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Fulfilled My Maid’s Sexual Needs

As I told u in previous story that our maid Radhika is very hot and her husband left her many years ago she lives alone with her daughter. Her ass is best part of her body; her boobs are also of perfect size, she always made me feel horny. Her age is about 34 but she looks like 26 with toned body and tight pussy which I came to know later.

I told u all about how I fucked her daughter in the previous part. On the name of study I spend a lot of time at her home with her daughter, I had sex several times with her daughter, and slowly I came to know that Radhika is really sex starved for many years.

Then whenever I got chance I started talking with her when she came to our flat for cooking food. As I have became little frank with her I thought it is a good chance to ignite her sexual desires, one day when she was cooking food I was talking with her standing beside her, I slightly touched her hand intentionally and she didn’t responded. Again I touched her hand but again she said nothing but I observed that her breathing has increased so I put my hand on hers and went behind her and hugged her from back. My cock was buried into her ass. She was feeling it by rubbing her ass against my cock.

Now she was breathing heavily I got an opportunity and I kissed her neck, slowly moved near her ear lobe. She turned off the gas. I rested my hand on her firm boobs pressed them softly first above her top she moaned in pleasure, she was not uttering anything as if saying that I m all yours do whatever u want.

At this time I could not control I lifted her a little in the air and took her to the wall and started kissing her like there is no tomorrow she was exploring my mouth with her tongue and so was I. My hands were holding her face. And hers started moving inside my shirt. She could not explore my chest properly so she tore off all the buttons of my shirt.

I was kissing her ears, neck which was making her nuts she already started moaning aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby it feels so good aaaaahhhhhhhhh.

In the same position I lifted her and bought her to the bed room and thrown her on the bed. I was wild and took her top off and started sucking her nipples first and pressed them continuously she started moaning again ooohhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhh ufff and then I kissed her on her lips. She started responding and we had a very long kiss and at the same time I was playing with her nipples and pressing them.

The lust and hunger in her eyes were driving me insane. I was enjoying every moment of it and was on cloud9. She started kissing me passionately starting from my lips then my neck then going down on my chiseled chest I was already rock hard and was waiting eagerly for her to get down. She released herself from the kiss and she was very horny and opened my pants and picked my pennies which became strong long back and was oozing out liquids. She held it in both of her hands and started playing with it. She sucked it so passionate. She was an excellent sucker she knew how and where to suck she used her tongue very well. I helped her remove my pants and in the mean while I pulled her salwar down and thrown it away. To my surprise she was not wearing a panty. She was totally nude and she was so fresh. She kept her private part was very clean with shaved pussy. I started to tease the pussy and she started to moan. She started to ooze juices and I started fingering her and she was moving her ass up and down in pleasure. She was playing with my tool. She became horny and was scratching my back with her nails. I did not care. I was making her hornier so that the play would be at the peak when it is start. The foreplay went on for 15mins and she begged me to fuck her.

I parted her thighs and fondle her pussy with my tool for some time. She held my tool with her hand inserted it into her pussy. I started to bang her to my full strength and my tool was deep going into her pussy. In the mean while I started to lip kiss her and she is responding to the kiss like anything. I was fucking at full time. I was in no mood to release juices soon. After a good fucking session we got exhausted and I released the semen outside on her body and it squirt up to her neck. It was so good and I wanted more. I was in no mood lqla

I was lying on my back and she sat beside me. She took dick in her hands and started massaging it. Her touch only made a sensation and my dick started rising. She said see how it is reacting. I brought her face towards me and started kissing her on lips and started fondling with her boobs. She started moaning and asked me to suck them. I was kissing her boobs and nipples one by one and her hands were stroking my dick. Then I kissed her on her navel and went down. We both were ready to fuck now. I positioned my dick over her pussy which was clean shaved. Juices were flowing out of her pussy and she was literally flooding. I started teasing her and she started pleading me to enter it.

Slowly I gave her a push and it entered inside her. Gosh! What a feeling it was; very hot and wet pussy. My dick entered very smoothly inside her and she moaned aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh and closed her eyes. Then I gave her first stroke and she opened her eyes and said give me a wild fuck. I am dying for it, fuck me hard. These words of her excited me and I started stroking her. We both were fucking each other like desperate people and yelling. After 15-20 stokes I lifted her legs and started pumping her pussy with my hard dick. She was moaning and shouting. Aaahhhhhhhh! Babyyyyyyy! Fuck me hard! Yeahhhhh! Tear away my pussy! Fast! Fast! Fast! I continued pumping my dick inside her pussy for about 15 minutes.

Then we both changed our positions and I started fucking her from back. Her pussy was so smooth and wet. My dick was sliding in with ease. I started stroking her from back. She was shaking her hips in response and was asking me to increase my speed. In between she was saying so many dirty words which were exciting me more. I continued fucking her in that manner for about ten more minutes and then she says I am about to cum. I was also Cumming and we increased our speed. Then finally, we had cummed with loads of juices into each other. That was one of the most satisfying sex experience I ever had. I lay on top of her and rested my head on her boobs.

Then we laid on each other for some time and asked her how she felt. She said that she wants more we again started fucking in other positions. This time she was on top. She was jumping like a bitch I pressed her boobs. Then we fucked in doggy position. This was my best moment. We cummed together and went to bathroom and got freshen up.

I was happy as I helped her to satisfy her physical needs, she thanked me.

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