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My Romance With Unknown Maid

This happened two weeks ago in Bangalore Whitefield when my friends bet with me all of a sudden. That day after playing games all of our friends where sitting in front of apartments and chatting. Suddenly a north Indian family went with their small kids to have dinner in a nearby place. So the maid was standing in the top floor and said bye to them.

Later in just said to boys and we were teasing one fellow saying she is his girlfriend, later after sometime the topic changed and they challenge me to romance with her. I have never spoken to her before though i had seen her from one year. Then i just went to her house and knocked the house. Then ran and again sat with boys. She came and started to search for the one who has knocked the door. Later in went to that floor and signaled her to come to terrace, when she came to terrace i asked her who is in house, she said no one, i said to follow me and went to the dark place as it was already 9 pm. Then i directly asked her if she had sex with anyone. But she said no, i asked her and asked to kiss me. She directly kissed me without delay. I quickly removed my erect dick and kept in her mouth. She gave me an average blow job and then i opened her pant and searched for hole. I found it and slowly inserted one finger and then two and then three fringes. And did finger fuck. Then mean while removed her top and kept my mouth and sucked her nipple very badly. She cum. And i too. This is my first story please forgive me for not writing so interesting.

Later in noticed that she had a very big sized boobs like bombs. I have squeezed it almost 20 times on the same day. Later then i have even kissed like mad with her few times whenever i have got chance with her. I used to go to terrace and do all oral sex everywhere everything every time i got a chance with her. I am really unsatisfied because she didn’t breast feed me not even once. I want some good girl as a girlfriend also no problem.

But i am really lucky to get a chance like that. Interested girls or ladies can mail me immediately i am just 21 years old. Very energetic and gym workout body. I have many other experiences only with the kiss and hug and boobs romance etc. But to get my virgin broken which is the first girl or first women. I am very much trust worthy person. Then other day when no one where in her house i entered inside the room she was sweeping the house i went from behind opening my pants zip and when she turned around kept my dick in her mouth without any word and mouth fucked her like mad for few minutes. Later she was happy for my romance. The same day evening when everyone went out for a marriage reception they were coming late night i and she had a nude bath inside the bathroom with a shower and we have almost touched each and every part of our each and every body inches. She has boobs which are sagging always not that erect. You know one thing she and i had tempted to the extent of sex few times but i was tolerating because of being afraid of aids. Or else i would have opened her seal and would have torn her holes. Please encourage me by giving your feedback and etc. I would be really happy if any girl is interested on my friendship or etc. But i am very much innocent as well as experienced kiss guy, i am only guy on this world who can respect a girl like god, and make romance like anything else. Because i am romantic 24×7. I am sure that maid is ready to sex with me even now but i am stepping back not to lose my virginity or else i would have lost my virginity before many years itself. And you know one more thing i am very much upset for writing first story which is not at all getting accepted. I have many other experiences with that maid and even other two girls in same place where i live so i am excited to share even my other expenses with you people and make sure that each of you would leak reading my story. I am pretty much well-built having nice dick. But i have leaked my cream in almost three to four mouths of different girls in different situations they are very much satisfied and say that i am very romantic.

I am sure that what all the experiences in have shared here are true according to my knowledge if my story is too boring please don’t mind rather mail me if anyone wants to give their feedback to me. I would to share few experiences only personally not even in this Indian sex stories. I started masturbated almost when i was 7 th standard and have masturbated almost millions of times from the day but always very active very sportive at having knocks looks at aunt, girl, widow, etc etc etc etc etc. Now it’s time to masturbate ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah….

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