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A Son To The Maid Komal

I just came to know that I have become a father. Looking back I fondly recall this incident.
I had just moved to Pune Woking for an I.T firm. After about a week’s time I found out one bhk flat. I moved into the flat. After one week of normal and boring time my house owner shows up at the door step. There was a lady also standing with her. She was about 5’5, dark complexion. Slightly on the fatter side but not exactly fat. She just had more of curves on her body. She had two big set of breasts, looked like 36D. He introduces Komal to me and tells me that she is the maid and she will be coming to work on the weekends. I said fine as I had week off on Saturday and Sunday. He told me that as it is a Saturday that she could get on with work today onwards. I showed Komal around the house and told her where the cleaning equipments were after which I went to my room to watch some TV.
After 5 minutes, she comes to my room and asks for help to move the trunk. I helped her by moving the luggage trunk which was in the hall. I then thought of staying back and helping her by shifting things around for her. When she would bend kow to broom her big cleavage would just give me a hard on. On that day I couldn’t speak much to her.
On the next day I decided to break the ice and I started asking her questions like where was she from and all? Initially she was giving me specific and point to point answers but after a while she started to open up to me. She would speak to me as a friend would. I still though I should keep things slow then only I could have any chance of fucking her. As I was staying alone and my cooking skills being really pathetic I asked her after work to cook for me. I told her to come at evenings on the weekdays and for weekends after she is done with chores then she could get on with her cooking. I told her she could get all the ingredients required and I would pay for it and also pay her good weekly wages. Even though slightly reluctant initially she finally could not refuse the weekly wage offer that I had made. Then I told her to get on with the cooking from next day onwards.
She started coming in the weekdays as well also and would cook in the evenings. I would spend time with her, talk to her a lot. Slowly I also started to play around with her, tell her jokes. She started to open up to me a little more, tell about her family, in-laws and her husband. Her husband was a security guard in one of the nearby apartments. He was a divorcee and had split away with his first wife as even after 2 years of marriage she couldn’t give him a child. Saying this she started crying, I put her head to my shoulder and asked her as to what happened. This is when she told me that it was nearly 2 years to her marriage as well. Everyday there were quarrels in the house with in-laws and the husband. She started sobbing even more and told that that she knew for certain that the problem was with him and not her. She had suggested him a lot of times to go visit a doctor but he would misunderstand it as she making fun of his manhood and hit her more.
That is when I told her that you could visit a fertility clinic. She said it would be expensive and she can’t do it all by herself. Taking it as an opportunity I gathered up all my courage and told her “I can help you “. She politely replied back “Thank you, but I cannot ask you for so much of money. Realizing that she couldn’t understand what I tried telling her again “Komal, I can help you with the sperm “. Komal was slightly taken aback. After a long pause she replied back slowly “No that would be wrong “. I told her whether she had any other option. She didn’t respond back and was staring at the ground. I held her face by my hand and told her “Komal, look at me, everything will be fine” saying that I just went for lips and smooched. She started smooching me back. I sucked in the saliva from her tongue, it was the perfect smooch. After what was about 5 minutes of kissing I told her “geyser is on, you can use water and take a good hot shower “. She obliged and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
I went to my bedroom waiting for her to get out of shower. After what it seemed like eternity she finally came out of bathroom looking all fresh and good to be fucked. I asked her to sit down on the bed. I asked her “Where were we?” On hearing this she started blushing and turned her face. I slowly started kissing back of her neck. Slowly and slowly I turned her head around and started kissing her neck. She was enjoying it as she was moaning out; slowly and slowly I progressed on to her salwar and started sucking her nipples from the outside. I told her “Komal remove my t shirt and removed my t. I slowly lifted her salwar and two melons popped out. There were two nipples which were calling out loud for being sucked. I jumped right in on them and started sucking the nipples.
While I was sucking her tits, Komal placed her hands on my boxers. I told her to go ahead and remove it. With a cute and cunning smile she pulled down my boxers. She was amazed by the size of it and started stroking it with her hands. Just when it was I removed her lowers. She wasn’t wearing any panty and she had a pubic bush. Just the way I liked. I told her to bend down and show her ass out (doggy style) and started licking her vagina. After I while I started fingering her and got her wet enough to get fucked. Then from behind I got inside her doggy style and started fucking her. With all that moaning I started to get more aroused and started moving my hips faster and finally came inside her.
After fucking her, my dick was still standing so I told her to lie down on the bed. Then I folded her legs up (missionary but with legs being held up) and started fucking her again. This time she came before and made my bed all wet, but that didn’t stop me. I fucked her harder and faster and came inside her again.
Thinking I was done I lied back with Komal and started smooching her, but still my dick wouldn’t go down. Komal was smiling and was impressed. I told her, let’s get fucking and asked her to get on top of me with me lying down. This I cowboy style, but she started saying no. She said that she is a servant and servants should always be below the feet of master and not on top of them. I made her understand that it’s all fine and it’s all for her marriage she is doing this. She finally understood and got on top of me. She put my dick inside her pussy and started moving her hips up down. Slowly she started turning the pace up. It was fun holding her ass with one hand and boob with other hand. She finally was ramming her hip up and down on me. I came inside her at no time for the third time.
I told her to come back the next week and we did the same thing again. After about three weeks I got a call that she is pregnant. She then never came back to work again as her in laws were against a pregnant woman working.

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