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Amazing Sex With A Young Maid

This story dates back to 2 years back, while I was a student then. I live with my family, both of parents working. Those days, I was studying for my exams and would be at home. We had our maid, who was elderly, aged around 50 years. She would do all household works at our home. She would come in the morning at 11 am and complete her work and leave.

One day, as usual I was alone at home, the bell rang and I opened the door. A young lady was at doorstep. She introduced herself as Mala, daughter –in –law of our maid. She said that her mother in law is unwell and she would be doing the work.

Let me describe her. She was in her early twenties, slim, average figure, a sweet face and long hairs. She always wore a sari. At first, she seemed to be a quiet and shy person. That day, she did her work and left. The whole day, she was in my mind and somehow I got attracted to her. There was something about her.

Next day, she was back and started her work. I was sitting in the hall and watching her moves. Though she had covered herself completely, I could see her curves while she was cleaning the floor. I thought of seducing her somehow. 2/3 days passed by, I would just watch her, not much conversations, only exchanged smiles.

One day, I decided to do something that could break the ice between us. I was in my bedroom and she was cleaning the hall. I decided to show my dick to her anyhow and see her reaction. So I left the door half closed and started masturbating, my shorts half down. I knew, I was very daring, and anything could happen. She came to the bedroom and got shocked seeing me and suddenly went to the kitchen. I followed her and asked her what you saw. She was red faced and looking down. She did not reply and started working. She completed her work and left and gave a smile. May be I was successful as she smiled and left.

Now I was waiting for the next day. She arrived on time and started working. I confronted her and asked her whether she liked what she saw yesterday. She looked at me and smiled. I came close to her and held her hands. She was shying and resisted a bit. Then I took her in my arms and hugged her. She too responded well. I looked into her eyes and gave a kiss on her lips.

I then took her to my bedroom and started kissing her lips again. Our tongues met and we went on and on. May be she was never kissed in this way. I said that you are very beautiful and would like to make love to you. She said that I am all yours; just love me more and more. I kissed her neck, her cheeks and her hands. She loved it. I removed her pallu of sari and touched her. I took her on the bed and removed her blouse and her bra. She had small breasts, but very firm and round. I pressed them slowly and started sucking those juicy nipples. It was such a nice feeling. She was moaning and loving it.

I moved to her back, removed her hair pin and made her hair loose. She was looking stunning in those long hairs. I removed my t-shirt. She came over me and started kissing me. Now she was opening up, which was surprising. She kissed my chest. I then removed my shorts and she removed my under wear. She touched my erect dick and stroked it. I asked her if she wants to suck it. She happily agreed and started sucking my dick. I was in moans and loving it. She seemed to be a master of sucking, to my surprise. She gave a nice blowjob for some time.

Now it was my turn. I removed her sari completely. I kissed her thighs and her navel. She was moaning and I could see wetness over her panty. Now I removed her panty and looked at her pussy. It had some hairs, but was very inviting for licking it. She guided me towards her love hole. I licked her pussy lips and her clit. She was moaning loudly now. I inserted my one finger into her hole. It was quite tight and I finger fucked her. She had her first orgasm and her juices flowed out. Now, we were desperate to fuck. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. It was difficult at first, but slowly with some small strokes, I was inside her. I fucked her in missionary position and rammed her pussy. She gave loud moans ahhh ahhh yeah ahh ohhh ohh. What a feeling it was! I continued to fuck her like there is no tomorrow. After some minutes, I ejaculated into her pussy. Both of us sweated a lot. It was a fuck of my life. She rested in my arms. I kissed her slowly and had some quiet time in each other’s hug.

I then requested her to have a bath together, to which she accepted. We went into the bathroom. Under the shower, we kissed passionately, cleaned each other. She gave a good blowjob again. I then wanted one more round. I started fucking her in doggy style under the shower. It was quite painful for her, but quite an enjoyable fuck. I fucked her hard and continued till I cummed into her again. Again we kissed and came out and dried ourselves.

We dressed and I could see a glow on her face. We had some great time with each other. I asked her to take contraceptive pills as we had unprotected sex. She hugged me again and I gave her kisses. This was my experience of amazing sex.

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