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The Week Long Trip To Daman

So let’s being the story, we three are the best of friends; usually roam around in the college together, bunking classes, going for movies. Last year our department had planned an industrial visit in some North Eastern state of India, which neither 3 of us were interested in going, because usually the IV’s of engineering colleges are boring and irrelevant. So we had planned to visit Daman, as the stay there is cheap and unlike Gujarat, drinking is allowed over there. So a week long trip to Daman was planned, and as soon as exams were over, we were on the road. A single room was booked well in advance and the supply of alcohol was taken from there itself. So on the first day/night we decided to play a game as shown in the movie Ye jawaani hai deewani where if people have done same things as the one telling they drink their part of alcohol.
At the start if the game, the questions asked were quite silly such as whether anyone has cheated in exam or not. But soon alcohol started taking its toll on all 3 of us and the direction of questions asked slowly started turning towards sex. Aditya started it by telling that he wasn’t a virgin, to which all 3 of us drank. The story where I lost my virginity, I’ll keep for later. Adi and I were shocked on finding that Tara wasn’t a virgin. Tara said she had kissed a girl, i.e. a person of the same sex, to which I and Adi didn’t drink. We soon started playing cards, where the loser of the particular round had to take off a piece of their clothing. As it was the month of December, it was pretty cold and all of us had more than 2 layers of cloth on us. I lost the first 2 rounds where I had to take off 2 pieces of cloth.
Similarly Adi and Tara too lost rounds and after about 7-8 rounds all of us only had our inner wears on our body. Seeing Tara in a lacy white bra and panty set, made our cocks rise and become hard. At that time we decided to stop playing cards. The game then changed to Truth and Dare. The Adi gave a dare to Tara to French kiss me, which she did very nicely and used her tongue to perfection, while Adi himself was watching the show. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted, but it felt eternity to me. A dare came on Adi where he had to kiss the boobs of Tara. Tara then gave me a dare to lick her pussy till she climaxes. And she did taste pretty good. She climaxed by squirting her juices on my face. The game slowly faded away and in no time all three of us were in our inner. Well I’m equipped with a 6 inch tool and looking at Adi, it was small for a guy of his size. Tara quickly got on her knees and took both of our cocks in her hands, giving hand job to us. One by one she started giving us blowjob taking one cock at a time. The warm and wet feeling of her mouth was awesome and the way she used her tongue on our cocks and balls felt heaven, at least to me.
Very soon she was naked and she & I came in t 69 position while Adi laid next to us, while she was sucking my dick she gave hand job to Adi. Her pussy was hairless and pink in color and tasted better than honey. After sometime Adi cummed on Tara’s face, followed by Tara and then me in her mouth in quick succession. Tara went to washroom to get herself cleaned. After cumming it was obvious that we needed some time to recover, that’s when she started giving hand job to both of us. When we were ready Adi aimed at her pussy while she sucked my dick. After sometime she said that she wanted both our dicks in her pussy and ass respectively. No one had ever thought that Tara was this horny little girl. When I entered her ass, it was too tight and it took all the energy I had to penetrate in it.
After about 2-3 minutes of trying I finally entered inside her ass completely and started the to and fro motion. Sometime later Adi neared his climax to which Tara told him to empty his load in her mouth and so I shifted to her pussy, which was tight and warm. But as she had just been penetrated by Adi, the movement wasn’t causing much trouble for me. By this time Adi was exhausted and was watching all the action sitting on a chair. In the meanwhile Tara neared her climax, and she is the only girl I know who squirts. Just after she had reached climax I asked her where to empty my load to which she said to empty it in her mouth as well. When I did empty my load, she did a little gargle and swallowed the load. When we looked the time, it was nearly 4 am, and we had started the game at midnight. Due to all this sex we badly needed sleep so we all slept with Tara in middle sandwiched between Adi and me.

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