All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Maid For Each Other In The City Of Destiny

Hello everyone. I am Sunny (name changed) and i currently live in Delhi. This whole episode happened when i was a young teenager aged 18. Since my dad has a transferrable job, we keep shifting every 3 years. It so happened we had to move to Vishakhapatnam and my dad was posted in a township 20 outside the city so we moved into a good house and were looking for a maid and found one called Paaru. She was 18 when she joined. About her, she had a really good figure, i believe she was 34-28-36. And she had a very cute and childish face and was a little dark in complexion. So as i had completed my board exams (class 12) i had nothing to do as i already got admitted in some engg col so i had nothing to do. Everyday i wake up eat, move around and then sleep then wake up meet my mates and back that’s all i used to do. So one day i was coming back after spending time with my mates and saw Paaru talking to a shopkeeper near our colony. It was a stationary shop. I was curious so i went to buy a notebook and i heard them talking about something about Paaru’s mum. I was suspicious about them so i thought of digging into this as i was jobless then. So one day i went to the shop and befriended him was talking about his life etc.. So when i felt he was comfortable with me i asked him about Paaru and her mum. He said Paaru’s mum was a bitch she used bring men and exchanged money from sex drugs etc. I was shocked then i asked abt Paaru he said she is not into those kind of activities and was seeking his advice to stop her from doing all this. I thought ok this is the time i shud approach her and help her with no bad intentions. So next day my mum told she wanted to clean the sofa set, TV etc. as they wer dirty. Now our sofa has cushions fixed to the frame so we cannot remove them but they had significant gaps where things like pen, pencil, coins cud easily fall into. So we had to remove them as well. I was helping her do that because that was the only thing i cud do. Then came Paaru and she helped me doing that as well.

Now when she bent down to put her hand into the gaps, her chudidar top was loose so i cud see two breasts in front of me. I was shocked and was getting hard. She had a bra black one and i think it was smaller for her size. It looked awesome so i excused myself and went to the washroom for a wank and came back. She had a peculiar smile on her face. I was not sure wat was in her mind but my mum and she continued their work i was moving around them to catch her boobs once again. So it was a Sunday in month of May. My muma nd dad had gone to meet my family friends and i didn’t join them because i was not interested. After they left i woke up removed all my clothes and wore only a shorts, so that i cud jack off easily. As it was Sunday Paaru was not supposed to come so i was having full freedom to do whatever i wanted to. So switched on the system and started an ebony porno and started to want slowly. When i was getting to my peak i heard a knock, it was Paaru i was not expecting her so i closed the page and went to open the door after wearing my tees. She came in asked for mum and went to wash the utensils in our backyard. I was desperate for a cum so i went inside the bathroom and started to shag but was not happy so when i came out i was shocked, Paaru was standing there near the door i asked her why she said she knows what i was doing i thought ok let’s not waste my cum let use make her use it so i asked her can u help. She said she can but she had to take a bath. I said i like it when the girl doesn’t take bath so i grabbed her kissed her lips, forehead neck and boobs. Then i kissed her armpit and i must say it was a really hot smell and was hottt. Then i kissed her stomach licked her navel after lifting her top and then bit her there leaving a love bite. Then i removed her pants and kissed her thighs back of her knees ankles and came back to her pussy which had short hair and was hiding behind a white panty. I kissed her pussy and turned her around left my love bit on her right bum and i kissed her back came up kissed her ears and gently stroked her ears with my tongue. Then i mushed my hard dick on to her as and was kissing her neck and lips continuously….. Then i turned her around and licked her cleavage which was visible with her top on. Then i looked her in the eyes and had a lip lock for about a couple of mins. Then i opened her top and was mesmerized by wat i cud see. It was a white cotton bra with a few designs and two apple sized boobs which were firm and nipples protruding through the material. As soon as we hugged each other i cud smell her it felt so heavenly and so warm to be in her hands i felt like i was in heaven.. After another round of lip lock we moved to the bed and i went on top of her and was licking her kissing her etc. Then i lifted her hands gave a few licks there under her arms and then saw her eyes. I cud see pure lust in them like that we kept staring at each other for a cpl of mins to be continued……………….

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