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My Hot Maid In Under Construction Apartment

Actually it’s not exactly a sex story since I have done everything except the intercourse. My dad was transferred to a town, and was living in an apartment and the maid use to work there and her husband works as watchman and also does some odd jobs. I was at my hostel when my parents got transferred so it was the first time I was going to my parents after the transfer. I saw the maid when she came to give some flowers to my mom for some puja purpose. She was in her early 30s, her boob were 32 and her butt 34 n waist 30. Her body was kind of seductive with her sari not covering one of her boobs n her boobs looking out for someone to suck them. And whenever I see her ass oohhhhhhhh something happens to my penis. I wanted to grab those butt n caress them n slap them n rub my dick on them n wanted to suck those popping out boobs and squeeze them from behind. Since I already had experience with my maid at my hostel so I thought I can pull it off too. So I started with my common, most basic move, flaunting my junk over my pants.
I caught her many times staring at my dick. And she never used to look at my face. I did it again and again n saw her glancing at my dick every time and she never use to ignore it or something. So I thought to move it a bit further and luckily my mom sent me to the terrace with her to dry cloths u know what I mean. I happily agreed and went up with the maid. She was in front of me walking with her ass moving in a rhythm. Wooooowww I think she knew I was looking at her ass but she didn’t do anything about it. We went to the elevator and there was a complete silence and when she reached for the button I rushed towards the button too touching her hands she quickly tool off her hand. I asked her what happened but she didn’t reply to it she was just standing there in silence. I thought it’s no use trying on her she is probably not interested in any kind of affairs and being loyal to her husband. So I relaxed myself and went to the terrace and started spreading clothes.
When she was leaning down to spread the clothes I could see a huge amount of boobs popping out her blouse; her nipple was about to pop out if she let it out more. I was really amazed at that site and was not at all aware that she was looking at me. When I realized that she was looking at me I pulled myself together but what I noticed is that she did nothing about her boobs that is popping out. I took it as a green signal n completely into me. So I stared at her boobs without any disturbance and slowly went to her and asked for some help. She said I can help her with spreading sari while spreading the sari I made her lean a several time and she knew it but was playing along with me and after that I caressed her boobs many times like it was an accident. N she did nothing about it so I was sure I can move forward so while going down I asked her to dry my cloths inside the under construction apartment at the top floor.
She agreed and took my clothes from terrace and went into the apartment. The apartment’s window was not covered so I can’t make my move in the hall I have to take her to the closed room so as soon as she spread my cloths over a rope I held her hand rushed her to the room and held her tight. She dint resist it but she didn’t respond to it either so I caressed her waist n squeezed a bit and went up and caressed her back sliding my hands into her blouse n then she was kinda into it as her breathing became heavy and fast. So I continued and unhooked her blouse n hugged her tight caressing her whole back n her waist n then her butt. I pulled my pant down n held her butt n pulled it towards me feeling her pussy over her sari. I took her sari off n also her petticoat off n took off her blouse leaving her with just bra and panty and I completely undressed myself and hugged her again and kissed her neck while caressing her hot butt. I kissed all over her neck and chest and her nipples over her bra and squeezed them hard she was enjoying all these with some moans coming out and her eyes were completely closed.
Then I turned her around and grabbed her boobs with my both hands n started squeezing them hard n caressing the nipples and took off her bra n caressed her boobs again and again n pinched her nipples slowly while I was rubbing my dick over her ass n sometimes rubbed between her legs over her pussy n butt hole. N I was kissing all over the neck n slowly got to the lips n kissed them she also responded to it and started kissing me so I started kissing her passionately caressing her neck and her boobs n her waist n belly and slowly slid my hands into her panty and started rubbing her clit with my fingers. She got too excited and held me tight over my neck n kissed me hard. I rolled my tongue into her mouth n played with her totally I enjoyed with her like this for over 15 min I was not about to stop even then but suddenly I remembered that my mom would b waiting for us at our apartment. So I told her to have sex quickly.
She agreed but the problem was that we didn’t have a condom so I couldn’t do it but instead I made her sit down n rubbed my dick over her cleavage squeezing her boobs to it hard n boob fucked her n then I enjoyed with her boobs n her pussy till she cummed another time. Then we had to dress up fast and go down. After that every time I found her alone I use to grab her boobs or her butt or rub my dick over her butt. I made her suck my dick once when she came to my room to clean my room. I held her hand pulled her towards me, unzipped my pant told her to kiss my dick she didn’t resist it and kissed it quickly I told her to do it slowly enjoying every bit of it n she did the same n kissed it slowly licking it in between and playing with my balls. She made cum very quickly that day ooooiohhhhhhhh her tongue was totally magical. Moving over my dick, licking it, sucking it hard, and my dickhead touching deep down her throat was like aaahhhhhhh that was a great feeling.

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