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How I First Fucked Prema

We were just about to move into a new house. Prema had already been our maid for almost two years now and we’d all gotten used to having her around. She was a full-time maid and she used to sleep in a room near the kitchen. Prema is about six years older to me and at the time she was around 18-19 years old and very sexy especially to me. It was the age I had discovered porn and I was itching to see a real naked lady.

Prema was slim, not very dark, and always wore tight shirts and skirt. Her boobs had blossomed beautifully over the last year and I knew she would be the perfect candidate to fulfill my desire of seeing a real naked lady.

During my summer vacation, my mom and dad would go to work leaving Prema, me, and my sister at home. My sister was still a baby then and Prema used to take care of her. She’d put her to sleep and then get around to doing her house work. At the end of the first one week at home, I figured out her routine. After all her housework, she would go take bath to wash the sweat away. It was only by chance that I realized that I could see her bathing through a gap at the bottom of the bathroom door.

Everyday, she would take bath and everyday I would sneak up slowly to the door, lie down on the floor and watch her as she bathed. She would sit on the floor naked and pour water on herself. There were times she spread her legs to wash them or to wash her pussy and that’s when I saw a real pussy. I felt my cock grow and at the time, I didn’t know how to jerk off. My hardon would persist for at least ten minutes after she walked out of the bathroom fully clothed. Just so she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my shorts, I’d lie on my stomach and pretend to watch TV.

I had no idea what to do with my hard cock every time her body turned me on. One day, after nearly fifteen minutes after she finished bathing, I was still horny. She was in the kitchen arranging some cutlery into place and I decided to walk in and ask her for a glass of water. I didn’t care if she saw my bulge; I was more interested in seeing how she’d react. I knew considered me to be a kid and that she’d probably think it was cute or she would go the other extreme and shout at me. For some reason, I was completely sure she wouldn’t tell my mom or dad. She was 19. I couldn’t imagine her talking to my parents about me walking around horny at home. So, I knew she wouldn’t.

I walked in and asked her for a glass of water. She was busy with arranging plates and without glancing at me, she said, “Help yourself.” I walked next to her, reached up for a glass and filled water from the water purifier. I stood there drinking the glass slowly, facing in her direction just so she’d notice. She didn’t.

Disappointed, I finished my glass of water and reached up to keep it back on the shelf.

“Wait!” she said.

“What happened?”

“You put your mouth to the glass and now you’re going to put it back in the shelf without washing it? Your mom will kill me. Put it in this rack here, I’ll wash it.”

She did look at while saying this but she still hadn’t noticed it. Doubly disappointed, I walked towards her and reached over to her other side to place the glass. Just as I placed the glass in the rack, I felt something brush the head of my cock. I gasped and she did a moment later.

There was awkward silence and she looked down quickly to see what her hand had brushed against. She saw my cock’s bulge in all its glory as I stood in my shorts. I maintained a shocked expression on my face.

“S-sorry,” she said, and hurriedly wiped her hands on a towel. “I’ll go check on your sister.” and she walked out. I had no idea what she had thought of my “experiment”. She tried to avoid me for the rest of the day. But, I did notice her staring at my cock whenever she had the chance as though expecting it to increase in size suddenly.

Finally, the day came. My new house’s construction was done and my parents had to leave for the house warming ceremony very early in the morning. I had no idea of all of this. I’d slept peacefully the previous night and when I woke up, it was still dark. I had to pee and I glanced at my watch. It was 4:45 in the morning and it was dark all around.

We had one bathroom/toilet for the entire house and I had to walk past the kitchen into a narrow corridor that led to the bathroom. As I walked into the hall, I noticed that every light in my house was off except for the one in the corridor. I walked into my parents room expecting to see them but their beds were empty. Confused, I walked on towards the corridor and my jaw fell open.

Prema was walking towards the kitchen wiping her hair and … completely naked. She hadn’t noticed me but my surprised brain made me say, “P-prema?”

To this day, I’m glad she didn’t scream.

She gasped in surprise and tried to wrap the tiny towel around herself. I turned towards the kitchen and walked in to avoid causing her any more embarrassment. She was stuttering profusely but I had seen those tits and pussy and I was horny. It could be that I wanted to pee as well, but I was rock hard.

“Why are you awake?? It’s only 430 or something!” she said. She had managed to wrap the towel around her and she walked into the kitchen. My back still facing her. I wasn’t sure what to expect if she saw my hard on.

“I woke up to pee..” I said. “Where’s everyone?”

“They’ve gone for the house warming ceremony! I’m sorry, Chirag! I didn’t … Oh god -… Can you just turn around? I’m not naked any more.”

I was still shocked but I turned around anyway and she stopped walking towards me when she saw the bulge my dick was making in my shorts. She laughed nervously.

“What is that?” she said.

“I.. dunno. It’s the first time it’s happening.” I lied.

“The first time? Really?”

“Yeah! What do you mean ‘really’? I would know if it’s happened before! Why were you walking naked??”

“Your parents had left and I’d forgotten my soap in my room. And I thought you’d be asleep!”

I rolled my eyes. I really wanted to see her tits. I knew I’d lose it if I touched them. During this thought process, I kept staring at her tits and she noticed.

“What are you looking at?” she said. Her sense of panic was fading away fast and I noticed she was starting to figure out a solution to her problem.

“Um, nothing,” I lied, looking away.

“Do you know what that is?” she said, pointing to my erect penis.

“No,” I said.

“Why do you keep staring at me like that?”

“I … I haven’t seen a girl naked. Well, before two minutes ago.”

She laughed. “Have you seen enough?” Her tone was different. She wanted me to say no.

“Um …”

She walked closer to me and said, “If you want to see, let me see your cock. I want to see why it’s become that big.”

“You-you don’t know why?”

“How would I know? Does it look like I have one?”

“I wouldn’t know. Well, it didn’t look like it when I saw you … a moment ago.”

She laughed again and all signs of nervousness were gone. “I don’t have one. But, I’ve never seen one before. Except in pictures. So, you want to see and so do I.”

“But, what if someone -…”

“No one will come now. We’re alone. And this will be our secret. Promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

“Now, let’s see what the problem is.”

She slipped her fingers into the elastic of my shorts and pulled it down slowly over my hard cock. She took it off me completely and stared at my blue – now stretched – underwear. She slipped her fingers into the elastic of my underwear and my dick moved with excitement.

“Relax,” she smiled. She pulled it off and waves of pleasure hit me as her fingers brushed against my naked cock. She tried to pull off my t-shirt but I stopped her.

“Your turn,” I said. She smiled, straightened up, and dropped her towel at her feet. She was in her underwear and bra. My dick shook again in excitement.

“Does it hurt?” she said.

“No, but.. I feel strange there.”

She leaned forward and grasped my cock. I felt my foreskin pull back a little. I could see into her bra since she was bent over.

“Does that feel better?” she asked.

“Yes …”

“Oh, looks like your skin is moving.” My foreskin pulled back and I moaned out in pain. It was the first time my foreskin had pulled back.

“Did that hurt?”

“Yeah … now not so much.”

She took off my t-shirt and I was now naked in front of her. I reached forward and grabbed the elastic of her underwear. She didn’t resist. I pulled it down slowly and saw a trimmed pussy stare at my face. I pushed it down to her ankles and she stepped out of it. My hands shook as I reached out to touch her pussy. Her hair tickled my fingers and her pussy felt soft. She closed her eyes and pulled me closer. Even though she was older, I was her height and she put arms around my neck. My hand slipped under her pussy in between her legs and I felt it wet. I pulled my fingers back quickly.

She laughed. “Don’t worry. That’s not pee. That’s how it is for all girls when they’re in the mood. For you guys, your dicks becomes hard and big. For us, we become wet.”

Reassured, I put my hand on her pussy and my fingers were immediately drenched in her pussy juices. I could found her clit (from what I knew from the porn I’d watched) and rubbed it. She pulled my closer and her boobs pressed into my chest. I reached up behind her with my other hand and tried to undo her bra strap. I struggled for a while and managed to take it off. Her bra fell to the ground noiselessly and her nipples brushed against my bare chest.

My dick poked into her thigh as I continued to play with her clit. She opened her eyes, and said, “Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

“Um, not on the lips,” I lied.

“Kiss me now.”

“Um, are you sure-…”

Without waiting for an answer, she reached down with her hand and grabbed my cock. She stroked it twice and pressed my lips into hers. I stayed that way for a moment and she opened her mouth a little. I kissed one of her lips while she played with my upper lip. Before I knew it, we were kissing like how they did in the movies. Our tongues played and she continued to stroke my dick each time I sucked on her lip. I began to finger her clit faster and I went deeper and suddenly realized I’d reached the opening of her pussy. Without thinking, I pushed my finger in her.

She gasped and and arched her back backwards while spreading her legs more to ensure I had more access. I fingered her like I’d seen in porn videos and she was now moaning into my ear. She was stroking on my cock fast and I felt something huge coming up just below my stomach. It felt amazing.

She suddenly drew away from me, grabbed my cock and pulled me to the hall. We had a sofa and she lay down on it. I stood next to her uncertainly. She held my cock again and pulled me to her face level. Without another word, she swallowed the head of my cock into her mouth and gave me first blowjob.

I moaned out loud and she stopped to shush me.

“That felt so good! I felt like … something was going to come out of me.” I said.

“That’s not good. I don’t want you to finish right now,” she said. “Come, lie down on top of me.”

“Are you sure?”

“You’ll like it.”

I got on top of her and she spread her legs. My dick brushed against her slightly hairy wet pussy and I began kissing her neck and shoulders. She grabbed my ass and pulled it closer to her waist. I felt my cock slide towards her pussy. She did it again and now the head of my dick was about to enter her pussy. It felt insane and I didn’t wait for her to pull my ass again. I thrusted forward with my dick and I felt her wet pussy engulf almost half my cock.

She moaned out loud and gripped my shoulders tightly.

“Wow … That feels amazing..”

“Don’t stop, Chirag.”

I thrusted again and my cock went in deeper. I was almost completely in and she moved her pussy towards my cock as if wanting more. I pushed harder and my dick was completely in her. I moved back out and back in again. This made me realize why people move to have sex. She grabbed my hair as I moved faster and I the sound my waist hitting her ass echoed off the walls of the hall.

I felt the same feeling just below my stomach and this time I knew wouldn’t be able to stop. I moaned louder and Prema realized I was about to cum. She pushed me out at the last moment and I burst all over her body. I felt bombed. This was my first orgasm and I had an amazing fuck session. I came a lot and Prema fingered herself to her orgasm as I came all over her.

That was how I lost my virginity.

Prema and I had sex a few more times before we moved to the new house. We had to change our maid after we moved because Prema couldn’t adjust to the new place. But, I know now that sex with Prema was never meant to be a one time affair.

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