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Journey Of Sex Life With Hot Maid

bat undino ki hai jab mai chota tha mere yahan ek maid aur uski beti (Reshma) size 38-28-36 kaam krte the unke family se hamara achcha relation tha us waqt mujhe sex boobs etc kisi ki knowledge nhi thi. k din mai ghr p tha nd parents school ghr p sirf mai meri maid aur uski maa they maine unhe nehlane ko kha so they removed my clothes and theirs too jb maine unki body ko dekha tu mujhe ajeeb laga. Maine unse pucha aapke paass ye do bade bade h but mere pass nhi to uski beti ne hans kar kaha tymhre jo neeche h wo hame pass nhi tb maine kaha okk and they made me bath. One day when no one was there she told me she want something from me. I said sure and she said I will enjoy it then she removed her clothes and was in just bra and panty; she made me sit beside her and took my hand and put it inside her pussy and started fingering. I was innocent and nervous but she was not then she slid her bra and made me press her boobs they were very soft I liked that part. I don’t know what happened to me.
I started suck them it was just awesome as done this she threw me away and put on his clothes and told to her mother when she came she said something in her ears and she became happy. After this she told me not to tell this to anyone else; we will die. After that it was our routine daily when I came from school or when we 2 were there we start our play I used to kiss her suck her boobs press them, lick her pussy and all types of nasty things except sex. We used to bath together and I used to suck the water on her boobs and lick them. We both enjoy these happy timings I can’t explain. One day we forgot to close the door and were busy in our play it was then and her sister entered and saw us shouted we were frightened and called her mother her mother came and close the door and listened she then with a naughty smile said why don’t u also join them me and Reshma were in utter shock her mother told better be careful next time and close the door. As soon as her mother went Reshma went to close the door and her sis Salma pounced on me like a cat she removed her clothes and was in bra and panty I too got excited and started to kiss her and fondle her boobs and enjoy her body (36-28-34) then Reshma came and pounced on me.
I was between two sexy ladies they both were enjoying my body and me too time passed and I was 18 and they were 21 and 22. I made a plan to fuck them, one day my parents were in school, I was at home getting bored just then the gate knocked and I saw my ladies wearing full transparent suit. I could see their black bra and panty. I was aroused by that I told them to work and went in my room and made a plan. I stared a hot porn movie and make my dick hard stand pretended to sleep as soon as they entered my room. They were shocked with the scene but after some time they also started enjoying and were getting aroused thinking I m sleeping they slide my lower and started to suck my cock. I went to kitchen caught them from behind started to kiss on side neck they was shocked but I held them tight and kissed them madly took them to bed and threw them and said sorry and said it as m plan and I love them they became excited but I said slowly I started to kiss them madly on her lips neck boobs etc I removed all my clothes. Then I tore their kameez and threw away and started to kiss their lips neck boobs; then threw their lower and they were in just bra and panty.
While kissing removed their panty with my teeth and started to lick their pussy they caught my head and stuck it in there. After that I made them lie on their stomach and started to kiss all over her back and unclasped the bra and threw it and started to kiss their boobs lips neck and whole body. They were moaning aah hmm mm yeah and were shivering. I put on a condom and slowly guided it to her pussy; it was tight and they were virgin. I slowly and steadily started to fuck she was enjoying the part after sometimes I cum and was exhausted over their body and was kissing her madly. After that I was again aroused and took her to bathroom and put the shower on and again started to kiss them this time the made me stand started to suck my balls and cock I was in seventh heaven two hot girls enjoying me. After some time I cum on their body and they drank it all then we came back to our room and put on the ac they hugged me tightly. I again started a session started to lick them kiss their lips boobs whole back they were enjoying and were moaning ah hmm yeah I was with two hot chicks enjoying. I gain started to kiss them lick them and once again we fucked we daily used to do our session sometimes with only one and sometimes both the chicks.

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