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A Date With Destiny – Part I

Hi guys this is Schmuk, coming with a very recent hot experience to pleasure you again. I am not a big believer in fate, destiny or luck.. I believed those were words made by us to explain good or bad things that happens to us. But after what happened, i became very much a big fan of fate, destiny and luck.. Someday, god just puts things straight into your mouth.. 27th march 2014, was one such day..

I was working in Hyderabad for the last year or so, and given my good salary i was staying alone in a house instead of a flat. My location was bit on the outskirts of the city, so i opted to stay in a decent room, with my home-owner staying below. I used to go early in the morning for my shift and come back by late afternoon. This particular day, everything happened like the sequence of a film.. A very lucky film..

Instead of leaving at 2:30, like i do usually, i left at 1:45 just after lunch. I braved the hot sun and walked up to my bus-stand. To my frustration, the first couple of buses that went by, completely ignored me (i was the only one in the stand). Finally by, to my utter relief the 3rd bus stopped and i got in. I was the only one in the bus, apart from driver and conductor.

The very next stop, when i was about to fall-asleep, something caught my eye. It was a blue saree.. A tall woman in her 30’s boarded the bus. She was around 5’9 or 5’10.. Fair skinned, a sharp nose with a nose ring, a stunning figure with long legs and a very exposed hip where i could clearly see her long navel. She looked like a village woman given her the yellowish tinge on the face and she sat down in the women section.. A tall horse..

I couldn’t stop myself staring.. This was a big change from boring travels back home in afternoon.. What a figure i kept thinking.. She could satisfy the lust of every man in the world.. Her cheeks were curving inside and giving her mouth a sexy pout, perfect for a blowjob.. Her lips red from chewing paan leaf. Sexy countryside lady. Her feet were adorned with a anklets and a toe-ring. God i wanted to just kiss her from leg to head.. I had a massive erection fantasizing about what was in front of me..

As the bus went on, i was very hungrily staring at her breasts and nipple outline.. Probably she didn’t wear a bra i thought. She caught me staring a couple of times, but she could do nothing.. I had no restraint.. Totally lost in lusty thoughts. But i suddenly heard the conductor ask her “tell me your stop.. Fast” she struggled to reply to him, i sensed she was not from Hyderabad and i asked her bravely in Tamil “where you want to go” to my joy, she replied in Tamil. I helped her with the conductor and she got her ticket. She smiled at me and said thanks i sensed my chance here..

I struck a conversation note and asked her name and where she’s from.. She said “I’m Valli and am from Coimbatore” .. I impressed her with my Tamil (i had stayed there for 6 years) and about my knowledge of her native place.. She was a totally simple village woman and she just enjoyed my convo and knowledge. Her husband was a foreman who had come here for better work.. She was new around and struggled with direction and language. She had to pay a guy her husband had taken a loan from and apparently his address was nearby mine.. Talk about luck again.

Valli and i got down at the same stop. Man.. Standing next to her, she smelled like lemon.. Her sweaty scent was arousing me and i just kept behind her 2 steps to keep watching the folds of her lovely hips from behind.. I had to somehow fuck her, but i wasn’t sure yet how.. So i was just biding my time. When Valli showed me the address, i told that i would come with her and it was just on the way for me. She thanked me and walked innocently along.

Taking her down the narrow roads, i asked her why her husband didn’t come to pay his loan. She said he and the loaner were not on good terms and wanted to cut the connection with this payment. I could sense the loan-giver was some kind of a big rowdy and her husband had taken too many loans to be comfortable to face him. As we approached the place, Valli went inside and for some reason and she seemed afraid to go in. So i, acting like a big stud, told her that i would come along.. She seemed unsure, but preferred my security than to face this rowdy alone.. So she agreed.

We went into the big house. The loaner was an angry looking guy, and he took the money out of Valli’s hands forcefully, while abusing her husband in Tamil. Valli just looked down at the ground in shame and sadness, while i mutely stood behind her. Suddenly loaner shouted and said “1000 rupees is less, Where is it” she just shook her head and said this is all i have.. He abused her even more.. Sensing the plight, i just took some-money from my pocket and i had and paid him off, saying its over please leave them alone. He just looked at me weirdly, and took the money and asked us to get out.

We came out and began walking as fast as we could.. As we left the street, Valli was very shocked at my gesture. She kept saying “no why did u do that sir.. We can’t” “i don’t even know u.. Sir why” i just said, please stop.. I didn’t like to see a woman be abused for husbands mistakes.. Just leave it, think of it as a friend.. She said “no sir, i cant except this.. I need to repay you” and started crying. I just put my hand on her shoulder (wow.. Her skin was so smooth) and told her.. Its ok Valli, just come to my place.. Relax now.. She cried into my shoulder, as her long hair tickling my chin.. My dick was throbbing like mad.

Valli said “i didn’t even know who you are.. U came like a god and protected my dignity” i said “please don’t use such big words.. Just come to my place and drink some water and relax” she kept saying “sir ill pay u back.. Am not the type who takes money from strangers” i said “ur my friend now, not anymore a stranger” she reluctantly came to my place, and once again to my luck, my land-lord was not there.. He had gone with his family for the weekend..

She asked “sir are u married.. Are u living alone” i said “no one will marry me Valli.. Am alone only” she said “any girl will be lucky to have a husband like u.. Mine is a curse for me” and cursed her husband. I took her upstairs and made her sit on my chair and got her some water. She again repeated “ur like a god, any girl will be lucky to have u”. I sensed a big chance here, pushed my luck and just kept my hand on her cheek and kissed it. What a taste.. Her eyes widened in shock and tried to get up from the chair, i resisted and said “Valli.. I want to thank you for coming in my life today.. Can i thank you” she was gasping for breath from my cheek-kiss and said “sir.. Am not that kind of woman”

I just sat down near her legs, as she looked at me.. I took her anklets and removed them gently.. Lifted her shapely foot and started massaging it.. She just looked down and said.. “Please leave me” i said “no..” she tried to resist, but my strong fingers kept on massaging at her feet.. She seemed to like the feeling, but uncomfortably shifted in her chair.. I said “if am your god.. Ur body is also mine right” she said feebly “aayooo please don’t touch my feet.. ” i loved her shyness… And just lifted her feet and licked the sole of her feet and i said with full hornier.. “i love you Valli.. I am going to show you how much.

To be continued in part 2…

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