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A Hot Summer To Remember

A story of passion, love and pure lust. This is a story in 4 parts. These contain the tale of the maid Anita, and my MIL Rakhi. What happened here is the absolute and complete truth. I am sharing it with you because I believe something this awesome must be shared. The events below are firmly imprinted in my mind, and I hope you experience some of the incredibly joy I experienced, as you read what happened to me.


Summer – 1

Anita was not an ordinary maid. I knew it the moment my wife hired her, and on her first day at home. A bit of background. Both my wife and I work. Ours is a three bedroom apartment, with attached bathrooms in 2, and a guest bathroom for the third. We both used the master bedroom, slept there, bathed in the connected loo and used the cupboards there. The other bedroom with the attached bath was primarily a guest bedroom. Which we almost never used. The third bedroom was a study room, where I frequently worked out of. I am a businessman. I run my own firm. I travel often, and the days where I come back late in the night, I get up late and work from home the next day. The study room has a table and chair, a large sofa where I sometimes take a nap on a weekend. The chair is one of those corporate meeting-room chairs, and the table is a huge wooden table. I also have some small gym weights in the balcony of that room, plus I keep some old files in the attic. I dont get disturbed much when I am here. My wife, Vandana, works with a software firm, she has a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes her work requires her to travel for periods ranging from days to weeks.

Our sex life is good. In fact definitely above average. While we are quite experimentative and intense, fucking twice a week is almost a rule, and we are yet to have kids. Nothing alarming, just that we still practice sex with a condom. I always used to take the used condom and tie a knot, and throw it in the trash can. Somehow I always felt it was Vandana who was clearing this rather personal element of the garbage. Only later did I realize how far from the truth I was. Vandana and I enjoyed our spontaneous sex. It was your normal happy family, with no complaints. And then our regular old maid stopped coming suddenly, and Anita was sent by the agency. Vandana was irritable as it is, with the sudden departure of the old maid. Plus she was in the peak of her periods, and was generally dull. To top it all, there was a temporary blow at the local sub-station, and it was summer, and noon.

This was when Anita rang the bell, to wake up a tired, sleepy and irritated Vandana. Needless to say Vandana was rude and almost barking questions, interrogating this maid. I was sitting on the sofa, and could not see the maid, all I could see was Vandana’s back. I could barely hear her voice though.

I continued working on my laptop, and soon Vandana and the maid had come to their respective agreements, and Vandana went back to the bed, telling me not to let anyone disturb her, and she slammed and locked the bedroom door. I guess Vandana thought the maid would leave and come tomorrow, however Anita was very much standing at the door, as though waiting. That is when I first saw her. She must have been 5ft 5inches tall, she had her saree tightly wrapped around her, she was wearing a tight blouse and had near spherical firm tits, her nipples poked thru the blouse and the saree, indicating she was bra-less and her heavy boobs stood firm by themselves.

Her figure was like a literal hourglass, as the saree clung to her wide ass, and her navel was glistening as was her belly… her saree tied well below and she was sweating in the heat. Her legs were perfectly carved and clearly visible thru the tight saree. I was dumbfounded and instantly grew a hard on, as I went back to her face. I was shocked by a knowing grin on her face, and she spoke in a low whisper – “Lagta hai mujhe kal hi aana chahiye, abhi toh aapko didi ke paas jaana hoga”, and she stared boldly at my crotch with a wide smile.

Before I could say anything, she turned to close the door from the inside, and I saw her round ass, like two half moons staring at me. She reached up to bolt the door and thrust her arse out in doing so. I was sweating myself, less from the summer heat and more from this brazen beauty, who was sluttishly putting her every bit on a cock-teasing display. A large wet spot had already formed on my pajama, while my rock hard 10 inch dick began a slow and steady throb, which was visible from a mile. I ached to grasp it and relieve myself, meanwhile Anita turned and now stared at the tent in my pajama unabashedly. She looked shocked and in complete lust.

I once again stared at her wet waist, now with firmness of her arse planted in my mind. Our stillness was broken when we heard Vandana open her door. Vandana just walked to the guest bathroom, while Anita quietly opened the main door and stepped out. We heard the bathroom door close, and Anita remained at the door, and she continued to stare at the tent in my pajama and reluctantly moved away, but she had not fully closed the door.

Vandana came out of the loo and walked towards me, her back to the door. She saw my hard dick and smiled. I sort of knew Anita was still outside and could see me. I immediately removed my pajama and displayed my wet precum stained dick to Vandana, but my target was Anita. Vandana who was still having her periods was turned on completely and instantly fell to her knees and began to give me a blow job. I caught her face in my hand, stared at her and told her to be brutal today, and i stood up in an angle to give Anita a clear look at my giant sized cock as Vandana lost all control and began sucking me noisily, pulling my foreskin back and front, cupping my balls, deep throating me…

Meanwhile Anita had opened the door perceptibly, and I could see her standing there. Her hands had already reached into her saree folds and she was clearly clawing her pussy. I held Vandana’s head and began thrusting my hips violently while staring straight into Anita’s eyes, and even as my wife donned her submissive best, gagging on my thick cock, I pulled out and starting cumming all over her face, as spurt after spurt landed in her mouth and on her face. Vandana loved it and roughly began fisting my cum covered dick as I winced in pleasure and pain, and Vandana squeezed every drop of cum out of my cock.

I saw Anita shiver and almost crumple to the floor, clearly in the throes of an orgasm. Vandana managed to stand up, gave me a peck on cheek as she squeezed my still erect cock, and said … “I just came for a change of my pad, and you worked me up! Now I’m going to sleep and dont you dare disturb me”, she said with mock anger. She then went and closed her door shut, leaving me in the lounge, my eyes glued on Anita who had now managed to stand up, her clothes dishevelled, and lust written large on her face… my cock once again rose to hardness and I walked towards Anita


Summer – 2

When I reached Anita, she was already burning with lust in her eyes. We shut the door quietly, as my erection regained its monster size. Anita stared transfixed as my glistening cock throbbed in front her, ready for a hard fucking. I realized I would need to take the lead and pulled her saree off, and bent her towards the door, and bent down and began licking her dripping cunt. She was oozing incessantly, and her thighs were wet. Her pussy hair was trimmed and her anus was quivering as I gripped her firm arse and buried my nose into her butt, and slobbered around her labia and clitoris with my tongue. Anita began a mild whimpering, which cautioned me – Vandana was fast asleep with the door closed, but we could not afford such an indiscretion or luxury of moaning.

I stood up instinctively, more to reach and cup her mouth, instead she pressed back and my erect rod penetrated the wet moist folds of her pussy, and it was my turn to gasp. Her pussy was tight, wet and boiling, I could feel her flesh try to grip my cock, and her wetness engulf it. It was like someone had poured hot wax on cock. Instead of closing her mouth, I now ripped her blouse off and bit her neck as I began to fuck her hard and fast. Within seconds, she was responding to my thrusts by pushing her own arse back, and we picked up a furious pace. Our bodies became drenched in sweat as I reached up and cupped her breasts in my palm, her taut nipples between my fingers… and I began to chew on her ear, as my fingers tweaked her sweat ridden hard nipple.

Without warning I felt her come, as she squirted and shivered on my cock, spasms racked her body and I continued to ram myself constantly into her… she reached back and gripped my arse, and her finger nails dug into my own clenched buttocks and drew blood. In a rage of passion, as I was about to come, I noticed a silent plea in her eyes telling me not to come in her… a moment of slowing down and i realized what I had to do, and within seconds, Anita did too and her expression turned from a plea to one of shock mixed with anticipation. I now thrusted a few times in her hard and slow in long strokes as I kissed her lips, her neck, her ears, bit her cheeks, her shoulder and her armpits. Sweat trickled down to her bum crack, as I removed my pulsating cock, ready for its final assault, and I spread her ass cheeks with both hands, and thrust my cocks into her anus. I soon used one hand to muffle her gasp and another to reach forward and claw her clitoris while also using other fingers to saw her labia.

Soon we were fucking hard like there was no tomorrow, my penis pistoning in and out of her anus, my hands clawing her pussy, another hand rubbing and flicking her nipples, while I sucked her tongue into my mouth and fucked her in long hard and fast strokes… I felt her tremble and shudder to another orgasm, as she clenched her anus on my cock and bit my tongue and began to completely quiver in spasms, which threw me over the edge and I began shooting spurt after spurt of my second orgasm for the day in her anus. Even before we could catch our breath, Vandana’s door opened and I heard her call me and say “Shiva, please get me some water from the fridge”. Anita quickly gathered her clothes, and wrapped her torn blouse around her. And we quickly parted ways…

I entered Vandana’s room with the water, still naked. I was dripping wet with sweat. Vandana asked me “Still hard? Were you working out?” I imagined Anita lying naked in the bed and my dick shot up again. Vandana almost apologetically said “Wanna get some relief for that poor thing by fucking my arse?” That was all I needed, I said no, and instead literally ripped Vandana’s nighty to shreds, tore her bra, and clenched her tits around my cock and began a hard tit fuck, with Vandana staring lustfully into my eyes. The summer sweat made everything slippery and soon Vandana had her mouth open and was sucking my cock every time it came up.

I imagined fucking Anita, doing a 69 with her, licking her ass while she gave me a rim job, nailing her anus… and even as I saw Vandana’s eyes burning with wanton lust and saw her reach down to finger her pussy, I imagined Anita and began cumming for the third time, all over Vandana’s breasts and face, she lay back on the bed and began clawing her own pussy and orgasmed, while she used her other hand to squeeze every drop from cock. I collapsed next to her and we both slept.

The next few months involved me repeatedly fucking Vandana with Anita watching hidden in a corner, unknown to Vandana. I would fuck Vandana senseless in the morning, and when she would go for bath, I would run to the guest room and fuck Anita’s brains out. I soon got kinkier, and placed hidden wifi web cameras in the room, as I continued to fuck both Vandana and Anita over months and recorded all of these sessions.

When I traveled for 4-5 days at a stretch, I would see these videos and jerk off. Sometimes when I traveled, I would call home during lunch time and speak to Anita whom I would ask to sit in the guest room, and soon without her realizing, I would talk her into fingering her pussy senseless as I watched it live on my wifi webcams, recording all of it. And some nites I would do the same with Vandana. And in the times when Vandana traveled, I would take leave from work and fuck Anita all day and nite long. This pleasant life went on for over 9 months and fortunately, neither Vandana nor Anita got pregnant.

And then Rakhi came. Rakhi was Vandana’s mom. I had never seen Rakhi in any other light other than as a mother in law. Rakhi had come over to stay with us for an extended period, since her workgroup had shifted to Bangalore. Her husband had died years ago, well before Vandana and my marriage. She promised to find a place for herself to stay in, and asked me to help. Rakhi’s presence changed everything. Vandana and my sex life dropped, and Anita and I never got a chance to fuck. More than 25days passed this way, and I was burning inside with desire. I managed to catch a few squeezes with Anita and the occasional fuck with Vandana, but everything was muted and quiet.

Rakhi spent most of her time in the living room, and there was hardly anything one could do. I had visited two brokers and intensified the hunt for Rakhi’s flat, she had to move out fast. One Sunday when the broker was showing us houses, an idea struck me. I told the broker that I liked the place, but would call my maid to clean it up before my MIL could see the place, since my MIL was fussy. The broker saw no problem with that, and said he was free at 3pm to come back with the keys. It was 10am now. I told him that 3pm was late and said we can then forget this place and moved on. Needless to say, he came running and said “Sir, wait. I have to go to another client now, but if you want, you can keep the key. Once madam has seen the place, please call me, if it is before 3pm. Else by 3pm i will come here myself”.

Saying so, he gave me the key, and began to make his calls. I called Anita and told her to take an auto and come to the place immediately. Within 10 minutes, Anita was there and we went to the only room where the windows had paper stuck on them… we disrobed and our clothes dropped in the dirt, and we began fucking. Oh how I missed this horny slut, I fucked her mouth, her cunt, her arse, I fucked her doggy style, missionary style, and my favorite reverse spoon style, I fucked her standing, carrying her and I mauled her tits, bit her nipples, her neck… she clawed my back, gave me a rough blow job tugging my foreskin back savagely, i came in her pussy, her arse, her mouth, her face… everywhere. For the next five hours we fucked like we used to, when Vandana traveled. We then left the place and I dropped her off 100 meters from our house. I drove in and went up, as she walked and came after half an hour. Rakhi was at the sofa and said nothing, I showered and came and told Rakhi that I had found her a place, and we both went there.

Rakhi did not like the place, saying it was smelling bad. Over the next 5 weeks, Anita and I fucked every Sunday in some such house, where I managed to get the broker to give me the keys and leave the place to myself. Rakhi time and again rejected flat after flat for reason after reason. I was not complaining since Anita and I could fuck ourselves crazy. However at the same time, I became more aggressive at home wanting to fuck Vandana, who would always quieten down and we had very mild sex. I again felt that Rakhi had to go. Instead the opposite happened.

One night during dinner, Vandana announced that she had to go to the US for 6 months, and said that Rakhi would stay at home and take care of me. And that Rakhi could find a flat after Vandana returned. I was shocked. Here was the best opportunity to ball Anita forever, and instead this bitch Rakhi would be at home all the time. I mutely agreed, and went to the kitchen where I saw an angry Anita. I tried patting and squeezing her boobs and arse, but she huffed me away and went to her room and I could hear her sob. I felt a knot in my stomach. Rakhi had to go. The next morning, I woke up late, and found Anita missing. Apparently she had told Vandana that she would go to her village and come. I wondered if I had lost her forever, and my rage against Rakhi grew. Vandana however told me that she had let Anita go now, because later, once Vandana left, Anita would not get any holiday time. Anita was supposed to be back the day Vandana was leaving.

Vandana meanwhile had to leave pretty quick, and within a week she was all set to go. I had gotten busy in work, and was missing Anita. And now I would be missing Vandana too. On the final nite, I went to drop Vandana in the airport, and as I dropped her, she got a call. It was Anita, who was reaching the station and wanted to be picked up. Vandana told me to pick her up on the way back. As soon as I was driving back, I tried Anita on the cell, and could not get a signal. I kept trying her and finally got her, even as my car entered the station parking lot. I told her that I had come to pick her up, and I heard her voice thank me. When I saw her in the dim light of the parking lot, I was stunned. She looked hotter than ever, and she came up to me and hugged me immediately. She said “yahaan se chalte hain jaldi, mujhe aapka lund chahiye, abhi”.

And soon, we drove out of the station, reached a hotel, where I paid 1000 bucks for a nite. I quickly called Rakhi and told her that Vandana had asked me to pick up Anita, but her train was late by 5 hours, and I would instead visit a friend and stay over at his place. I told Rakhi that Anita will come by herself by auto, or maybe if she waits in the station, I can pick her up in the early morning on my way back. Rakhi bid me good nite, and soon Anita and I were fucking hard in the rented room in the cheesy hotel near the station. We could hear fucking sounds from the rooms next to us, both to our left and right. Clearly this was a prostitute joint. Scandalized as we both were, the situation turned us on, and Anita got into a role play of a whore, and I that of a client, and we fucked and brayed and shouted and screamed our lungs out like never before. After a nite of the most intense ball numbing fucking, Anita’s pussy was sore, my dick was paining and dry, and we left the hotel to go home.

As we were in the lift, we stole our final embraces and kisses. Soon we entered home and Rakhi was sleeping in her room. We were just too tired, and I went for a bath in my room as did Anita in hers. Soon refreshed, we came to the living room, and Rakhi was just waking up. I looked at Anita expecting anger, instead there was a mischeivous smile on her face. I began to wonder why. Rakhi and I struck up a conversation, with Rakhi still in her nighty. My mind was on Anita’s mysterious smile.

Soon Vandana called, she had reached Frankfurt and was calling from there. I spoke a few words to make sure she was fine, and gave the phone to Rakhi and rushed into the kitchen. I saw Anita there brazenly rubbing her boobs, with her blouse open. I rushed and sucked her taut nipples as I lathered her breasts with my saliva, while she gripped me close to her, and we could both hear the mother-daughter pair on the phone. Anita slowly pulled me away, and reached down. My dick was semi erect, and fell limp after the exertions of last nite. She smiled and said “Mujhe solution mil gaya Rakhi maajhi ka”. I asked her “Kya?! Jaldi bolo. Hum Hotel jaayenge har hafta?” She said “Kya saheb, mujhe toh aapko roz chodna hai. Hafte hafte mein kya hoga? Aur hotel ka kharcha bhi… aur kissi ne dekh liya toh?”. I then asked “Fir kya solution hai meri jaan”, she turned to the basin as I reached behind and grabbed her and kissed her neck and ear, rubbing my cock into her arse.

She replied “Saheb, aap Rakhi maajhi ko chod daalo, ek baar aapne use chod diya, fir woh kuch nahi kar payengi”

Even as my mind rebelled at this thought, my dick evidently thought otherwise, and it rose and now poked Anita in her arse. Anita smiled back “Lagta hai aapko idea pasand aaya, ab jaake maajhi ko aise hi miliye, aur phone poochkar, Vandana didi se garam garam baate kijiye, maajhi ke saamne”. Dumbstruck by this hot slut, I went towards Rakhi, my dick making a tent, and I asked her “I need to speak to Vandana”. Rakhi first said “Sure”, and got up without realizing, and then noticed my boner and my sweating face. To my surprise, she smiled and said “I’ll leave you two alone!” and moved away from the phone.

For the first time, I saw Rakhi in a new light, she resembled Vandana but was clearly more mature. Suddenly I realized that she was sexy and oozing oomph coupled with maturity, and my dick oozed even more precum creating a giant tent and stain on the pajama. Rakhi to my shock said “Vandana is lucky, lemme run inside before you have an accident!” and she giggled like a teenager. My hormones were raging, as I heard Rakhi go into the bedroom and lock the door. I began speaking lustily to Vandana as I made myself naked and began masturbating, when I heard the parallel phone being picked up and could hear a distinct labored breathing. Anita meanwhile came down and kneeled in front of me, her blouse open and began alternating a tit-job, a tug job and a blow job, while I began telling Vandana how I missed her and would fuck her when she came back.

Vandana herself was fingering herself crazy in the airport loo and koochi-kooing, while I could hear Rakhi’s harsh breathing, Anita bobbing her head up and down on me while fingering herself… and soon, 4 people had a soundless climax, Rakhi’s breathing now clearly heard, Vandana’s classic whimpering too, Anita was shivering with her fingers in her pussy creating a wet spot on the floor where her cum had fallen, most of my cum on her breasts and face, and some dripping off her thigh mixing with her juices on the floor.

Even as Vandana disconnected the phone, Anita lay down and licked the juices and kissed me hard and said “Saheb, maajhi ko chodna, woh garam hai mard ke liye”


Summer – 3

After the call with Vandana, I had spurted all my cum all over Anita, and I noticed that Anita was still hungry and lusty for a bang. Rakhi was in the next room, and I was hard again. Unsure as to what to do, Anita as usual had the answer. She held me by my hand and pulled me to the loo in the master bedroom. Within seconds I was humping Anita from behind, and I grasped her breasts and began pistoning her in and out, as she held on to the basin. In the mirror I could see my cock skewering her pussy, and I saw that Anita was clawing her clitoris. I ripped open her dress and began fucking her savagely, as she covered her mouth with her other hand and bit it to prevent her from screaming. Mindless of the consequences of Rakhi being nearby, we continued our furious and fast fucking with insane aggression, I felt Anita come multiple time, her cum mingled with our sweat… I removed my lubricated and dripping cock from her pussy and plunged my dick into her anus and even she sobbed into an orgasm clutching my cock with her sphincter, I mauled her giant breasts and unloaded blast after blast of cum into her.

We came to our senses soon, and I tip toed out to the bedroom. I found Rakhi’s guest room door open, and it appeared that she was now on the phone in the lounge talking to someone. I quickly motioned to Anita, who assembled herself and slipped out to the guest bathroom and began washing clothes. I myself wore a pair of fresh clothes and walked out. Rakhi meanwhile had ended her call and now was watching TV. I noticed she was now wearing her blouse with the top two buttons open, and I sat next to her. She smiled and asked “Finished your call with Vandana I guess?”. I smiled back and said “I miss her”, to which Rakhi gave a sluttish smile I had not seen on her earlier, and said “I’m sure it must be very hard on you”, and she reached out and patted my thigh and let her hand remain there. Thankfully I was too spent to have a hard on and embarrass us, but I did enjoy her hand on me. Anita was right, this woman needed a hard fuck and that would be it.

The summer heat of the afternoon picked up. Anita was now in the kitchen, and Rakhi in the living room as usual. In the pretext of getting some water, I went to the kitchen and Anita whispered to me – “Unke room ka AC kharaab kar do, aur raat ko woh tumhaare bistar mein soyegi”. I pinched her ass and kissed her quickly, at smiled at the brilliance of her idea. I went to Rakhi’s guest room and opened the AC panel, and cut a wire.

The AC now was not working. I then went to Rakhi and said “Hey, I need to fill petrol, wanna come for a ride?”. Rakhi who was bored sitting at home accepted and soon we took the car out. I switched on the AC in full blast and we went and filled petrol, got some small items for the fridge and came back. All the while the AC was on in full, and Rakhi was quite comfortable. We reached home by 2PM and the house was like a furnace.

Both of us started sweating immediately. Rakhi’s saree and blouse clung to her accentuating her sexy figure and her protruding boobs. Her ass was perfectly round and the sweat glistened off her cleavage making her look ripe for hard fucking. But we had to be slow… Anita was conspicuous in her absence. Rakhi called out for her twice, but more it seemed to check if Anita was at home. I suggested we both get to our rooms and cool off in the AC, to which Rakhi agreed. I reached mine and stripped myself in a flash, and kept just a boxer shorts ready. Soon enough, Rakhi was knocking on my door and I heard her say “Hey, the AC is not working, can you check where the remote is?”. I stepped out in my boxers displaying my hard abs. Rakhi was taken aback a second, and it was evident she was checking me out. A light bulge began in my boxer as I moved ahead with the plan.

I went to Rakhi’s room and after a few minutes of drama, I said “Rakhi, I am damn tired, can we fix the AC later please? You can use my room if you want”. Rakhi looked caught in a dilemma, she seemed to want to say Yes, but at the same time could not immediately agree.

That was when I piled on the senti by saying “If you’re uncomfy, you can use my room with the AC and I will use this room with the fan”. She refused and offered to be in the guest room herself… and a few back and forth later, we were both in my room, with the AC, on the same bed for an afternoon nap. I behaved perfectly and after an uneventful hour, we woke up for tea. I was keen to make sure I had her confidence in me.

The evening I went out and got a giant dildo from a local store. On my return, while Rakhi was watching TV, I kept the dildo under her pillow in my room. We both saw TV, Anita was back in the kitchen. I went to get some water from the kitchen, and found Anita looking a little forlorn. I moved close to her and squeezed her boobs playfully and grabbed her arse, but she pushed me gently and said “mera paani gir raha hai sahab, ab teen din aapko ko sabr karna padega”. I sort of was relieved as my dick needed the break. So instead I hugged Anita, and gave her a warm kiss and tongued her a bit, and another hug, and told her “Theek hai, tum aaraam karo”. She was now back to her naughty self and said “Mein toh aaraam karoongi, lekin maajhi ko aap aaraam karne doge?”. Before I could respond, we heard Rakhi coming towards the kitchen, and parted ways. I took my bottle of water and moved out to the bedroom.

Soon it was night, and time to sleep. After dinner, I decided to do the AC trick again – I offered to take Rakhi out for ice-cream. She accepted and we both stepped out. Everything was nice and I was super well behaved, in fact almost suspiciously well behaved. Rakhi didn’t notice anything amiss, and after 2 hours of some excellent air conditioned experience, we were back at home. It was time to sleep, and I offered to sleep in the other room, while Rakhi could sleep in the master bedroom with the AC. Rakhi immediately refused, but I persisted and told her “I anway need to speak to Vandana”, with a smile. She then agreed and went to the bedroom and shut the door. I checked on Anita in the other room, and she was fast asleep and gently snoring. Leaving things as they were, I actually called Vandana and we had a long chat. Soon I was tired and went to sleep too, in the guest bedroom, by midnight.

The next day was a Saturday, and the summer heat was at its peak. With the electricity failing, and short water supply, the washing machine was not working and nor was there water in the loos. Anita was a mess and she told Rakhi that she wanted to go to her village for 2d and come, to which Rakhi surprisingly agreed immediately. I was to drop Anita in the station, when Rakhi said “Wait, I’ll join you in the car, am bored at home”. I could do nothing, we both dropped Anita and I managed to squeeze her boobs and arse, give her a quick kiss inside the train loo… and she made me promise to fuck her senseless when she was back. Soon Rakhi and I were on our way home, and once we reached… we realized there was still no power nor any water. Now usually Anita loads the washing machine every 3-4 days with clothes, and washes them.

I did not have too many fresh undergarments, so instead I changed out of my sticky clothes and wore a loose shorts and T-Shirt, after wiping myself with a clean towel. Around 2PM, Rakhi came out of the master bedroom, which by now had lost all the remaining impact of the AC of last nite, and she looked completely dishevelled. During lunch, I said “Hey ma, I’m sorry about the power & water situation. Do you want to move into a hotel for a few days? I can manage here as I am used to this”. To which she suddenly laughed out a nervous laugh and said “Don’t be silly…I am … err…” and her voice trailed off. I inquired “Kya hua ma, boliya na pls”, to which she said “I don’t know how to say this, but I am just going to say it… I am out of fresh undergarments!” I laughed out a bit and immediately apologized, and said “Do you want me to drive you to a store?”. Rakhi instead said “Actually I was wondering if I could borrow any T Shirt instead and just get rid of these”, and she pointed to her bra straps. It took me a lot of self control not to reach out, grab her, rip her wet sticky clothes off and pound her heaving boobs. Instead I said “Sure… lemme check after lunch”… and soon we washed up and reached the master bedroom.

I fiddled thru Vandana’s clothes, but even a simple observation made it clear that Rakhi was at least 2 bra sizes bigger and generally a little more padded than Vandana. So instead I picked up one of my T’s and offered it to her, and an elastic long skirt of Vandana. Rakhi accepted both and went into the master bedroom loo… I waited outside like a hungry puppy and soon when Rakhi stepped out, we were both taken aback.

Rakhi looked like a busty school teacher on steroids, her bra-less nipples jutting out of my T-Shirt, which clung to her body. She also looked like she was expecting me there and smiled and said “You are NOT telling Vandana about this… I feel so awkward… I think I’m going to die of embarrassment”. I guess I was still staring at her and drooling, and said “Don’t you dare!!” and realized that Rakhi was now smiling, but her smile faded into shock as I also was caught off guard – my dick had created a huge tent in my shorts and a wet patch was clearly visible on the white shorts. Rakhi was the first to recover and said “Just Vandana’s skirt turned you on, imagine if she were here I am sure you would have thrown the kabab-mein-haddi out of the house”. I blushed and turned and walked away to the living room, to find a cushion and cover my hard-on. Rakhi now took a leading role and walked to the living room, and raised her arms to tie her hair… exposing the expanse of her boobs and making blood rush to my dick and head.

I now decided to give this woman a bit of her own medicine. I asked her “btw, I have configured Skype on the PC. You can connect with Vandana anytime now”. The mention of Vandana’s name and my good Son-in-law routine was enough to bring Rakhi back to earth. She asked me “Can you explain how to use it”, and soon, once I had explained it to her, the current came back on and things were “normal”. Rakhi went into the master bedroom AC room and decided to take a short nap, she invited me to join her, with an uncertain plea in her voice as if she were battling lust and conscience at the same time.

I decided that this bitch needed a drilling, but decided now to make her earn it. I went into the room, but sat on the sofa across the bed. While she slept, I created a folder on the desktop called “Personal” and now copied videos from the webcams into the folder. I was careful enough to leave out videos of Anita or Anita & me. Instead I filled the folder with videos of me and Vandana fucking, and also the videos of Vandana masturbating herself crazy while I spoke to her on the phone from out of town. I now kept this loaded PC ready on the table, and took a bath once the water tank was full and went out. I went straight to the med store and bought condoms.

On reaching home, it was now 530PM. I opened the main door gently without noise, Rakhi had taken a bath and was glued to the PC… and I could hear a video playing of me and Vandana role playing and fucking each other hard. Incidentally, Vandana was playing the role of a hungry widow and I was banging her arse and we were screaming. I tiptoed and saw Rakhi leaning back on the chair, her blouse open as she kneaded her mammoth tits with one hand, her legs raised on the chair across the armrest as she finger fucked herself watching her daughter and son-in-law fuck each other brainless.

I waited till she orgasmed herself silly, and then left the house with a giant boner. I now rang the bell and waited. After a considerable time, a dishevelled Rakhi opened the door and said “Oh tum aa gaye, mein toh itnee gehree neend so rahi thee”,… she stifled her breathlessness and instead caught a long breath and made it look like a yawn.

I decided to press the advantage and said “Oh, meine socha aap Skype use karoge…” She turned red and turned away, and said… “nahin, mein toh so rahi thee” but I caught a glimpse of her tight arse and heaving boobs caged inside the dress. Nothing much happened that day. Rakhi complained of a headache and turned in early, but i had my webcam on… and there she was, clawing her pussy repeatedly on the bed, drenched in sweat and her own cum, until around midnight, she collapsed into deep sleep. I had a raging hard on, but now was in complete control. I knew I had to unload the last 2days into this bitch. And I had my plan ready, I would have to fuck her and time it such that Anita walks in and catches us. That would be the right setup. I called Anita and told her about the plan. It was set for Sunday afternoon. I now had to plan the perfect setup to get Rakhi to beg for my cock. And that plan was set in my mind.


Summer – 4

It was Sunday morning. I had hit the gym early and come back. I was now cooling off when Rakhi woke up. I offered to make her a coffee. She seemed to be unable to make eye contact with me, and said “i’ll make us both some coffee” and moved to the kitchen. I moved to the bedroom, and changed into a tight pair of shorts with no undies, and remained topless, and started push ups. Soon I was sweating, blood rushing thru every vein in my body, and my dick was swelled up. Not a hard on, just swelled up nicely. That was when Rakhi walked in. She was wearing a loose nightie and with the sun on her back, it was nearly see thru.

Her curves gave me a mild hard on. Her nipples were already taut. She was clearly in heat. I thanked her for the coffee and then tugged on her shoulder to the sofa and we sat there and drank our coffee. In the small talk, I asked her if she was ok, since she seemed tired last nite. She looked quite fresh and said “Oh, I’m fine – just a tiring day sweating without power yesterday, I’m ok now”. I decided to press my advantage and said “Listen, I’m going to put the clothes in the washer again, before the power fails. You wanna put your clothes?” She said “Arrey, i’ll do it… you relax” and soon she went to the bathroom. I pulled a towel and followed her and blocked the entrance. She looked at me and said “You have a good physique…”, I just smiled and brought my old clothes from the cupboard for washing. I told her “Get yours too…” and she was back in a bit.

I was loading the machine, and asked her to hand me her clothes. She first felt awkward, but the space was not there for us to switch positions, so she first handed me a used dress of hers. I got a wonderful perfume smell and instinctively smelled the dress, and asked her “this smells nice, what do you wear”, and I realized she was blushing. She said “Hugo Boss for women”, and handed me the next dress… after a few, she handed me the previous days t-shirt. It was soaked with sweat, and I knew why. I said “hot nite huh, last nite” and smelt the t-shirt, and said “this is definitely not Hugo Boss”. Rakhi smiled and playfully hit me on the chest, and said “dont keep smelling my clothes, you naughty boy”.

We both realized that things were now moving in a different realm. The closed confines of the bathroom and our sparse dressing accentuated the situation. In hitting me, a crumpled lump of clothes fell from her hand. She immediately bent to pick them up, and said “these i’ll wash myself”, and I realized it was her undies. But in bending, with me standing, I could clearly see her naked breasts from the top of her nighty. My dick grew hard. Rakhi was now kneeling to pick her undies while my boner was near her face. She noticed my boner and turned up shocked to look at me, and caught me staring at her breasts. She immediately rose up while I recovered first and said “Give me those undies”, with complete calm authority in my voice. She was mesmerized and handed me her undies.

I took her bra and smelt it slowly as I stared into her eyes. She tried to leave the bathroom hesitatingly, but I now caught her hand. I then put the bra inside the machine and took her undie. I smelt the central wet patch, where her cum had oozed all of last nite. Rakhi was now in complete lust. Her breathing ragged and her body on fire, her eyes locked deep into mine, her mouth open and her lips wet. I lazily sucked the wet patch of her undie and put it into the machine. One by one i did this for all her undergarments. I now reached forward and said “give me your nighty”, and spread the towel with my arms outstretched.

She turned her back to me, removed her nighty and I stepped forward and wrapped the towel around her, while pressing my hard on into her. I now rubbed my nose thru her hair, and squeezed her in my arms and said “You smell amazing”. She now turned to face me, her lips quivering for a kiss and her eyes half closed. I instead stepped back and turned my back on her and said… “one sec”, and i pulled of my shorts to reveal my taut muscular arse to her. I heard her gasp loudly as I put my shorts into the washing machine. We were both in the bathroom, and now I turned slowly. My giant 10 inch boner, unfucked for 4d now, stood like a steel rock in front of her… and i said “oh wait…” even as she was now out of control in crazed lust. I reached into the machine and took out my denims, and from the back pocket, I took out 4 condoms, and put the denim back in the machine.

I then gave her the condom and said, “could you hold this a minute”, and while she mutely obeyed my orders, I removed her towel to expose her nakedness. Her knees trembled, and I lifted her and made her sit on the sink, after spreading the towel there. Her legs opened on her own accord as I positioned myself in between them. She was dripping wet and her thighs were trembling with lust and anticipation. I now quickly stepped back, and grabbed all the clothes from the washing machine and stuffed it into the sink behind Rakhi to form a cushion. Even as did so, my rock hard dick touched her pussy. I leaned forward now with my cock pressing her pussy from the outside, my dickhead against her navel, and I gently cupped her breasts and kissed her cheek.

I slowly ran my tongue around her lips, as she quivered, and oozed pre cum from her pussy which coated my balls as I continued to run my fingers around her breasts, her taut nipples, and licking her lips. She thrust her tongue out and we french kissed each other while i stepped back. She now grabbed me by my back and was furiously kissing me, while I placed my palm on her wet pussy and massaged it. With my other hand I played with her hair, and continued to knead her pussy. I soon used my thumb to draw circles around her dripping clitoris and used another finger run circles around her outer labia, all the while kissing her and pressing her breasts against chest, my steely cock now pressed against belly.

When she was fighting and gasping for breath from our kissing, I left her mouth and pushed her back and began licking her nipples and biting her breasts. She started moaning and groaning loudly, while I then entered two fingers from the base of her pussy, into her boiling cunt and began to gently finger fuck her, sawing her clit with my thumb while the two fingers went in and out.

She was on fire and began to moan loudly filling the bathroom with her cries, as I continued to suck and lick on her nipples gently, alternating from one breast to the other, as I played with her cunt. She had now gripped my head and was smothering me with her tits almost begging me to be rougher with her, crazed by insane lust, as I skewered her pussy savagely. She began to shudder and she caught my hand which was clawing her pussy, and instead began to now rock her arse back and forth as she geared herself for an orgasm. Just then I reached up kissed her hard, while she began to orgasm on my fingers and cried “Oh god, oh god… ohhhh …. my…. god….” and she shuddered again and again as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body while I hugged her tightly and licked her ears and neck.

When she was done with her orgasm, I stepped back and licked my fingers shamelessly, staring deep into her lust filled eyes. She came back to her senses with my act and saw my engorged cock head and without any hesitation, gripped my boiling hot cock. She gasped in delight as her eyes opened wide and she blurted “Its so hot and big, I need you to fuck me, you bastard” and began to stroke my cock. I was still licking my fingers and pulled her hands away and instead fell to my knees and buried my nose into her twat. She shuddered “ohhh fuckkkkkk”, as I now drew circles around her clit with my nose, and slipped my tongue into her pussy and lapped up her juices.

She continued to ooze out even more of her vinegary fluid as I began a slow licking of her clit. She now placed her feet on my shoulders as I began to lick her labia in circles and then darted my tongue to her anus. She cried “Ohhh god… please not there.. oh yes…. its soooo good…” and she pressed my head against her pussy and ground herself into my face with her rocking arse. I now reached up and grabbed her giant jugs and began to squeeze them while flicking her taut nipples with my thumb, still wet from her juices, even as I tongue fucked her… till she could bear it no more and shouted loud enough to wake the dead and began squirting! I closed her clit with my mouth and thrust in two fingers into her pussy to hit her g-spot, while i pressed my little finger into her anus.

That sent her completely over the top and she roared in passion and her body shuddered violently as she squirted into my mouth… and soon her clitoral orgasm was overtaken by a vaginal orgasm, which was longer and the cum that came now oozed from the depths of her pussy. In a few minutes, she was completely spent and she collapsed on the sink and said “Oh fuck… I have never, ever, ever… never ever, orgasmed that hard”. I carried her now and took her to the living room and lay on the sofa, and put her on top of me as she caught her breath. She rested with my hard cock against her belly and now looked at me… we smiled and kissed… and she adjusted her legs on either side of me and said “So… are you ready to fuck me now, you better be, because I need that cock in me!”

We spent some time kissing lazily, as she cooed “I have never experienced what you did to me, ever… I know this is wrong, but something this good cannot be wrong…. I don’t care who you are, but I need this… Am I being wrong to my daughter… maybe, but I need this… ” and she continued such inane and continuous mumblings between kisses, while I held her hips and gripped her bum cheeks. I now positioned myself and we stopped kissing… knowing this was it, the moment where the real deal would begin… I straightened up, pulled her hands behind her back, and brought them in a V shape. I locked my arms in between her hands in a complete gridlock which allowed me to raise her with my arms. I then leaned back as I placed my legs on the armrest of the sofa to give me a firm footing, leaned her into me, all the while we were staring into each others lust filled eyes…

I then thrust my cock into her pussy and dug my face into her mammaries and began to thrust up and fuck her in slow firm gentle strokes, pushing just a little more than the cockhead into her pussy. Her pussy seemed tight, wet and on fire. She began to cry and whimper and thrust herself down on my dick, impaling herself on my cock… she was tighter than I can describe, and yet her hot wetness made her pussy indescribably erotic.

She roared and moaned, impaled on my cock as she rocked herself back and forth, pressing her clitoris… but I stopped her and yanked her forward and bit her breasts hard and began to savagely fuck her, in wild full blooded strokes, as I banged her ruthlessly while our bodies made slapping sounds as they collided. Rakhi was completely out of control, and to be honest, so was I. Unmindful of anything, we were both screaming and grunting, as I began the most furious fuck I had ever had. After seven to eigth minutes of non stop banging, she began to tremble and climaxed on my cock wetting it with her juices… her fluids scalded my cock and I began to shake and tremble too… We had all but forgotten about the condoms until I was about to cum, we both knew it, and Rakhi jumped off me… I stood up near the sofa, while she sat on the floor, her head on the sofa and opened her mouth.

With greatest effort I held back and instead thrust my giant cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth hard. Once she was over the initial surprise of this, she grabbed my ass cheeks and instead controlled this oral fuck and began giving me the best blow job I have ever had, this woman knew her stuff. She grabbed my cock with both hands and violently tugged on my foreskin up and down as she licked, sucked, slobbered over my cock, she nuzzled my cock with her lips, rubbed it against her cheek, and alternated btween licking the tip of my cockhead, then the tip where the foreskin met my cockhead, and then sucking the entire head.

I too now caught her head in my hands and began a gentle fucking of her mouth and she now was on her knees… she held my cock with one hand, looked into eyes and I knew it… we switched positions as I sat on the sofa and she now began to bob her head up and down on my cock… I still never know where I got the strength to hold on this long, and as she pulled my foreskin down one final tug, and began to lick the tip… she gripped my balls with the other hand and gave a gentle squeeze which sent me into orbit. I screamed as I came in her face and she wrapped her mouth around my cockhead and swallowed as much cum as she could, till she could swallow no more… I was still spurting when she moved back… her eyes crazed with lust, I gripped my manhood and shook myself furiously, the next spurt landed on her face, the next on her breast and then all over her, till she was drenched in cum. She looked so sluttish, and I noticed she was clawing her pussy, while I was still hard. I lifted her, put her on the sofa face down while she knelt, i knelt behind her and fucked her doggy style.

We were too far gone in our insane fuck session to notice or care about anything. I reached forward and mauled her tits while kissing her and continued to fuck her from behind till both of us came in a loud roar, with me unloading blast after blast of my cum in her pussy, while it gripped me hard and literally sucked it all from me, our bodies covered in sweat, and we collapsed on the sofa, my cock still in her… It was the wild unadulterated lust-filled moan of Anita that brought us back to reality, and we saw Anita in the corner, leaning against the main door she had opened with her key, near naked and clawing her pussy, and crying out as she came. It was a sight to behold, Anita looked like a beauty queen with her tight youth, but turned on by what both me and Rakhi knew was the most intense and best fuck ever of our lives.

Even before shock took over Rakhi, it was lust that won, and she thrust back as she noticed my cock had gone hard again, and we began fucking in the same position while Anita now was in the throes of an orgasm. The sight was too much for me, and even as Anita looked at me with lust mixed with rage & jealousy, I wanted Anita to come again… I knew what had to be done, and without warning, thrust my giant cock into Rakhi’s anus as Rakhi cried out loudly… Anita was quick to get up and come close to us and sat right next to us on the sofa armrest, for a close up view of this anal fucking, while spreading her legs and fingering her pussy. Almost instinctively, within minutes, Rakhi had moved forward and caught Anita’s legs and began to lather Anita’s pussy with her tongue. This sight made me forget everything as I thrust wildly grasping Rakhi’s boobs with one hand and clawing her pussy with the other and thrusting relentlessly into her anus, and the three of us roared with our orgasms.

Anita’s plan had worked and we were all hooked. We just snuggled up into a heap in the carpet as the heat of summer washed over our sweaty bodies.

Epilogue : This was the starter. It was only 1 month since Vandana had been to the US. We had 5 more months together. In my next tale, Autumn, I will tell you what happened when Anita’s parents came to get her married, and also more about Rakhi’s Sister-In-Law Ramya (her late hubby’s sister) was transiting to the US via our house, and finally what happened when Vandana came back. Rest assured that Vandana and I are now still happily married, we have a 4 year old son. And everyone in this story is well and alive somewhere, going on with their lives. Who knows, the lesbian couple next door to you could be Rakhi & Ramya, or the maid in your house Anita or her mother Sadhana… anything is possible in this wonderful world.

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