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A Steamy Anal Sex With A Hotel Maid

It was monsoon n I planned for a week off. I decided to be alone n enjoy myself so booked my tickets for Kerala. Hello readers myself Vikas m 21 from Gwalior, wish after reading this incident u ll sure enjoy n girls u ll feel ur love juices coming out. I reached there in noon as I entered the hotel; mah eyes were blocked as I saw a lady there. She was maid there; nice stats n nice hot ass. Well I settled myself n took mah room keys n went to my room took a nap n liked to have fun with the maids.
I was “working” one morning and so to keep privacy she brought her cleaning cart into the room and closed the door. This is against the rules as they must be seen when they clean, but she figured I should not be disturbed, so my trap was set.

As she cleaned I had a good look at her. Under her uniform she had a good body, nice firm ass. I talked to her, asking how many rooms she does every day – small talk to relax her. When she got close to me I reached out and grabbed her hand and when she looked at me I pulled her closer. I asked her if she was married and she said yes, with 3 k**s. I asked if she had been with another man since she got married and she said no. Then I asked how many men she had slept with and she got embarrassed. I asked her again, said it’s no big deal, tell me. She said 3 guys including her husband. She asked me how many women I had slept with and I said a lot. She said yes she thinks so and I must be very experienced with girls. I said yes I am.

She was standing right in front of me now, so I reached up and pulled her head down to kiss her. She immediately gave me tongue and was enthusiastic. I told her I want to see her so I pushed her back up and undid the buttons on her uniform. They went all the way down so when I was done she was in her bra and panties. She crossed her arms over her breasts so I saw she was a bit shy. I said OK I will strip also so I stood up and took off my shirt and pants. We were both even now so I grabbed her and kissed her, reaching my hands to her tits and ass. My cock was fully erect and I pushed it against her. I said I want you, and she said mmm, quietly. I took off her bra then stood back to look at them. 34C, nice size so I massaged them then leaned down to kiss them. Then I reached down to pull her panties off and threw them on the floor.

She had an untrimmed bush, with those tight curls black women have. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock through my pants. I told her he wants to come out and play, made her pull my pants off and my cock sprung up in her face as she bent down to pull them off. I said kiss him while you are down there, show me what you can do. She got down on her knees and slid her mouth on me and slid up and down on my shaft. I aid play with my balls and she put her hands between my legs to massage them. She had her eyes closed so I said open your eyes, look at my cock as you suck me. She was pretty good but I was going to have more from this than a blow job. I pulled her up and led her to the bed. I lay on my back looking at her and told her to sit on me. She got on top, guided my cock into her and settled down on me, taking it in nice and deep.

I lay there looking at her move, grinding her hips against me. I could tell she had fucked like that before for sure. I asked when she last had sex, she said about 2 weeks ago. I asked her husband fucks her and she said he usually climbs on and does her but does not care too much about her having an orgasm. I told her I was going to make sure she enjoyed our sex before I send her home to her husband with my cum inside her. She laughed and said that is very naughty. I said you’re the naughty one, sitting on my cock and fucking me. Then I said it’s my turn on top and I rolled her off and got on top of her. I slid it in and moved it around, feeling her insides, checking out her pussy for size. She was getting horny for sure, grabbing me, pulling me inside, so it was obvious she was used to a quick fuck and done. I moved in her, watching her response and I could see she wasn’t going to take long. I had plans for a lot more so I thought let’s get her off then push her a bit for some real action.

I worked her pussy, matching her thrusts, watching her face, listening to her sounds. She didn’t realize she was being deliberately worked over. Soon she was riding hard, panting, and next thing she was cumming, moaning, as I slid deep and regular into her. Then she was done, dropped her arms down from holding mine, relaxed, and took a deep breath. She told me that she never thought of enjoying anal sex this much. We both enjoyed on bed for almost 5 days n it was time to return back but before coming back I enjoyed a quick session with her in bathroom n rammed her pussy too but it was our bad luck as one of her friend working as maid heard us fucking n came inside. We had an orgasm n she was in front of us.

We both were like dead. Nothing to say but she went outside n asked her to talk. They both talked for several min as I was wondering what’s happening but then they both came. I looked in her eyes n I understood what actually she wants. She asked for 1000 rs n a blowjob as she wanted to taste cum. Then she left us n we both dressed n I gave her a deep lip lock full of tongue n said bye; she helped me with my luggage to main door. Really that was a enjoying week. I took her number n promised to c her again.

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