I put all my weight on her body so that she would not get up and I took hold of her both wrists and began violently rubbing her pussy she was jerking and resisting my movements I liked that.
It was like raping a young innocent girl I was enjoying each and every moment of it. I kissed her lips forcefully with one hand I pinned her down and with my other hand I massaged her boobs all the while rubbing her pussy with my pussy with each passing moment I was nearing my climax at last and I too had a violent orgasm
And I was astonished to find that Nina had her second orgasm with me rubbing her pussy. I kept on rubbing our pussies mixed with our juices until she begged me to stop she told me she would do anything for me if I stopped I asked her will you be sex partner for all life and obey me without questioning
Nina said yes it was the sweetest happiest moment of my life. She was crying like a child and I took her in my arms and we slept like that. Today Nina is with me I have sex with her whenever, wherever and in whatever way I like. She never objects and I know she like it too. 

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