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Fun With Maid On Diwali

Hi everyone this is my first story, this is Neel working in a MNC in Hyderabad; recently I had shifted my house and I was looking for a maid who can do the daily chores. Luckily we have a couple in our apartment building who was working as a watch man and the lady was working as a maid in some flats in our apartment. So I decided to put her as a maid.

Her name is Rani and her age is of age 35 with nice stats 36-28-38. I used to work in night shifts and come home at 4AM in the morning and was sleeping till 12 PM and it is my routine. Maid used to come at 10:30AM and I used to open the door for her to carry on with her work and I used to sleep. This was going on for quite some time and on one day I feel that money is missing from my wallet. I got suspicious on Rani and made a plan to catch her red-handed.

I bought a spy cam and installed it in my bedroom in such a way that no one can see it and it can record what is happening in the room. Then the day came where I got the footage of Rani stealing the money from my wallet and the next day as usual Rani came in the morning at 10:30 to my room and I was awake. She wished me good morning and was cleaning the utensils in the kitchen.

I called her and she came running to my bedroom saying sir what do you want, I said are you in need of money then ask me directly don’t steal, then she was behaving as if she didn’t do anything and she was bluffing then I showed her the footage and she was shocked and she was pleading me not to tell anyone and she will give me the money back, she was holding my legs and pleading me then I got the chance to see her cleavage, she is not wearing bra and it was awesome. Then I told her; I’ll not tell anyone but on one condition you have to have sex with me.

Then she started pleading me and I said be ready for tomorrow morning and I went out and bought a thread which we used to dry clothes. Next day morning she came and she had no other option expect giving herself to me. Once she came in I locked the main door and hugged her from behind and started kissing her on her neck and she was not resisting. Then kissed he on her lips and was pressing her boobs and slowly she was getting aroused. Slowly we moved to bedroom and I made her lie on the bed. Then I took out the thread which I bought and tied her hands and legs to the bed so that she cannot move. Rani was worried and asked me what you are doing. I said I’ll not harm you keep quite.

Slowly I remove her sari and jacket and was playing with her boobs sucking them thoroughly and in between pinching her nipples and they were getting harder. By seeing those nipples my dick was raising and I was sucking her boobs for 20 min and then came down and loosened her petticoat and she was having a bush on her pussy. Then I went kitchen and brought some ice and was playing with that ice on her pussy and she was getting aroused to her peeks and asked me to fuck her. I was not in a hurry and kept on playing with her pussy and boobs and juices started flowing from Rani’s pussy.

I sat on her chest and boob fucked her for almost 20 min and then asked her to suck my dick, she was hesitating to do that and I asked her to suck and she had no other option and started sucking my dick. By the way my dick size is 7 and the thickness is 2 1/2 inches. Initially she was sucking the tip and not doing it properly then I got furious and slapped her left boob and it became red. Then I told her do it properly and I’ll be good with you she started crying and doing it with difficulty, then I loosed her hands and asked her to sit and start sucking then she was holding my dick and sucking it properly. I held her head and was fucking her mouth and giving her deep strokes this went on for 20 min and when I was about to cum I shot the load in her mouth and she was not expecting and she drank some and was about to spit the rest to which I asked to drink it and clean my dick. Rani did as I said. I gave her a lip kiss then and the taste was good.

Then I went down and started finger fucking her pussy. initially I put my index finger and was fucking her and then inserted 2 fingers and then gradually I inserted 4 fingers in her pussy and it was tight and she complained about pain and I slapped her not to utter a word as you are a slave of mine and have to do whatever I say and she kept quite. I Inserted my 4 finger and started fucking her with pace and her pussy is oozing the fluids then I kept the same hand in her mouth and she cleaned my hand. By this time my dick was rock solid and I went in between her legs and started to insert my dick in her pussy. As it was lubricated my dick went in with a single thrust and I was completely in her. I started fucking her slowly and she started using abusive language; with this I was getting aroused and increased my pace and I fucked her for 20 min and when I was about to cum I took out my dick and I cummed in her mouth and she drank all of it.

Rani though it is done and she asked me to loosen her legs then I did and I told her it is not yet done and I wanted to fuck your ass to which she said no I cannot do it now. By saying this she tried to pick her clothes and her ass was facing me and I slapped her ass cheek real tight and instantly it became red and Rani started crying. I kept on slapping her ass cheeks till they become red then I started fucking her pussy from behind and believe me that was awesome feeling. As I was fucking her from behind I started applying oil on her ass hole. By the time she was able to realize what is happening to her I inserted my left hand thumb finger into her ass hole. Immediately she asked me to remove the finger I didn’t listen to her and started finger fucking her ass.

I was giving her good thrusts from back and removed my dick from her pussy and inserted in her ass and she was crying to which I didn’t care and pushed it with full force and it went in and I started slowly. Initially it was tight and gradually Rani started enjoying and this time I fucked her for almost 30 min and busted my juice in her ass and collapsed on her and as we were tired we slept like that for almost 2 hours. Then I gave her 1000 bucks and whenever we get chance we used to fuck and it became our routine.

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