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My Maid Ignited My Sex Life

Before I start the exciting part let me give you a brief background. I am in my mid forties and living alone since my kids are settled abroad. I had engaged a young boy Ramu, of 16 years as my man Friday for all the odd jobs around my house, who also attended a nearby school while I was at work. For cooking and cleaning I had a maid come in everyday before I left for work. This was going on for quite some time when Ramu suggested that I should employ his mother, who was in her mid thirties, living in the village alone as she too was a widow, who could do all the work the maid was doing as well as give me warm food every evening when I returned from office. Ramu was staying in a room on the terrace so his mother could stay with him. I agreed and he went and brought his mother from the village. Life got a bit more organized and things were moving smoothly.
Every morning, Ramu’s mother Sheila, would serve me bed tea, make me a great breakfast and have dinner ready by the time I got home from office. Ramu was also happy since his mother was with him so he started devoting more time for his studies. One morning, when Sheila brought me my morning tea, I was a bit lazy since I had the day off, so I remained in bed when she put the tea on the side table in the bed room. Before leaving the room she stood for a while staring at where I was lying. Little did I know that my dhoti was open and my penis was visible! I don’t have a big penis; just a normal size of 5” but the cherry top was visible through the foreskin. When our eyes met she hurriedly left the room. But I think, the excitement was felt by both of us.
Ramu left for school as usual and after breakfast I thought of making the first move. While she was cleaning the bedroom I casually asked her when she had become a widow. About 4 years back when Ramu was about 12 years she replied. Why she did not have any more kids I asked and she replied that Ramu was born through an operation, meaning I guess caesarian, which was the reason she was scared of conceiving again. So I asked her how she had controlled getting pregnant again. She said she did not allow her husband to try again. Getting bolder, I asked her whether she ever had the urge of just having fun with her husband to which she just smiled and hid her face in her saree pallu. I smiled back and made my first move.
Walking up to where she was standing I put my hands on her shoulder and whispered into her ears asking whether she felt the urge this morning when she had brought me my morning tea. She hid her face on my chest. I circled my arms around her and kissed her neck. A shiver went up her spine, so lifting her face I kissed her lips. Mingling of the warm breath, soft wet lips just glued us together. We stood like that for some time kissing each other till I noticed heavy breathing. I cupped one hand round her breast it was still firm for her age. With the other hand I unbuttoned her blouse from the front and out came her breasts, round, firm with erect nipples. Something I could suck for ages and that’s what I did.
Sucking each nipple at a time and hearing her soft moans while her hands played with my hair pressing my head whenever I changed nipples. I cupped my hands round her buttocks and pressed her towards me so that she could feel my penis through the dhoti. She parted her legs to accommodate the bulge beneath my dhoti. I hadn’t finished with her breasts so I lifted her from the ground by holding her buttocks still sucking her nipple and laid her on the bed. She circled her arms around me and started kissing me and if wanting to eat me. My palms caressed her breasts and the thumbs circling her nipples. All the time her eyes were closed as if wondering what would happen next but not willing to let go. Her moaning became louder as I restarted sucking her nipples. Against her flat stomach, the breasts looked like two juicy fruits and I wanted to suck it dry.
Slowly I moved my hands over her stomach it was soft so I shifted downwards and licked her navel. The groans became louder. Opening her saree I slid my hand over her hairy puss. It was wet and she gave a loud moan. I slid one finger between her puss lips and tickled her clit. That seemed to open her up and she spread her legs. Sliding downward I reached her puss and kissed her puss lips. The kiss made her open her legs wide at the same time bending her knees. That gave me an opportunity to lick her clit sending shudders through her whole body.
In order to get a better position I climbed on to her in a 69 position to lick the soft wet puss in the process my penis was just above her head. In her eagerness to explore my penis she pulled off my dhoti. Now my penis was just in front of her mouth. I continued exploring her puss with my tongue, sucking the clit. She took hold of my penis and pulled back the skin and the cherry head popped out of the foreskin, I guess it was something new to her because she kept pulling and pushing the foreskin a number of times.
By now I was rolling my tongue inside her puss and could taste the wetness and the warmth. She must have been curious as to how someone could lick a puss, so just to get a taste of my penis her tongue licked the cherry head. Getting bolder her curled her lips around the cherry head and I kept rolling in my tongue into her puss. I tried to puss my penis into her mouth but her teeth stopped the entrance. I kept the pressure hoping she would open her teeth and let my penis move into her mouth. After some time it did happen, when my tongue was partly rolled into her puss giving it a tickling sensation, she opened her mouth completely and let my penis get in. While I pumped her puss with my tongue, I also pumped her mouth with my penis, in synchronization. My penis was rock hard now and her puss filled with her juices; time for a change in position. I got up bent her knees to her chest allowing me to easily penetrate her; I started rubbing the cherry head of my penis between her puss lips. She was uncontrollable and kept spreading her legs inviting me to enter her, but I wanted her to get a real feel of my penis before I entered her, so I kept teasing her.
Finally she moaned asking me to enter her and I obliged, but inch by inch stopping at each stage to give her a feel of what a penis can do. At each stage she spread her legs wider as if saying put the whole thing in, but I kept my pace of inch by inch with stoppage after each inch. When my whole 5” penis, now of course larger had entered her fully she pulled me over her and was literally biting my lips. I let her continue for some time before I started pumping her puss with my penis. Her legs were straight upwards and wide open. Each thrust brought louder and louder moans and her breathing became heavier and heavier.
My penis was surrounded by her puss sending warm sensations. Her puss was tight and clammed round my penis. It’s been a long time since I last fucked a tight puss so my thrusts were slow and full, pulling out just till the tip of the cherry head and pushing the whole penis inside; soft and slow strokes. My thrusts were now harder as I wanted to cum along with her. When she started lifting her bottom I knew she would cum anytime now, so increased the trust to a faster pace and then we both burst with our juices together. Her legs tightened against my waist as if not to allow my penis to come out and her arms around my neck. I could feel my warm juices pour into her puss and she biting my ear lobes. We stayed in that position till all my juices filled her puss and she was satisfied that her puss hunger had been satisfied. When I pulled out my penis from her puss, creamy juices from her puss dripped on to the bed sheet and my penis was covered by her juices. We lay on the bed facing the ceiling without saying a word just trying to recover from the excitement.
Finally I suggested that she should get her puss shaved as the hair was dense to which she agreed. We both had a bath together and then I shaved her puss. Her shaved puss looked like a peach slit in the center. I kissed it once again. We then decided to have such sessions whenever we got the time. For that I suggested that she start taking pills so that she did not get pregnant, for the time being she should take the pill to prevent her from getting pregnant after this erotic session. This started a long period of sex and enjoyment for both of us.

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