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Fun Times With My Maid Anita

In 2008 I had just moved to Mumbai to begin work for a MNC after completing my MBA from one of the top colleges in India. I had a great job that paid a pretty good salary, and I was single and alone in Mumbai. The first month my company put me up in a five star hotel in a suburb of Mumbai, very close to my office. Simultaneously I had also started hunting for a good accommodation close enough to office. Some of my friends were sharing an apartment and I was torn between either moving in with them in their bachelor pad or choosing to rent my own place. Money was not really a concern, as I was young, earning good money and not many responsibilities. After some thought I decided to rent a well furnished 2bhk located a stone throw from my workplace. The rent was high but I was ok with it, and knew that I could always get somebody to share the place if I wanted to.

The next step was to get a maid to handle housework and cooking. My work hours were pretty normal, but I liked to go to office early in the day to get a head start for the day, leaving for office before 7 everyday and for that reason I was looking for somebody who could come in early in the morning to cook breakfast for me and tackle housework and perhaps come again in the evening to cook dinner. It took me a few weeks but eventually the security guard sent a lady to my house who was willing to work such hours. She was a live in maid with a middle aged couple living in my building during the weekday, and she would spend the weekend with her family who lived in a distant suburb of Mumbai. Her employers (the middle aged couple) had a son who was working in an IT company in the US. The maid’s name was Anita. She would come over to my place at 5:30 in the morning and start her work. I would be up at that time, do a bit of floor exercises and then get ready for work and leave for work by 7, by that time she would make breakfast for me. In the evening I would usually stay late, learning things at work and be back only by 8 pm. Anita would have come in at 6 PM and cooked dinner and left. Effectively I hardly got to see her, as on weekends she would leave for her home located in Virar.

Many months passed and my trust on the maid increased and I handed her the keys to my house instead of her collecting them from the security guard every evening. She would then let herself in every morning, wake me up and go about with her work. I was still very busy and hardly ever spoke to her or supervised her at the work she did. Fortunately she was enterprising and perhaps also because I always agreed to her demands for salary increases or time off from work, etc that she did a pretty good job – keeping the house clean, buying groceries, cooking food, doing the laundry, utensils, etc. I am sure there was pilferage and some small cash lying here and there would sometimes disappear but that was something that did not bother me.

One thing that was different for me from my MBA days was the fact that I was now single, having broken up with my girlfriend. She wanted to get married, I wanted to just chill out. I would often fondly remember my time with my girlfriend though, and the wild fucking we would enjoy in my hostel room or the quick hand jobs we would exchange in her PG meeting rooms or the back of taxis, etc. But in Mumbai, there was no “bedroom” action for me for over a year. Obviously young men like me need to relieve themselves. I was working some angle with a colleague of mine (married woman, but with an eye for young trainees I thought) but that was still in the naughtily flirting/texting stage. So over weekends it was often porn movies on my big screen television and me lying on the sofa with my dick in my hand, making myself come a few times. It was ok.

As I mentioned, Anita used to live with a middle aged couple in my building, Mr & Mrs Srinivasan. Mr. Srinivasan retired from his job and their son decided to call them over to the US to live with him for some time. This put Anita in a dilemma as her home was in Virar, which was a good 2 hour train travel away from where I lived and there was no way she could do that travel every day and still come at the time I wanted her to. Mrs Srinivasan asked me if I would be OK if Anita lived with me during the week, as Anita had worked for them for over a decade and they were worried about destroying her livelihood. I had a large home with an extra bedroom so it was not really a concern for me and I agreed to their suggestion of Anita living with me. One Sunday, she moved her luggage to my place, and we bid goodbye to the Srinivasans. And boy, things started to be different from that point onwards!

I would usually be horny in the evenings and look to get good shag, but since Anita was now hanging around the house, I couldn’t really watch any porn moves on the TV in the drawing room. So I would retire to my bedroom, often stream a dirty video on the laptop, put on my headphones, pull my shorts down, get on the bed and happily shag myself. Since Anita was now living at home, initially I was careful how I dressed around in the house but over a couple of months things started to get informal. Once, I came out of the bathroom after a shower wearing just my undies, not expecting Anita to be sweeping the floor in my room. She looked at me in that state, I was embarrassed but she was quite cool about it, and instead asked me what I wanted for breakfast. There was some barrier broken that day and after that she would often see me just in my undies, or I would often change trousers, etc in front of her. It became a done thing. One afternoon, it was I think 15th of August, I was at home and watching TV while Anita was just minding her business in the kitchen. I was changing channels, ended up on a lingerie fashion show on FTV, watched some sexy hot babes strut around in tiny lingerie and my dick just acted up, as if on cue. Since I didn’t really have anything else to do, I went to my bedroom, got on the bed, took off my shorts, put my hand in my undies and started shagging. And just as I was a building up a nice rhythm, Anita just walked into my room wanting to ask me if I needed tea or something. I was sprawled on the bed, one hand inside my undies fondling my dick, eyes closed. Anita came in, saw me in that state, giggled a little and just repeated her question.

I was a little embarrassed, covered myself with a bed sheet and told her no tea. She left the room, leaving the door open. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about what just happened, and somehow that just gave me a massive erection that needed instant tending. I just lay there and made myself come in my undies. I wore my shorts again and went back to the drawing room, to find Anita watching the same lingerie show on FTV. She looked at me, smiled and asked whether I need the tea now, stressing the word now. I was happy to see that she was cool about it and gladly took the tea she made for me. While I was sitting there sipping the tea Anita told me she is going to wash clothes and asked me if I had anything to be washed. I was in a happy state and didn’t want to be bothered with laundry so asked here to check in the laundry basket and wash whatever is dirty. She was silent for a few seconds, and then looked down, while smiling, and said that the undies I was wearing now would also be dirty after the work I had just done and offered to wash them too. I found her demeanour very naughty and told her to go into the bathroom and I will hand over my undies. I took off my shorts and undies, tied a towel around my waist and handed her my undies with my cum still on them. After half an hour she came out and commented that I had wetted my undies a lot and said this with a naughty smile.

Some more barriers were destroyed that day. After that, I would often shag in front of her in my undies, while she would be cleaning the house, etc while continuing to chit chat with her. She would always have that naughty smile on her face and would always wash my cum covered undies after I came. I would be majorly turned on by this and would make it a point to start shagging just before she started here cleaning activities every morning. I had moved the porn movies back to the drawing room TV and noticed that she would often watch them too, while I was watching and shagging. She had also become a little careless with her clothing, often not wearing a saree while cleaning – wearing just a blouse and petticoat. One day, I was in my bedroom, waiting for her to come in when she popped her head in and said that she was going to have a bath in my bathroom and wash clothes in that bathroom as the plumbing in the other bathroom was not working. I said OK, and started shagging with my hands in my shorts. She came into the room, and stood facing the bathroom door, with her back facing me on the bed and started to remove her saree. Once she removed her saree, to my pleasant surprise she unhooked her blouse to reveal a sexy black bra inside, untied her petticoat and raised to above here cleavage and tied it again and turned to face me. She was looking very hot, with her legs being revealed for the very first time ever. Anita looked at me, smiled and asked me if I was done as she needed the undies. I told her just wait for a couple of minutes, as I quickly made myself come. Once I had cum, she came near me and stood expectedly. Usually I would hand her my undies while she was in the bathroom, but this time she was standing right in front of me asking me for my cum drenched undies. I was shameless enough by now to take the next step, and quickly removed my undies and stood with my naked dick in front of her. She took my undies, ran her thumb in my cum on my jockeys, gave me a tissue and walked into the bathroom with a naughty smile. This was something new and I was almost instantaneously hard again.

I just walked into the drawing room in the same state and in a few minutes was again helping myself while watching a porno on the TV. A few minutes later, Anita suddenly came into the drawing room, to pick the dining table cloth for washing and gave a look of mock shock on noticing me in that state. She asked me, “again already?”

I told her, “I couldn’t resist, watching you in your bra!”

She said, oh is that all, you can watch me in that anytime. And saying so, she pulled the drawstring of her petticoat and it fell neatly on the floor leaving a black bra and panty clad Anita standing proudly in front of a naked me with my dick in my hand. She slowly walked to in front of the TV and stood there and said “Why do you keep on watching these stupid movies, they are nice once in a while but no match for the real thing”

Saying so, she started moving seductively to the background music of the porno playing on the TV, turned around and unhooked her bra, and seductively turned back to face me. Her dark nipples stood erect, her breasts were fleshy but firm and she was breathing heavily with sweat on her cleavage. I just lay on the sofa watching her. Continuing, she slipped out of her panties seductively to reveal a tiny bush glistening in something wet. She walked over to me knelt beside the sofa and licked my erect dick from bottom to the top and to bottom again. She looked into my eyes, and there was a look of extreme horny on her face, a look that conveyed the futility of any foreplay at that time. She came over me on the Sofa straddling my waist, took my dick in her hands and glided it into her wet expectant vagina and started gyrating, finding a surprising rhythm with the background score of the porno playing on the TV. Nobody was looking the TV. I was looking at her body, and she was looking at my eyes feasting on her naked flesh as she went up and down on my dick. It was a few minutes, before I shot my load into her. She had already cum a couple of minutes earlier. We lay on that sofa for some time, and then moved to the bedroom where she sucked my dick till it became erect again. I took her in the missionary position, ramming her pussy with a lot of vigor, and shot my load on her face.

This was just the beginning of some pretty fun times I had with Anita over the next year.

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