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Had Fun With My Servant

I also had secret sex with my teacher also. But it won’t a regular sex it’s only an occasional. But I liked my teacher very much. At this time her husband came so didn’t done sex with her.
For new readers I am introducing myself; my name is Moorthi. I’m studying engineering 1st year. I’m from Salem. I’m 5.7 height. My age is 18 now. Now I’m enjoying sex with my mum. But this story is about me and my maid, neighbor, aunt and my mum.
Let me introduce the story heroine. She is in her 30’s. She is very beautiful like a heroine. She is well maintained her body. Her best part is her hip. I had lot of intentions to fuck her pussy and ass but it won’t work it happened incidentally. So without wasting your time let me come to the story. Please read my previous story to absorb this story. In my second story I explained about me my mum and my neighbor aunt when I was doing sex with my mum and neighbor aunt, my maid caught. I enjoyed with my mum and neighbor aunt.
After that session neighbor aunt went to her house only me and my mum laid down on bed with tired laid down on bed with nude at the time our maid caught us.
When my mom dressed and went to near temple with my neighbor aunt. I slept well without dress.
At the time my maid came closer and started sucking my cock. I woke up. She was shocked to see me wake and I said don’t stop please do what you have done. She started sucking my cock. I was in heaven at the time. I removed her saree and she was in her blouse and petticoat. I went inside her petticoat without removing it. I smelled it is toxicated smell I like that smell most I smelt that earlier from my mum and neighbor aunt then I removed her blouse and petticoat she didn’t wear any panties she was only in her bra I sucked boobs without removing her bra all my saliva was in her bra. Then I removed her bra. I was stunned to see her boobs. Wow I think her size was 34 I licked it and started sucking them. She moaned out in pleasure. And then I went down to pussy it was not shaved. It had lot of hairs. So I asked her can I shave it. She said yes of course.
Then I took my shaving tool and started to shave. I like it. After finishing the shaving I started to suck her pussy wow I just want that more. Then I started to tease her because I likes teasing she said that don’t tease me please fuck me but I didn’t hear her word. I slowly rubbed her thigh I sucked her pussy in a slow manner. I started to insert my cock she screamed in pain. I started very slowly and then I increased my speed. While increasing my speed she shouted loud and then kissed her to slow down her voice. I done three jobs kissing squeezing her boobs and fucking her pussy. I fucked more than 10minutes and I turned her to fuck her ass I think it was virgin ass. I tried my best but I won’t work so I took some oil and applied oil to my cock and her ass hole. Then I slowly went inside she started to shout and I took my cock out and I turned her and kissed her lips and said don’t shout please enjoy the moment and then I inserted my cock to her ass it went half she shouted at first and then started to enjoy. After a minute I went inside. She started to moan. I fucked her ass for more than 5minutes. Then I had cummed inside her ass. I felt so tired of fucking her ass. So we lay on bed without dress.
After an hour we had another session and my mom and neighbor aunt came from temple and saw me and maid fucking. They also joined with us; three women and me. We started to enjoy. My mom want me so badly so I inserted my cock to my mum’s pussy and squeezed my aunt’s boobs and kissed my maid. Three women wanted me so badly. We changed position after fucking my mum I went to aunt. I started fucking my aunt my mum and maid started doing lesbian. I felt so tired. My neighbor aunt went to her house after one session because her husband came. Maid also went to her house after finishing her work; me and my mum done various positions. I liked the doggy position. My mum also had virgin ass I turned her without applying any oil. I went inside her ass; she shouted loudly I turned her head and kissed her lips to stop shouting. It went fully. I fucked her ass and turned her to fuck her pussy because I liked it most. I had cummed inside her pussy. Then we slept together naked while sleeping we hugged each other and French kissed.
After half an hour my cock started to go larger. I fucked all positions so I felt bored to fuck. So I wake up my mum and we went to bathroom to take shower. We went nude and water flowing on our body. I applied soap to my mum’s body and she applied soap to my body. We hugged each other. Friends I really like that shower sex with my mum. I pissed in her face. She said don’t play like this. Then she gave me a blowjob it was nice feeling to have a blowjob in the shower. I sucked her watered pussy I kissed all her body I can’t by words its nice feeling.
This incident is just happened a month ago. Now my neighbor aunt was shifted to another place. My maid also stopped coming to our house only me and my mom having sex. Our relationship started increasing.

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