All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Village Adventure

Hi I am Navya from Dharwad and this is my first story for this lovly ISS I am regular fan of ISS. I am 24 years old and I am in my final year when I was at 10th, my parents purchased a pc for me. I am a Student regularly I used to prepare notes on this. I am a lesbian but I don’t have the chance to express this to any one. I use to visit all lesbian porn site and stories and satisfying myself with finger and vegetables but actually.
I find I don’t have any feeling towards boys or any male but I am having little feeling towards shemale. I am leaving in the big family; there I am having 4 cousin sisters. We are close friends and we always spent time together in the vacation timing another interesting thing is there is no male or boy in our family except our elders. This was the plus point. The story begins when I was at 23 years at the vacation time, these cousins are use to stay in our houses.
We sleep together. We play hide and seek game normally we have the big houses.
On the month of March, my maternal grand mother was fall in ill and my parents were starting to visit regularly. So it is nearly 56 km from here. So there are only 3 to 4 buses. So they were going in 9 and returning at 7 or eight. There are some castles and so that purpose they are coming. I am having one bicycle and I use to go to collage in that but normally we have the vacation in the month of March for study.
So whenever I am alone I use to start more les stories it become hobby for me. It becomes like that, without reading it I can’t sleep. I fully addicted to it in otherwise my parents are also not here, this will give me the encouragement to see all this because of this my inner feeling start its pressure inside me to have it once at in life time. So I decided to have this but I don’t have a close friend to share all this. So my finger is become the friend from life time on those days after exam.
My parents told that my all cousins were coming here and so they will stay at their house for a day. So I have to take care of this and I agreed but I was sad because in their presence I can’t read these stories or other things after 2 days of exam they all came on their arrival my mom left the home and normally we use to play the games and all the funs naturally. We use to sleep together and one night my elder cousin unconsciously placed her hand my boobs.
I was shocked and but I simple slept as nothing happen. My guilty mind starts to run, why I can’t use all this friends as mine in my mind this will start to begin and I able to control my eagerness before them. Next day, we gone to aunt house and returned at 3.30 pm and we are little bit tired on that day there is a festival in our area. So all the house are empty and no one is in our home. I asked all of them to sit in hall and went to toilet.
It was old style and there is lots of forest covering it and while going to it I thought of making little rubbing and gone inside. There is some place before basin to keep the bucket. So I finished my work and clean that place by water and kept and sit on that, and simple imagined Kavitha one of my cousin who she is sit in hall, simple rubbed for a while. I was wet. It was already 10 minute. I got plan that there only that joint bathing but this was the good one.
I need only the elder sister who is first younger to me but I thought it was difficult to do with her. I thought of this in the mean while I got thinking that there is festival in the village. So I thought of going out door bathing. So I taken little dare and went to hall and they are busy in eys spy game. So I entered and called Kavitha and all other asked, shell we go for bath and swim in near by lake all agreed and we taken our cloths and towel and went on the way itself.
I was felt happy that my dream will get birth. So we walked nearly 20 minutes. This lake was inside the small forest and we kept our dry cloths in one side. I seen here and there and removed my dress and stand in panty and bra and covers body with towel. Kavitha did the same but she done it behind the bush. All the children were in petticoat. I called all of them and we goned to corner it was like that, there is too much stones and in middle there waters pathway.
We all get inside. I called all children o remove their petticoat first. I asked I will wont tell to any one in the mean while I removed my bra and panty it was the first time that I open myself and I am having too much hairs in down. I kept my hesitation one side and gone into the water and except kavitha all other are before nude and I called her too and told I am also girl you also and all are girls don’t worry others cousin were forced her to come. She comes in that towel and I gone nearby and asked her to remove.
She resisted but I asked her to make her towel dry. So I gone near and forcibly removed. She was watching me and my nudeness. She finally removed all and we came together in water and sit on stone and our head is over the water. I start soap all my others younger’s. They also helped me. They touched my boobs in water. I felt I was at heaven. I pressed their too. These are small and they told I have the big. I told they will get the same when they come to my age.
I showed kavtha they gone near and touched their too and finally I called them and taken promise from that entire not to say it to any one. They done after few minute I came behind kavitha, she was still washing her body. I placed my hand on her boobs. She resisted me. In that time I pressed her and told smooth and told if your boyfriend done this will you resist it? As she was little elder she smiled and told she will get hesitation. I told nothing to worry.
I was too much horny and I start my idea. Little loudly called my sisters and told by showing my boobs any one ready to suck it? Ramya came and asked you have milk? I told no but it will get good shape if some one suck it. I called Ramya and forcibly put her mouth on nipple. She sucked and told no taste. Then one by one came and I called Kavitha too. She comes finally. I whispered in her ear that you I will suck yours and it will be in night she seen my eyes and keep quit.
Later all of them come out of water and make ourselves dry one of my sis sulekha come near to me and asked why I have that many hairs on urine places. I told it the place where your baby will come here .You can see Kavitha, the hairs is still growing. They seen but she covered hers. Sulekha touched it and told this was curly I wore nytee and washed my junior’s inner dress later we returned to home. Today I feeling myself happy and came to home but my mind still in mood that I can’t control myself by this it was already 6.30 pm.
There is little much darkness so I got another idea that to play with all and also to satisfy my need. So we come and sit in hall and I asked all, that no one is here today, shell we bath together in bathroom. We close the door and went near bath room as I told it was thick forest and too much dark. I went to piss and called my sisters to company me. So they come. I covered my body with towel and removed my nytee and went in. Just I removed little and done and then one by one my sisters had finished and the sounds are tempting me.
Today first time all sisters are in towels only as my plan I bathed and finally Kavitha and I were in bathroom. All are gone in and I asked to sit my Kavitha. She sits on bucket and I pour water on her and I slowly release to know. She saw me and I told nothing to worry me also female and I am your friend. In case in this movement is something is happen to you, only I have to assist don’t forget it. She seen me and told she want to see me nude.
That was the plus point and I removed and start too washed and I applied soap on her boobs which is still firm and growing. Little hard and pressed while soap and asked her to do the same at that time my juices are start to flow and I applied hand on her pussy. She resisted me and I forcibly applied as I find it was wet as mine. I seen her eyes and taken her hand and placed it on my pussy, I rubbed her and while asked her to rub me too. She did and she starts to moan.
I asked not to shout and asked her to spread and co-operate. She did and I came her front and told Shell we enjoy the same in night after all others sleep. She agreed just I put my tongue to is. This was the first time I tested pussy. It was Just like Hajmula Teaste. I felt great. I asked her to do the same. I off the light and spread my leg. When her tongue touches my pussy I felt I was at heaven, I asked her more but she licked for 20 to 30 second. My juices are flown on her face but force is still inside.
So we bathed together and went inside in nighty. I told if you got marry you will get the same from your husband but extra tool. She asked is it painful and no it will not at that movement but I can’t say all this now only because I don’t have the experience. We reached hall and we both goned to kitchen but our desire is still in ours eyes. I asked shell we sleep separately from others. She seen me and said ok. It was just like that we have the first night today. That much fear in her eyes.
We go and watched TV and after dinner we clean the plates and other necessaries and later we put carpet. We both decided to sit in last. I was done according to my idea. It might after half hour; I slowly put my hand on her boobs. She corrected herself to allow me to press. I seen her eyes and asked her to sleep in cross position. We put rug on our self. I hugged her from behind and I put my leg on her. My all dreams will become true. I slowly up her nighty till her ass.
I done myself in the same position and put my pussy to her ass and pressed and start to rub her pussy. She put her hand to my pussy but which is not reached. So I asked her to sleep straight at that time our nytees are on pussy. Now I put my leg on her and it was easy to figure me. She starts to rub my pussy and I done to her within few minute both our pussys are become too wet and we come into the mood. She starts to moan unconsciously but as she was her first she moans little more.
I closed her mouth and she seen me and loudly told sis I am getting piss please come to me at that time all are in sweet sleep. So I wakeup and went before I am going outside I switch off the main switch when we come outside I close the door and tightly hugged her. She did the same to me. I just up her nytee and placed her hand on pussy which is so wet and I asked shell we go to piss but she told shell we sleep some other and I got what was in her mind.
I take her to dad room from. Lock the door and removed my dress. She was laid nudly on bed. I slept on her and kissed her head and neck. She did to me by licking I came down and I sucked her nipple which is too erect at that time she placed her hand on me I spared my leg. I asked her to stand like cow. She did and I put my mouth to her wet pussy licked. She was moaning like anything and finally fell down by tightly holding bed sheet and told that some thing forcibly come out of her pussy.
So I stopped and asked her to enjoy on me. She come one me kissed my face and slowly sucked nipples at that time I want more. I asked her to do the same. She also asked me to do like cow when I did, my boobs are down. She asked shell I do like milking. I agreed and she pressed it hardly when I down and act as milking. I asked her to suck. She sucked for a while and later as she come to my back and licked. Wow it was the 1000 Walt current passed through my body ss I find in Porn site.
I suggested the 69 position. We did it our juices are flown like urines. Some strong feeling rise in my stomach and I came to know some think will explode in my lower abdomen but I continued. I spread my leg. A thick flew forcibly sprayed on her face and I was tired quickly. Just I felt that I am flying in air. I can’t do any thing but she was in the last position. So I liked and she at the movement of orgasm cried and put her load on my face. It was thick juice I acted as drunk and slept there and both are tiered. I see her nakedness and it was like angel.
I wore my dress and come to toilet once put water on me and dried my body in nytee and returned to room. I don’t know when I got sleep. I woke up in the morning and I find all are sleeping. There is huge strain in my back and tiredness. I find Kavitha was not there, I go to dad’s room. She was in nude and still sleeping. I called her She seen me and given me naughty smile. She wore dress and come to bathroom. We are just acted as nothing will do over night and we prepared tea and come and sit in hall with other sisters in evening my parents are came but I and Kavitha were enjoying daily and now also.

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