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Virginity Lost With Teachers

I am 5.8ft tall, 65 wt, 38 36 40 is my status, do go to gym every day to maintain good structure, fair and look like very strong lady. I lost my virginity with school teachers and became their keep for the year till I complete my 12th. All three teachers fucked me one after one on shared basis.
I was little loose talk girl in my child hood…i use to go for tuition…..that too for biology, maths and English. Whenever biology teacher teaches me about human parts and use to touch my body to give examples… went like that for some months…i use to laugh whenever he used to touch my body and use talk little loose… fine day he was more excited and started touch more and press boobs…..he was rubbing my thighs it was going on….and I was losing control but try to avoid by laughing.
Suddenly he changed topic to sexual life and how woman gave birth to baby and how to avoid pregnancy…..i was little excited to listen and started involving more in it and he replayed that let me teach u little practically.
I asked practical??? How to get pregnant??? He laughed and said don’t worry u will not get pregnant but some little practical will be giving u more understanding…I said, ok sir, teach me than i am interested…. ok….then……he asked me to not to shout louder have to be quite else it is difficult to teach you…..i said ok for that…he asked me to sit on his lap backing my back to his face… he slowly insert his hand on my dress by opening my back zip of churidhara and he took his hand on top and said the part which I am holding his called as boobs and will be useful to baby for feeding and it is called as breast feeding and took of the top and told let me show how baby will be drinking breast and he started sucking by that time i felt some current passed on my body and felt wet down.
He was keep on sucking and i was losing control and started holding his head very tightly and pressing towards my boobs. It went for about 15 minutes and after leaving asked me how u feeling…I told something is happening to me below. He then said it’s a juice usually come out in this kind of situation….he told me that for better understanding I have to see it….get up and stand in front me…I did as he told and he dropped my churidhara pant and panty was completely wet….he said wow u got heavy juice…..and removed my panty and saw the jungle there…he asked me whether I clean it or not.
I said, I don’t know how to clean….he bought his shaving set and cream and applied on the pussy and removed hair…but it was little challenging to him because of slippery kind there…..finally he cleaned it and slowly inserted his middle finger in it…I said…ammmaaaaa with loud voice…he removed his hand and said I ask u to not to shout louder…go I wont teach you…. I was complete out of control and told him that I won’t open mouth I will close it…..
He told u can’t close I have to give you something keep in your mouth and took his dick from shorts and ask me to keep in my mouth…I was hesitating…….then he inserted finger inside pussy and was moaning and he started fucking my pussy with finger and i was crawling like snake and moaning…. ohhhhhhaaaa….. haaaaaaaa…. ummmmm… sssiiiiiirrrrrr….i caannnntt…..holddddd please…..ddddddddoooooooo….somethinggggggggg…He inserted his dick force fully and because of pleasure in bottom i started taking dick in mouth without understanding started taking mouth fuck too same time.
It went for about 30 minutes and I came bottom and he came in mouth suddenly i woke and got omitted. He then took me to bathroom and made me lay down and he came down and said the lesson which I am teaching you is most wanted lesson by girls….try enjoying and he started licking pussy with fingering……again I came and he took that in mouth and showed me this is your juice which i am eating it now.. and drink it…. he drank my cum….i was completely shivering because of three time cums and feeling some relaxed in body too….i try to wear my dress and he said lesson not yet completed…it’s just test main exam has to complete sandya…and removed my dress and kept aside….
Before final exam i will show something and he played a movie in which only anal fuck was there and pussy was fingered…..I asked why ass got fucked he said…if ass fucked and juice goes inside body there is no problem but pussy fucked and juice went inside u will be pregnant but there is medicine to not become pregnant…i said i understood… the same time his hands were pressing my pussy and fingering and my hands were playing with his dicks….he said now its ur test time…u do whatever i done to u and will see how much you will score…..
I started pressing and kissing his chest he said Sandya i have sucked your boobs you have to do the same…he got his breast like normal size girls boobs….as he said i try to suck his nipples but could not happened…he said u r failed in it and your lesson will be continued for this…..second test was blow job……i took his dick just taking it and removing it….again i got failed…..this training will be there till u learn completely and said if u want to learn faster i have an option….i asked what it is???…he said about 69 position…I said, I don’t know sir….he said…he will lay down and i have sleep on him in opposite direction that my pussy will be in his mouth and his dick will in my mouth… it was new to me and said ok for that…..unknowingly that i am not doing correct…..
We got into 69 position and lesson started and I was crawling and not doing blow…..he said wait I will call my assistance friend he will help more in this….he called his friend…he is none other than my maths teacher…..seeing me he was shocked and came near me and asked enjoying…with shy….I said I am learning new thing…he said ok ok… he teaching u well or not…I said its new thing don’t understand,……biology teacher came and told him that she want to learn blowing but all alone i am not able to teach her so I called u to help….in minute he got naked and biology teacher said…its combo lesson…main exam and blow class lesson… well, enjoy well sandya…all the best.
I said ok…he bought some oil and applied on ass hole and made me in doggy style….he asked maths teacher to give his dick before that only he showed his dick in my mouth….after applying oil he rammed my anal…i try to scream but in the strong hands of teacher could not do it. Tears were coming out…mouth was getting fucked too….along with mouth anal was getting fucked off and pussy was fingered too. It was time of both pain and pleasure. When I was in peak time of pleasure maths teacher came in mouth and I omitted it and biology teacher came in anal and all collapsed. They asked me can I take main exam now…..biology teacher said she got to learn more lesson…..pussy lesson left…wait will teach her…
I was still talking after that little loose and said why only ass fucked why not pussy is fucked…they said u won’t keep quite na…for that one more person required to close your mouth so that we can fuck your pussy…..there I started again loose talk and showed that attitude and they thought for some time and decided to call English teacher for that…I was such a fool that I could not understand that I am getting exposed to other people and might be problem…….and was little loose too….that English teacher came and they had discussion and told that they were teaching me sex lesson bla bla bla….but we want to give her advanced lesson that is why we called u and showed me some video where both anal and pussy was being fucked in one go, I said….ammaaa….is it possible….won’t that lady die….with excitement I started asking question and they all started laughing.
It was a time of biology teacher who chose my mouth and maths and English teacher took pussy and anal respectively…..maths teacher was below me and above me English teacher…lesson started and both anal and pussy were filled after 20 minutes here and there but biology teacher was fucking mouth so faster come but could not happen he took my ass and banged and released his cum and also released me…
After that I have to go to tuition on rotational basis to all three teachers. They fucked me till my 10th class completion and always taken care of me…helped me to get answer in exams. They took care well when I got pregnant and took me for best hospital for removing it. This is all about my past…..since then…I have dated 50 plus dicks with condoms protection except with teachers….

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