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My Maid’s Daughter Swetha

This is a true story happen to me 5 years back. I fucked my maid’s daughter. I was 22 working for a software company in Hyderabad. I used to stay in one bedroom flat instead of staying with friends because I always wanted my privacy. I have a housemaid from nearby slums for house chores she used to come in the morning at 7 and clean the house and cooking food for me and wash my clothes. One year passed I haven’t seen her daughter. I only heard for her daughter from her as she used ask me money now and then to buy some dress for festival or to buy her some books to study as she was studying in college.
One day at 7 my door bell was ringing and I opened the door with sleepy eyes without even seeing who was standing at the door I thought it was my maid. I was going back into bedroom when I heard a soft voice said “ ma amma ivala paniki raledu nenu chesta yami cheyalo chepandi” which means my mother is not in a position to come please tell me what to do I will do the chores today. I turned back and saw her standing at the door with stunning looks in a south Indian half sari. She looks good for a maid’s daughter, her looks are good, her dressing is ok but the main part that attracted me in her first look was here huge boobs which are trying to come bursting out of her blouse. I have no words; I am stunned by her appearance. I was just standing there and she said sir if I can come in. I recovered myself and asked her what happened to her mother. She said she is having a fever and could not come so she came to complete her chores today.
I told her to just sweep and mop the house and leave for today. But I could take my eyes from her, my mind saying she cannot be slum dweller as she is so stunning body and her beauty is also not so bad. I sat in a chair and watched her work. I was just watching her huge boobs man they look so well shaped and big. After completing that work she asked me what more to do. I told her to leave that’s enough for today and also told her not to come for work ask your mother to come after she recovers till then no need to come. I specifically told her not to come for work.
After 2 days my maid came in the morning to work with her daughter. I opened the door and saw her and her daughter and saw my maid with angry expression and turned back and was going to my bedroom when she called me “Srikanth yamindi Swetha yamina thappu chesinda ravadu anavanta” which means Srikanth (my name) did Swetha (maid’s daughter’s name) do anything wrong you asked her not to come. She is free with me because she is already working for me one year so I let her call by name I used to be open with her. I told her there I nothing wrong with Swetha it was her fault that u sent your daughter who is studying to work in others houses and looked at Swetha she has smile on her face. I scolded my maid not to do that let her study and let her get a good job; don’t send her to work as a maid. I saw appreciative smile in Swetha’s face.
Then my maid told me that Swetha is also fighting with me for that only, but I have to earn money at least to pay for her college fee, she has to pay at least 5000 by the weekend. I looked at Swetha and she was silent no expression on her face. Then I told her I will give her that money she can pay the fee. I told Swetha to come and collect the money in the evening. She was having a huge smile on her face but my maid refused but I convinced her to take all the money for Swetha’s education from me. I told her I want see Swetha with bright future. Swetha was so happy. She came that evening and collected money from me and spoke to me and expressed her gratitude. I told her she can ask anything from me anytime. I asked her where her college was she told me and I realized its very near to my office.
3 Month’s passed by I have seen Swetha sometime near her college bus stop on my way to office but never stopped by to speak. One day there was a bus strike and was returning from my office on my bike I saw Swetha standing at bus stop and when she saw me she waved her hand at me to stop and she came to me told me that there is a bus strike I did not know I came in bus in morning now I am waiting for nearly 2 hours but no bus came and I have not money for auto rickshaw to return home. I asked her if she want money to go in auto or she want me to drop her on my bike. She thought for a minute and told me why to waste money on auto as you are also going the same way please drop me. She climbed on my bike in the rear seat and her boobs touched me I felt a jolt in my body.
While going I asked her how r her studies and everything. She told me it’s her exams, and then I told her that the bus strike will go on for a week and offered to drop her for exams. She appreciated it and accepted. I got my chance to flirt with her I thought. Daily for a week she comes to my home and from there we used to go on bike she is starting to like the bike ride, she expressed the comfort with me on bike as bus takes near 2 hours to travel and on bike its only half an hour in shortcuts. Her exams are finished and she thanked me for dropping her daily. I asked her she should give me a treat for my help. She asked what treat do I need I just joked with her for some time and said that’s OK I was just joking about the treat. But she said no seriously she wants to give treat because I have saved her during the exams. Then I said OK if u want to give me a treat, come with me to a movie I will take u to a movie. She said haven’t seen a movie in theater much, but she like to go but do not let her mother know. Then I asked her to come to my house as if we are going on bike to college and office then we can leave to movie. She came in the morning I we left for a movie.
I took her to a multiplex and she is overwhelmed by the grander and prices for the theater. I told her to relax and enjoy the time do not mind the anything else. She then stared to enjoy the place. After the movie, we went to a restaurant for lunch. She liked the food there she has never been to a restaurant. Later we got on bike and went for drive. She was so happy and was telling me everything while I was driving my bike. Then I told her if she likes day, if she wants she can come with me to another movie this weekend. She fell silent for some time, she did not speak much. I felt bored after some time as she is not speaking so I was getting us back to home and told her so. Then she said I cannot come out on Sunday as it’s a holiday my mother wouldn’t send me out. Then I asked her if it is possible on Saturday, she said OK I was very happy and she started to speak again.
On Saturday we again went to a movie and a restaurant and long drive. She enjoying a lot she likes the luxury. I told her we can go to movies often if u likes to come with me. She said her summer holidays for college are starting from Monday I wouldn’t be able to come out. I asked her if she will come out if she it is possible, she ready. Then I made a plan and spoke to her mother that as it is summer if she is ok I have a friend who needs helper in his shop and he is going to pay them three thousand rupees per month working hours 9am to 7pm, if she is ok she can send Swetha. As I told about the job she did not much enquire about the job she ready to send Swetha from Monday. I told her I will take Swetha on Monday and show her the shop it 2 km from here. She bought Swetha on Monday and after completing her work she left home leaving Swetha with me. Swetha asked me why I told her mother like that and how should she give her mother her salary. I told her that I told her mother so because we can go out freely to anywhere and regarding her salary I am going to give u that money and when I go to office she can stay at my flat it has TV u can watch anything and air conditioner she stay in here. She liked the idea.
She then asked me why I am wasting all my money on her. I told her I am not wasting my money I only helping my friend to be happy that s all. She started to cry, I went close to her a put my hand on her shoulder. Then suddenly she hugged me and started to cry on my shoulder. Then I felt very comfortable and remained like that for half an hour. I put my hand all over her as if calming her down, she did not mind my hands on her body.
As the day passed by she is becoming close to me she comes to my flat by 9 am and stays in my flat till 7pm. I also come from office by 2pm, we used to enjoy watching TV, movies, restaurants, long drives and she even came out for long drive at mid night after everyone sleep at home at night time. I also gifted her dresses. She gives me a good hugs and she does not mind my hand on her body. But she never gave me any chance for sex. In two months she good used to my lifestyle, she made me promise that she will be my friend forever. After 3 months, my projects deadline are coming near so had to work more and I had planned that time to start avoiding her as my next phase of my plan to get her. I used to go to office early and work late. I have not met her for a month as even her college also started and she is now into her 3rd year of college. She was getting desperate and even calling me a lot on my mobile but I even realized the number and not answering the call. She even started to harass her mother about me but she also doesn’t know as she also had not seen me for more than a month.
After 45 days I met my deadline of my project. I took leave for a week and stayed home. I am waiting for Swetha to come and ask me why I am avoiding her and I was prepared to tell her all sorts of dialogue to fuck her. Two days passed on third day she came to my flat rang the doorbell, I came out opened the door saw her she said my mother told me you are at home. I am going inside lazily and she closed the door behind. I went to my bedroom sat on the bed and was watching TV without any word she came into the bedroom, stood at the door and was watched me for 10 minutes, I haven’t spoken a word just watching TV. She said what the matter why are you avoiding me is. I did not utter a word out of my mouth, did not even turned to see her.
She then came very close to me and put her hand behind my head and fingers in my hair and pushed my face into her boobs. I was stunned, she let go of me and said to me do u think I haven’t noticed u watching my boobs from the first day u saw me. I have noticed u on the first day we meet that you are staring at my boobs, I have seen u many times staring at my boobs. Do u think I haven’t noticed u put your hand on my hip and pressing it or hugging me with sexual intension or your cock dancing when you are with me. I know you liked all that, now tell me why you are avoiding me. Then I stated to speak, OK u got me I did all that but I am avoiding you because I love you, I am in love with you and want to fuck you in every sort of way possible, but no I will not do that because I cannot marry you because you are a servant, so I tried to avoid you because I don’t want to use you. With that dialogue she came close to me and started kissing me on my lips, I also open my lips to her she put her tongue in my mouth and started to suck my lips so good with passion.
After fifteen minutes she stopped and said fuck me and use me no need to marry me, u don’t need to marry me just fuck me and I will let u fuck me my whole life. Then I kissed her on her lips, my hand on her boobs pressing them. Then she started to take off my t-shirt. I helped her take my t-shirt off, then I took off her pallu of her half saree and started to press my face into her boobs wow she have very huge boobs. I slowly removed her blouse and bra kissing her on the body and then stated to suck her huge tits. She started to moan when I am sucking her boobs, then put her on bed and sucked her boobs for nearly half an hour, she became crazy when I am sucking her tits and nipple are small brown color. Then I took her bottom and her petticoat and her panty kissing her on her thighs and pussy and her pussy is so wet. I put my finger into her pussy but did go in much blood started to come out of the pussy. She then went and cleaned it in bathroom and came back and fell on me. I asked her y is the blood coming. She said you are the first person to fuck me so some blood come out its natural. I let her remove my pant and underwear and asked her to suck my cock. She said she don’t know how to do it. Then I told her how to do it. She tried but did not do it so good asked her to lick it with tongue she did that.
Then I stated to put my cock into her wet pussy. But is not going in. with a lot of effort I could put my 8 inch cork tip inside. I started to push it in but not do 2-3 inches inside only. I started moving my cock and she started to shout and after 10 minutes of fucking leaked into her. We had our first fuck. Then after fifteen minutes she started to grab my cock and with her touch it got erected then she went down to my cock and started licking and sucking my cock. I then took her into my arms and put my cock in her pussy again and stated to fuck her this time my cock was going in more smoothly. I grabbed her boobs and put them in my mouth started sucking her boobs and fucking her it went on for 20 minutes and I leaked inside her. Then slept beside me hugging me and she agreed to take some contraceptive pills. She kissed me the whole day, I could fuck her any time I want to and she will be his slut forever.

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