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How I Lost My Virginity

This happened when i was 20 and i had just started my CA course after college.As part of the CA course i had to work full time in a CA office for 3 years. My office used to start at 10.30

My dad and mom used to leave for work at 7.30 and my sis used to leave for her college at 7.

So basically i was alone at home from 7.30 till 10.15 (My office was close by it took just 15 mins)

Our maid used to come to work at around 7 am. She is 32 yrs old and has 2 kids.She has dusky complexion and due to long hours of physical household works she had maintained a slim body.

She had been working with us for nearly 5 yrs now. I never really fantasized about her till recently.

Being a 20 yr old i was too found of porn and masturbated almost every day.

It was during those days i used to notice her and her body. She used to always come in saree and it enhanced her figure. She had a nice flat tummy and also nice boobs.She had a figure of 34-30-32 (which i measured when we got to know each other too well).She never used to wear bra and her blouse held her boobs well.

I used to think of her and masturbate a lot. I wanted to do her so badly. But i didnt know how. I didnt want to make any sudden moves on her as she had been with us for nearly 5 yrs now and was very good person.

From what i knew about her she was a good person. I didnt know how she would react in the aspects of sex etc. I wanted to check and i got an idea. So when she used to come to our house in the morning first thing she did was to clean all rooms in the house. And she started with my room which was in the upstairs

So when she came to my room to clean i pretended to be asleep, with my sheets partly covering me and my dick partly out of my shorts. i positioned myself in such a way that when she is cleaning the room she can see my dick partly out of my shorts.

So she came in and started cleaning the room and i was pretending to sleep. I opened my eyes very slight to see if she had any sort of reaction.And i saw that she was looking at my dick and since it was just partly out she was try to see it and then moved on. This kept on happening for few days. And daily she used to look at my partially out dick.

I decided to expose my dick more and ensured that my dick was fully visible. The very thought of she looking at my dick used to make me hard. So by the time she used to come into my room my dick was already hard up. This time she had a full clear view of my dick and i noticed that she came close again and again to have a look at it. So i kept on it, so few days passed by and every days she used to see my hard dick and i noticed she used to have a light smile on her face whenever she say. This gave me more confidence, but not confident enough to make a move on her. I wanted to expose more of myself to her so i started thinking what i could do next.

This time when i was pretending to sleep i didnt wear any shorts or underwear. And didnt cover my dick with bed sheet…but just put my hand around my dick as if holding.

I was very nervous, i didnt know how she would react but i had to take my chance. She came in as usual, i kept my eyes slightly open to see. As soon as she came in she could not miss seeing my exposed dick, she just stood there for few seconds staring at it and then started cleaning the room and time and again she was looking at my dick. I was kind of happy

I continued to do this for few days. And also at the same time i saw few changes in her. She on her own used to ask me if i needed tea or serve breakfast. i obliged accordingly.

This gave me more confidence and i wanted to do something more…

After cleaning the rooms and washing utensils she used to wash cloths and come upstairs to put them for dry. And my room was in a such a position that if i left the door of my room open one could see into my room from the balcony of the hall upstairs.

So when she used to come upstairs for drying the clothes i had my computer on and watching porn and masturbating. if she saw me from balcony she could see that i was holding my dick and shagging.I was very nervous and excited at the same time. She came upstairs and went to balcony to dry the clothes and i noticed her looking in my direction and i am sure she noticed me shagging. She took her time in drying the clothes and went downstairs. Before she left i used to come down to close the doors. She gave a very big smile and i smiled back and she left.

This routine continued for few weeks. And she didnt make any move from her side, but she continued to see me in bed with my fully exposed dick and later shagging.

Then one day when she was in my room cleaning and as usual my dick was fully hard and exposed and she was looking at it and at this time i stopped pretending to sleep and looked straight at her. At first she didnt realise that i was looking at her and when she realised she had this big shy smile and left the room. And as usual i waited for her to come upstairs to dry the clothes and i started to shag. She time and again looked at my direction.

Again this went on for few days. When she used to come to my room i used to keep my eyes closed so that she didnt feel that shy. But before she left room i used to look at her and she back at me.

It had already been few months now. i had gained more confidence now. So this time i decided to change a routine a bit.

As usual she came for clean saw my dick and left and later came to dry the clothes upstairs, but this time i remained in my bed and of course with my dick in my hand. I hoped she would come inside as she didnt see me at my computer. I was sitting on my bed and masturbating. And for my luck she came inside to check on me as i was not at my computer (my plan worked) and this time she had full view of me shagging my dick. I was doing it slowly. My dick was wet and hard. She just stood there and looked at my situation.. and i took courage and asked her to come inside. She was silent for few mins and i was just looking at her and continued to shag and she was looking at the whole thing. The whole situation made me even more horny and i was doing it faster now and finally i came in my hand and it was kind of out of the world. And she had a big smile.

She didnt say anything and left and this went on for few days. And one day while i was doing she was sitting and watching me and she asked me why i do it daily.

For a moment i didnt know what to say. Then i said i dont get to have sex in real and i am kind of desperate and do it daily and also told her that i do it few times a day.Then she asked me what i see on computer, i took this as my opportunity and showed her porn on net. She was bit shocked at first and then i showed her few erotic movie clips.

While she was seeing it i asked her if she has sex regularly. She said 2 to 3 times a week. And i asked her if her hubby does all that what she is seeing in the movie. Basically i asked her if he licks her etc. She said no and was shy. I started masturbating again and i came hard and some of it few over to her hand as she was sitting next to me.

Next day the same thing and we were watching porn and me masturbating and i was really horny and i took courage and took her hand put it on my dick… she didnt resist and asked her to do it for me. She did it gently and it was first time someone was holding my dick and it was too much to control and i came in her hand. We cleaned.

Next day after my parents left i went down stairs and she was in kitchen and hugged her from behind, she was shy. I took her upstairs and asked her to shag me and while she was doing it i asked her if i could feel her. she was totally shy and i took it as yes and move my hand under her saree pallu and felt her boobs. it felt just great.

i kissed her…. played with her breast , kissed her all over. lifted her saree and fingered her pussy. She was very shy at the same time fully wet, i fingered her and she was holding my dick. we were sitting side by side. it was intense, i came, but i continued to finger her and she had an orgasm in some time.

We both went to bathroom and cleaned. i cleaned my dick and i helped her wash her pussy.I was still high on the situation and i took her back to room asked her if i could lick her… she didnt say anything, just lifted her saree and removed her wet panties and gave her a lick, i licked her till she had another orgasm. by that time my dick was hard again and i asked her if she could suck. By this time she had seen enough porn to know how to suck and she sucked and i came in her mouth and she spit.

After that i asked her how she felt and she said it was good and it was totally different as she was never licked by her hubby. I ask her what her what her hubby does and she said he just comes on top and does and cums. I asked if he uses condoms and she said no as she was taking pills. This made me happy.

Next few days we did the same daily it was just oral. and i got to suck her boobs as well. They were beautiful.

As usual we were having oral we were deep in the moment and for the first time we were naked fully. And at one point of time she was under me and my dick on top of her pussy. i just rubbed around. i didnt want to mess what i had so i asked if i could go inside…she just smiled.

We kissed a lot and i kissed her all over and licked her pussy. i felt she was about to get an orgasm and i stopped licking and i came up and kissed her on her lips and slowly pushed my dick in. it was just heaven. i wanted to enjoy the moment and i pressed it deep in and held it there for some time and then started going in and out slowly.It was my first time and i couldnt hold longer. i did her hard and fast and i came inside her.

It was amazing. We did two more times that day. i felt as if i was dreaming.She too enjoyed it. During the other two times we tried different positions.

Next 3 days i took off and had sex with her many times.Since then i have been having sex her regularly.

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