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Awww- Lovely Moments With My New Maid Devika

Hi everyone, my name is Supreeth, basically I am a 22 year old male from Chennai. I am 5.10” fair complexion having good personality built. This is my first real story that I am writing here. This is about how I got into a relationship with my maid Devika. Hope you all travel to an extent of realistic imagination. I am going to write about the aww-lovely moment that happened to me approximately a year ago at that time I was 21. This story is the first part of the story. Don’t forget to read the successive parts.
My family is a joint family of 3 families staying in a single house. So, we had a common maid to all families in my house. This maid was aged 45+ and she had been working in our house for over 17 years. I had a great respect for her and treated her as a part of our family. She has a daughter who recently got married. My maid decided to stop working in our house as she got old and it’s very difficult for her to work for three families and also it was no longer necessary for her to work as she got her daughter married and her responsibilities are completed. So we had to supersede another maid. We found a maid called Devika who was between 28 and 32. She accepted to work at our place for all 3 families. Let me tell about her, she was little dark and approximately 5.5”, little fat and her melons were embossed. The best alluring part of her was, she used to wear a nighty and veil herself.
She started working and Three months passed she was very dedicated and punctual at her work. It happened one day when I was sitting on a sofa and having breakfast and watching TV. My maid entered and told me that she wanted to wipe the floor, I told her to go ahead. She was wiping normally and when she had to wipe the floor under the sofa, she asked me politely to shift to another place where she had finished wiping. I told her that I would raise my legs and she can continue wiping and I continued watching TV. While her bended all over to reach the end of the floor beneath the sofa, wiping the floor her whale which she used to cover her cleavage fell on the floor. She did not mind to take it as she might have thought she could take while getting back to normal position. When she reared back to clean the floor beneath my legs, suddenly my eyes captured an image of her cleavage. She was extending her hands all over in places under the legs thinking that I was watching TV alone so she did not take her whale back. Without my knowledge I was gazing at her cleavage in which I could see deep down till a minute part of her lingerie was visible all that while. I regained my senses and pretended to watch TV when she moved away from me continuing wiping.
She looked at me for a moment, I pretended that I dint notice her and continued watching TV. You would believe it or not, I was not able to complete my breakfast as I was obsessed by that image which I have not seen before in my real life. And when I was about to close my eyes on bed before sleep, this image evoked in my mind. I was feeling so hot inside because of that. I controlled myself that night but I realized I had a night fall when I woke up the next morning. After that I got off the bed and directly went to washroom and started masturbating fantasizing Devika’s cleavage, believe guys, that image made my push my liquid out within a minute. Till then I had no bad intentions of Devika. After I came out I started wondering if a maid’s cleavage alone could create such an impact in me, the how it would be when I fondle with her. My mind became a devil’s workshop and always thought of seducing and fondle with her once at least. I was scared to make any move as it was a joint family and anyone is expected to interrupt any moment. I waited for a good opportunity to make my move. I used to stare at her whenever she passed by me. Days passed and literally my desire increased to touch her parts.
One day three of the families together arranged for a gathering to carry out some ritual. My other relatives from different places had arrived. My maid was told to work for longer time and help the ladies as there would be lots of work to do and also told her wear a saree as it was occasion. During the buffet of lunch, the ice cream which was to be served at last was stored in a refrigerator. My mother asked me to get those and told Devika to accompany me as there were many. Suddenly my evil mind started working meanwhile I felt little upset as cant ogle at her as she was wearing saree, so I made a plan to touch her. When we both went inside to get ice cream, we had to get inside the kitchen which had an opening where only one can enter. We went close by and Devika backed her as a symbol of telling me to go through that, but I told her to get in, when she moved front, I, intentionally moved myself front to dash her. I was successful; I touched her hip by doing so.
She was little shy and dint utter anything as she thought it was not intentional. I tittered turning my neck the other side of her. I opened the refrigerator door and told Devika to hold ice creams in her both hands as there were many. I piled 3 rows of ice creams on her hand by this her both hands were engaged and can only make slight movements. I told her to wait and I will arrange another row. She said ok. When I took the next ice cream from fridge, it was little bit frosted, so I blew air with little force, without my knowledge ice got dispersed and fell on Devika’s face and throat. She was feeling cold that.
Devika said something “can you wipe that for me because I can’t move my hands”. I was in moved for a moment, I thought whether did she really tell or I imagined like that. Mean while those small ice particles started melting and started to run down on her body. She called my name and told again “ can you please wipe it, this is making me uncomfortable”, then I realized that I am no more in imagination and replied her “ ya sure” and placed my hand first on the face and wiped those. I knew no person would enter the kitchen as there is nothing to be done here. Then I said “yes I did it, now is it okay?” she told it still remained in her neck near the throat, I was little hesitating to wipe to show that I was innocent. She told wipe it soon as the water is running down her body. I quickly wiped near the neck and started moving my hand downwards slowly.

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