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Me And Maid A Relation

This is Jitesh 38 year of age, people say, luck turn each human to its own destiny. I was a straight forward, less talkative and cheerful man, I struggled a lot in my life, after lot of struggles, I somehow settled with a state govt job, in Tax Department as Assistant Commercial Tax Officer. Slowly Married happily blessed with a beautiful wife, and then with a son. But suddenly some dark shade came in my life, after 9 years of married life, lost my wife, when she was about to deliver our second baby, during surgery, her blood pressure went high where I lost both new born baby and my wife. It has been a great storm in my life, to manage myself in absence of my departed wife. Miss her all the movements, her quarrels with me, her love, her food, her care for me. Life is very long, have to live a life at least for my son Rahul who was 8 year old; he missed his mom a lot. Especially during the festivals season and his school Tiffin hour, he express me when his friends use to bring good food prepared by their mothers.

We crossed 1 and 1/2 year like this became friendly, because we 2 are for each other know. I dropped him to school by my car daily, and then bring him back during afternoon by my official driver. I kept a helper, who was also studying. Both my son and he were like brothers, but the helper name Kadam was in his 12th standard who were about to leave my home as he is selected for defense job. Kadam was with us since Rahul was 2 month and we (me and my wife) treated Kadam as our own family member. Though his Parents never asked me for money neither Kadam did. They just want Kadam to stay with us, study and help all house hold works except watching cloths, which done by a bi-weekly contracted man, in lieu I take care, grew him, took the responsibility of his study gives him pocket money. As a good athlete just after completing his 12th standard he got the job.

After that me and specially Rahul began to feel more lonely as his another good companion left and I got my promotion with transfer to another place was ordered. Some of my relative and my late wife’s relatives suggest me for second marriage, as it would sort out the problems of me and my son. But, after going through lot of example and story in my past life of others, I confirmed not to marry. If I would marry, beside all the household needs I may fill up the gap of my physical satisfaction but, Rahul won’t get the genuine treatment and care of his real mother, in spite he may be hurt too much. So I left the Idea of 2nd marriage. But I came to a conclusion of sending Rahul to boarding school. Within a week I somehow convince Rahul and admitted him at a good Boarding school. After leaving Rahul there, I joined at my new place and got a official accommodation (2BHK). I began to feel severe loneliness, I take my regular food in hotel and ordered packed food and take a little alcoholic beverage for good sleep, sometime ask my office cleaner to clean my home and so on, gradually Stomach problems began in me within 1 month of leaving Rahul at Boarding school. It started seriously and I had been admitted to hospital by my subordinate officer and staff, after releasing from Hospital in 4 days.

One of my subordinate officers bought a maid, through his house maid. On his reference as per my need, she started coming to my home, she stayed at my home for whole day, and left her home after preparing my dinner at evening, which became almost cold when I start my dinner. It passed so on, after 5 days of her regular work at my home, I asked about her brief introduction, she said her name was Surabhi, husband works at a factory and reside on campus, visit to her once a week, with no child after 7 years of her marriage, I learned that her age was around 28 years, and she studied up to her 10th class. And she can study English, Hindi and her local language Bangla easily. She comes from 4 km away to work at my place. In this 5 day I observed her; she cooks good (satisfactory) food, clean good and even somehow manages to remain tidy. She began to be good with me, coordinate house hold work with me, and start talking this and that, bad and good day by day. She give me the list to buy the regular grocery and house hold goods, which I brought on my way back from Office. I ask her to make the dinner bit late, since it became cold at the time when I start my dinner. She said me that it would be her transportation problem if she stay bit late in my place. Then I ask for her if I drop her then? She somehow agrees but, have to discuss with her sister with whom she stay. So, next day she came and knock the door when I was sleeping, wake me up. I opened the door she gave me a Prassad I ask her “what is it for?” she said “I go to temple on Saturday so it’s Prassad”. She also informed me that her elder sister allowed to her proposal. And then went to kitchen to prepare breakfast. While taking breakfast I ask her why she doesn’t bring some other cloths to change and work. She said she don’t have lot of cloths. I ask shall “I bring”, she said “no need” I said “I will gift you” she somehow agreed. She ask me “don’t you go to office today” I said “no, its holiday, as it is 4th Saturday”.

After taking breakfast, she started to clean the house, and I watching news on TV. Suddenly I get ready to go out. She asks me where I am going. I reply some work which I remembered just now. I went out in my car went to a cloth store, brought 1 cheap and 1 little costly saree for her, and 2 free size nightie (as I am not aware of her size) 1 red and 1 pink nightie for her, and after 1 hour, I came back to home, it is a hot summer, I was not feeling appetite for food, I change my dress to lungi, and ask her whether she bath. She replied, bathed morning and will bath on a while as it is summer. I ask her to bring the things that are in back seat of my car, which she went and gave me, I said “it’s for you, it’s your cloth”. She began to smile and thanked me. I ask her, for change and show me how she looks in her new dress. She went to other room changed and show me one by one, and I start praising her on her beauty on both the saree and in her nightie, she made me remember my wife. Where I start missing her, frank to say, the inner lust started in me for her, while I was praising her beauty. I also ask her she could change her cloths to nightie while she works in my home. She agreed to me, and she was on her red nightie that day, while I was having my lunch and she serving me, I could noticed that she was not wearing any petticoat under her nightie, as the nightie was loose and airy, which her back visible to me, I ask her ” I always have my food alone, will you please accompany me ” at 1st she was not ready, may be fearing of what I am saying, but I later on convinced her. From that day Surabhi and I had our food together when there is no one except us.

After having the lunch, I was watching TV lying on bed, and felt asleep, I woke up, she make tea, and gave me, as it’s becoming evening, I ask her for grocery, she gave a long list, in which I said, u get ready with me. She slowly agreed and wore one of those new saree, with unmatched blouse; I understood the matter of blouse. After buying all groceries, I take her to ladies tailor, she ordered her matching blouse, where I learned that her boobs size around 36″, I became very interested on her imagining to grab them, but later I controlled and make myself alert, if she don’t agree, I will never sexually force her. I also ask her if she need other cloths she, understood, with a shy smile, she replied, she need that, I ask her to take them, we went to shop where she was shy to choose it in front of me, later I choose for her 1 pair of normal black bra and panty, a petticoat, a white bra, with grey panty where I learned that her waist was nearly 32″. We went to a fast food and have some food there, went back to home. Surabhi start preparing dinner, she was in hurry as she has to go home back, and I took some 2 pegs of whiskey, she completed her job we had dinner together and I left her to home by 9pm where I saw her home too, they stay in a rent there.

I came to home, and I was feeling my physical needs, thinking about her I slept. Next morning she came bit late around 9 am but I was still sleeping as it is Sunday, I was in my lungi, she change herself in her nightie and start her work, where I notice that she was not wearing any petticoat even today also, I became lustrous and start talking to her and watching TV. With a regularly communication with her we became friendly with each other she began to share her troubles and happiness of her and me too. One morning, I gifted a low model mobile phone, she became very happy, she said she, was thinking to buy 1 in her next salary. While she was serving food, I was viewing her waist area, my manhood waking up, I asked her she should have a child, she said, ” I need but my husband was not able” I said OK and while serving me breakfast I lost my control, in a playful manner I kept my hand in her butt, she didn’t mind that, and I asked her why don’t she wore anything under her nightie, she replied “it’s too hot so ” in a playful manner; she added “you are so naughty”. I said pinching her in waist, “my eye catches it so”. Pinching in my nose she replied “Is it a reason?”, Next pinching her navel area, suddenly as she moved a bit my hand reached below her navel in a bushy area, I guessed it was her pubic hair, she felt shy and ran to the kitchen. I ran following her to kitchen, and caught her in shoulder from back side, I said “I am sorry Surabhi” she said “no it’s OK”.

Getting the signal, Slowly I moved my hand to her stomach area and then moving my hand around her navel, she take a deep breath, I touched her boobs where she was wearing a bra, foundling the boobs slowly, she responding with a moan and I was drilling my grown up cock on her butt. I was kissing her ear lobes and neck. She began moaning more and more. She said “I am unable to control myself”. I respond her by moving my hands to her V area. I pull her up, and take her to my bed, where I pulled her nightie and bra, made her completed nude. She covering her boobs with her one hand and her pussy by other, she moaned and said ” ooooooooohhh sir, Please don’t do I am becoming mad”. I went to her pussy area, covering with deep pubic hair and I arose up with the smell of her pussy. I rubbed her pussy, her pussy lips were pink and smooth, unable to control myself, I insert my tongue and I licked it she began to moan loudly. I was licking like a hungry mad dog, licking continuously while she responding by pulling my hair. I said her “your love whole is awesome and tasty”. I went to her boobs fondling them, her boobs were very big then I expect with big nipple blacks. I sucked them, she respond “ooooooohhhh God, aaaawwww” after sucking them for few minute, she became more eager to get my dick inside her, because, while I was sucking her boobs she was binding me with her both legs and hand across my back. I put my dick in the pussy lips and pushed it slowly and slowly some slow strokes I pushed it, she shouted with moan, “oooohhhh God, I will die” I was in heaven, my penis tasting a flesh of women after a gap of 3 years. I pushed and stroked her fast, while she screaming; rubbing my back with her hands, and her legs tying me.

I was in puzzle imagining how a married lady got such a tight pussy. But forgetting all things I began to take the enjoyment cum my needs of long time. I was felt like cumming, but somehow I manage to control. Later on we turn around and had a doggy position, she screaming in pain, I asked her “is there any problem”, which she replied, “I never been fucked in this way, anyhow, it’s feeling me a heavenly pleasure”. I understood and slow down my speed, which she asked me why, I slow down, I reply “it’s your fast, and it might pained you severely” she said “it’s OK”. Stroking few minute I unable to control my cum, I pulled my dick out and flash all my white love juice on floor, both relaxed on bed, I asleep hugging her. I wake up and found she was playing with my body, stroking my dick, licking my nipples. I search my mobile and called to Office, conveying that I am sick, but will come for short time for my day activity as signatures of documents. I aroused and talks about her, she said she was having sex after a break of 4 months, as her husband was not responding her sexual need, whenever they Fuck, he just fulfill his need and very less she got satisfied, she express it is really a good experience for her. I said how, I control my needs, and how I manage in these 3 years.

I also said her, I like women riding, and spoon which she said she will fulfill that. Discussing this, I grew up again, she measure my cock, and kissed in my cocked, where I ask to suck my cock, she respond and sucking it, and I was feeling lot of enjoyment, where she said, “your Penis is really a tasty” I smile, sucking her boobs and then again put my Penis into her, we went to long session this time, she try to fulfill all my wished as spoon, turn aside by side and stroking from back, she riding me while I was pumping her boobs, but felt pain, still she try, after an hour long session, I cum asking did she is satisfy which she replied ” lot of satisfaction in 1 day which I never been in my 7 year long married life “. It was 2 pm, and feeling hungry, both of us went for bath, I went to office in hurry, which I ask her to get ready for evening outing.

At 6 pm I came back from office and went straight to her hugging her, I said I missed u a lot in office. She replied, she too missed me, she got ready and we went for evening outing. I take her to ladies parlor, make some face and hair treatment, I billed and left parlor. We were buying some of her beauty item; we saw short, lacy lingerie which I brought for her; a saree for her and her sister too. We left to our home. I asked her to stay that night in my place, but she feared her sister and later she agreed. She cooked our dinner, and after having the dinner, we both start our needful job i.e. the job of physical need. I ask Surabhi to wear the lacy type nightie, she wear it. Oh!!!! Really she looks like a sex queen. I hugged her, and began to foundling her boobs, she responds me very well, she was a quick learner, and she learns all the methods and technique in this span of time. We start at missionary where I did my performance, next side to side the spoon position, we both enjoyed well, we start doggy where I stroked good and she too strokes good. Then turn to riding, she start riding me, as she learn that I like her riding, I wear a condom and then again she ride, I flushed where both of us reach the ultimate point. It was almost 12 am, we hug each other and took rest praising each other talking about likes and dislike in our love session, both slept nude, when I woke up at the 4 am I again start a session turning her to a mood again. Again I slept, when I woke up at 8 am, she was not in bed, I searched her, she was not there in my home, I called her in her phone, she told me that she wake up at 6 am refresh herself and prepare my breakfast left to her home, as her sister might be worried, but her sister was very happy now as she gave the saree, I brought for her sister last evening. And she will be back in an hour.

I reached office, calling her in between my works, and she called me. I came to home blaming I am hungry. I was hungry in both, my stomach, which was less hungry, whereas my dick and heart was very hungry. After having lunch together, I observe she was not even wearing a bra, only a nightie, she was seducing me now, her boobs were hanged and moving with her speed. I asked her about the matter, which she replied in a naughty smile. I understood the matter. After lunch I ask her to go and get ready, responding me she removed her nightie and was in a doggy position I went straight to bedroom changed my dress to lungi and start my job. After a 30 min session I move to bathroom refresh myself and get ready for office, I saw her sindur ( vermillion) was spreading all over my undergarments and on bed sheet. For the first time we kissed each other and I left for office.

Later it became our regular routine; most often she began to stay at my place at night, pleasing her sister with little gifts except her husband’s stay at home. We make a more than hour long session daily at night, little session at morning and tiny session at lunch.
Now I take her to parlor, evening outings but she was a traditional god feared lady. Remain in her saree at outside but like a sex queen in house, I sometimes ask her to be in lingerie only, which she follows. Now she don’t allow to flush my semen out of her vagina if I do so, she quarrel with me a lot, she take monthly contraceptives and we maintain a regular sexual life as a married couples. I give her good amount of salary and gifts. Now she wants to bear my child in her womb too, though I don’t agree with that, she said it will be in her husband name and society will know like that. I maintain a gap when Rahul comes and stay with me at his vacation. We act normal but still have our session during day and sometimes at night. Whenever I am out of city for 2 or more days, she missed me and calls me, and gives me a good treat on return. I always have to thankful with her, because she helped me to cross my bad days.

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