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Farm Maid Fucked On River Side

Hi to everyone reading this story is how I had my sexual intercourse with farm maid. I am Rajkumar from Coimbatore, finished my graduation and working in MNC which is full of hot chick going around me. I like young girl’s boobs to suck like a mango and grab ass as football toward my penis. More than young girls I like mature women who have big boobs and ass. I am really mad about fucking mature women. Since from childhood I used to watch the boobs of them who comes to my house and masturbate think about them. I encourage ur valuable support for this story through my mail Mature ladies most welcomed.
Let me come to story. I am 6feet tall with medium cock size. During vacation I used to visit our field and have bath in river near our field. Like some farm maid working around the used to wash their cloth and there sexy hard body in the river. I used to watch the while bathing always had full view of their boobs (with jacket) while washing their cloth and partial flesh part of boobs while changing their dress on river side. This happen every time I went to river its mind blogging sex places. I always have desire to fuck one among them. Since compared to city girls these women have strong body to withstand force of man and their huge boobs and ass, their black skin is mind blowing.

Like this I went to take bath in the river in late evening so no one was there so I decided to have nude bath in the river and masturbating inside river. Suddenly I heard the foot step of someone coming toward me it’s our neighbor farm maid kamala age around 36, booby structure 38-36-38 such huge structure she has. On seeing I welcome her, while coming on way toward river she noticed my underwear in river side and had a simile and enquired about my health and i notice a year old boy in his waist, I asked her who was that, his replay was shocking that is son (at age 36).I smiled and congratulated her. To which she enquired why am I laughing I replayed nothing but she insisted me. Since she is a maid without fear I questioned “after 15 year birth of first and second child, you and ur husband enjoying sex life and giving birth to third child”. To which she replayed more than my husband cock my pundai is not satisfying. To answer I got instant hard inside water. And she tied this pavadai above the boobs and started washing her cloth. Within few minute her entire pavadai was wet and her coin in boobs is visible and my desire to fuck her mounted like a heaven.

Suddenly her child started to cry; she went there to breast feed the child. I was eager to see her boobs but she wouldn’t remove pavadai since it was tied at her back, but child was crying like anything. So she called to remove his knot, but I was nude and cloth was not in reachable point so I said please try to remove ur self. But she couldn’t. Again she request me, I replayed my situation. to which she replied nothing is going to happen if I see u nude…….,please……I went out of water nude with my solid cock dangling left and right. I sat near her and close view I can black boobs wow .i want to grab it and keep them in my mouth for whole night. She helloed at me to remove the knot. I removed the knot…, she slowing dragged his pavadai below his boobs I can see 37 size huge milk tank coated with black paint is dancing to the rhythms of child suck. I can’t take eye from his boobs. After few minute of relax of feeding baby she turned toward me and stared at my cock which is full erected and my eye catching his milk tank. She shout at me what u want, go. I didn’t react she again shout at me. I reply I want another side of boobs to suck milk. After that she helloed with all bad word in the world. I in the middle told her I will give to 50,000 for one night. She was shocked but she worth more than the amount.

I slowly grabbed her boobs and started massaging it like a stress release ball. Took the child and kept aside and made her nude and stared sucking her milk. One hand was pressing the boobs, mouth is sucking milk and another hand finger fucking her. Her hand was holding my cock up and down. This went for 25 minute. I slowly moved myself to vagina, it smells good, I started to lick it she was moaning…,oooooooooooo lick my pussy lick a dog……….,come on u mother fucker, u son of bitch………,haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Suddenly she took me to the top told me to fuck her immediately. She hold my cock and guide to heaven hole It was warm. Once my full cock entry her pussy. It was like my cock in warm temperature place…., she commanded u motherfucker drive hard ur cock in my pussy I not a weak women to get tired, fuck me hard u …..haha…, hearing I got sexy anger and moved my cock in and out, in rapid speed. She was moaning hhaaaahahahahahahaha…….,hmmmmhmmmmhmmm…, come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on drive hard ur cock come on come on haaaahah shhshsh ooooooo baby baby baby baby baby baby baby take me to the heave .After 15 minute of fuck both cummed inside. But she was tired, I am not. She told wait me for few minute but I dragged her in doggy styled and fucked her wildly and we cum. seeing her lovely ass I want to sleep on her ass as the pillow, this feeling was amazing. I kissed all over his ass. Her lovely boobs once again called me suck…., sucking continued for some time and we both departed with full satisfaction for me fuck and her money later.

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