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My Maid Lata Sex Expression Queen

Hi guys this story happened when i was 21 years old. I used to live in Mumbai as i was studying there but my home town was in Delhi and i used to go there on every vacation. My family consisted of my mom dad and one brother, and there used to be a maid who was working at our place for like 8 years now. She was around 28 that time and married but she still used to work at our place. So it was like i actually didn’t see her for past six to seven years as i was in college and she never showed up during holidays. So anyway it was like that summer was lucky for me. I came back home that summer and i was very happy that time completely relaxed i was very happy to be back home and suddenly doorbell rang and i went opening up the door and i saw Lata and she was surprised looking at me as she saw me after 6 years and i was completely turned into a guy from a boy, well she came inside and started talking to my mom about how old i have become and blah blah stuff about me. Well when i was a child maybe when i was 12 or 11 i used to play allot with her she used to be one of my favorite people in the world so i always had some sort of liking or attraction for her, so what happened that i was just sitting inside my room and she came inside my room asking me whether i wanna have lunch or not, to which i replied “yes, but in a while” and to this she nodded her head saying yes. After some time i went downstairs to have my lunch and i got confused as i was unable to find anyone at home so i decided to call my mom, on calling her up i asked her were is she and where is the food as i was hungry to which she replied that she is gonna be back home in the evening as she was going to friend’s house from the market but she will be sending Lata back for the work and she hung up. I was in the drawing room waiting for her and then the bell rang, i rushed to the door and asked her to get me food as i was really hungry and in some time she gave me what i wanted. After that she asked me if she can take a break and sleep for a while as she was really tired and i gave her the permission but suddenly my cell phone rang and my mom asked me to ask Lata to clean all the washrooms, i told Lata what my mom told me and she said that she will do it once she gets up and i was like ok as it really didn’t make any difference to me. I took a bath and decided to take a 10 min nap and then get my self-dressed and ask Lata to clean my washroom. While i was taking my nap i heard someone knocking my door so i got up but still i was sleepy and while on my way to the door i slipped because of the towel i was wearing, hearing that Lata just came inside the room looking what happened, she helped me getting up and took me to the bed, my knee got bruised so she sat on floor and slide the towel and started putting the ointment, ok now this was the time her cleavage was visible and trust me that was hot and that really aroused me up and the tough thing was it was getting visible, i tried getting my eyes off but i was unable to and i was getting hard damn hard. Lata saw it and i was damn embarrassed.

This thing went one for 10 mins and i was quite erect. After finishing the ointment massage Lata just rushed out of the room and i rushed to the bathroom, i wanted to jerk of but i was damn embarrassed but i realized i was damn horny and i decided to do something i never did before… I decided to try on Lata so i loosen up my towel a lil and went downstairs she was in the kitchen so i sat on the dining table and asked Lata to bring water for me. While i was drinking i stood up and my towel fell down, Lata turned around and i pulled my towel up and asked her to knot it as i am very bad at it to which she nodded and starting knotting it up but her hands were shaking and the towel fell down again this time she pulled up the towel and while pulling up her breast rubbed my dick and dude that was awesome. Trust me guys i was damn horny and my brain stopped working i directly asked her to hold my dick surprisingly she held it wow that felt like heaven, i just held her breast and squeezed it, and to my surprise she asked me to move to the room, in the room i asked her to give me a blowjob so she did as i said i asked her don’t u mind doing all this to which she replied that she really have unsatisfied sex after thinking allot she is doing this to which my reaction was awesome. I undressed her and started sucking her nips up. For more clarity her stats were 35-28-35 so u could actually imagine the huge size; the moment she got hornier she starting sucking my dick and dude she was making me feel as if i am already in heaven. She sucked my balls and then the dick for like 20 mins and then i asked her to bend down and inserted my dick inside in the start it was tough but eventually it got swift. This lasted for 2 hours.. Well it was awesome we eventually decided to make a video out of it and trust me guys her hot body and amazing sex with those awesome expressions guys you will love it…

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