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A Date With Destiny – Part II

Valli looked shocked but helpless as i gently kissed and nipped her toes.. but i could see she was enjoying my touch.. Her eyes gently wilting under the arousal of pleasure. I stood up & caught her shoulders and leaned over her hot frame and sucked her paan soaked lips. Wow.. How sweet her lips were, before i could let my tongue inside, she firmly pushed me away, turned her sexy back on me and stood near the window, with her head down..

i knew she just being shy. A little taken aback that she was being seduced. I walked to her from behind with a smile on my face. Across her white back surface, i gently lifted the pallu and kissed her shoulders. Her body shocked at the softness of my lips, she turned in shock “saar am not such a lady” “ssssh” I silenced her by placing my finger of her lips, as she starting breathing heavily and i gracefully touched the tip of long chin and looked into her eyes and said “I’m your liberator, beauty like you deserves more”

I was directly looking into her eye, and she was in mine. Suddenly, like a woman poessessed she kissed me. With passion our tongues explored each other’s mouth, my hands groping her slender hips as we moved around my room locked in a kiss. I was stunned by the sheer juiciness of her red lips and sucked a bit too hard, and in the process swallowing a little bit of the paan into my throat.

I coughed from the unintentional act. She moved away and looked at my coughing face. She started laughing, laughing with her sexy-deep voice. “Am i too hot for you” … I took a while to recover and moved straight back to her lips, whispering “Your spicy, just perfectly enough”. i pushed her onto my bed, removing the strings of white flowers and loosening her free flowing hair.

I quickly removed my shirt and pants, to reveal my long toned frame. She looked up and down admiringly. Pinning her hands down with mine, i removed her pallu with teeth. Her hot lemon-skinned body was shining in the bright afternoon sun. Her blouse was tight against breasts and i went down to unhook them. “Time for me to reveal your fruits, Valli”. She closed her eyes in shyness “Shee your fucking me in sunlight..” I said “I want to see what am eating clearly”. She closed her eyes, i unhooked her blouse.. She wore no bra, Her perfectly sized Breasts sprung out. My delight was to the max..

My tongue set out on her 2 nipples. Juicy supple ample breasts.. I chewed, kissed, sucked, licked and played with them to my heart’s content. I smelt her armpits for that wonderful musky smell she emanated. Leaving few passionate bite marks around her aerolas, i lowered my focus down to her sculpted hips and fleshy stomach.

I am a very big fan of Hips and Navels. It’s my personal fetish and whenever i get a chance to enjoy them, i do to my heart’s content. My nail fingers tip-toed and walked across the length of her stomach, fingering her deep navel. Like a lion, i sunk my teeth into her lovely sides of hips and pretended to eat them.. She was stroking my hair with love. I knew she was enjoying this..

Grasping her hips firmly i let my fat lips kiss her tasty stomach with force. Each time i made a splashing sound just to tickle her. She was really sensitive around that part and was laughing uncontrollably, which was making me hornier. I blew hot air into her navel, which made her arch her back. She commented “Wow you are really talented at this, I’m almost orgasm without you entering me”

After a lengthy time of foreplay on her top region, i was in the height of Lust. I slid down my underpants to reveal a Long-veined, Dark-, and Muscular Throbbing COCK. She saw it and said “Ohhh this is 2 times longer than my husband… This is going to hurt me” I said “My sword wants you” and just unrivalled her petticoat and black panty in a force. Her long legs and Pillow like thighs crossed each other to cover her pussy. But i wasn’t to be denied, i forced them open to a see brown lipped vagina waiting to be fucked.

Kissing the inner areas of her thighs to stimulate her, i licked her clitoris as she moaned in unbridled pasison “aaaaaaaaaaaaah auummmmm”. I moved with precision and in a stroke of pure sensation, inserted my dick into her lubricated pussy. Her eyes widened and shock, as her fingers moved over my back scratching them. I began screwing her.

I was fully on top her, her legs lifted to my side. We were in the missionary position as my long muscled cock entered her dark pussy, her pubic hairs tickling my balls. She saw my face, as she sweated from the heat of my body on hers. I was fucking her mechanical precision, my speed increasing with each enter and exit. The bed was beginning to rock..

Holding her shapely hips for support, i doubled my speed and both of us were moaning on top of our voices as i said “I’m cumming Vallii .. I’m cumming” and she said “meee too” as our climaxes collided, thick hot sperm shout of my dick and i pulled out just at the right time, and i spread all over her naked body and my bed, forming a map of Sex ..

I rolled off her to the side, and looked at her with pure lust in eyes, as her mango shaped face rested on my shoulder sleeping, i allowed my fingers to enjoy the prize of her naked body, and looked at the ceiling thinking “God, you are a generous man..”

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