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Paaru The Beautiful Maid Explored

I am Ashwin from Bangalore. Ever since I attained puberty my life was focused on all beautiful girls. They may be sexy actresses to my maid servants. One such servant of ours was with us for a long time and these days I found her private intimacy that evolved with time.
Her name was Parvathi. This is 100% real. She had been my queen because she was raw, sexy and more to that she had no husband. Her husband ran away with some randi. She had 3 children yet she was so sexy that even after deliveries she maintained her sexy body because of her hard work. Initially I was careless since I did not look at her that way. Once in a casual talk my mom asked her why does not she wear mangalsutra to which she said I do not find any respect for it now. My husband is living dead for me. This made me real sorry and liked her bold talk. I like women to be bold. From that day I carefully observed her attitude and I felt she is practical and real. My liking to her has increased when she carelessly roamed in my house. She probably thought she was done with her life and she was leading a material life with no hopes.
Her ignorance and her care free attitude made me real good friends with her. She started being normal with as a friend. Those days I had just completed a semester in engineering and was free all day. Both my parents worked. One day it was raining and I saw her running towards my house and I immediately opened the door. She came in and I gave a towel to which she rejected and said I am used to these situations. But I insisted upon seeing her condition and she took it.
To my disbelief she opened herself and dried without even thinking about me watching her. When she was done she just put on saree pallu with blouse and petticoat wet in her hands. She put them to dry in my bedroom since it was the only place warmer in whole house. I was awestruck by her beauty and her carefree attitude. I could not hold on and asked her how come you stay like this in front of me. She said what would you do seeing such a old woman. I said my god who told you that you are old. See those melons they are standing erect on the saree and see the curves even a regular exerciser will not have. She smiled and said no saheb you are making me embarrassed and I do not see you harming me any ways. I said I am also a man.
She said okay saheb now what shall I do? My clothes are wet and I do not want them wet. She went to kitchen and started preparing for lunch. I went in to kitchen and said I want coffee. She said thanks I wanted to have as well. This was the kind of our relation. She handed me a cup of coffee and we both started drinking but I could not escape seeing those bulges on her chest I think she noticed and said saheb I think your age is distracting you. I said your beauty is distracting me. That moment finally arrived when both of us came to know what was cooking. She was silent for 2 min and then I do not know from where she got the courage said if you want something be free to ask. I asked her I want you. She said I know that but are you sure you want to do? No words. We both kept the coffee mugs aside and I pounced on her wet lips she was hornier than I thought. She gripped my head so strong that 15 min passed on and none of us wanted to move.
She finally gave up and released my tongue. We were breathing as if we ran for 20kms nonstop. There started our journey. She opened her saree and engrossed in to me and said today either I will lose or you have to loose in this game. I said we shall start. She opened all my clothes one by one meanwhile I licked whichever part I got close to my tongue. She smelled extremely good since she just had bath before coming. My god she was strong and horny. I caressed every inch her melons (I got to know they were 34dd). She started moaning heavily and I lost all of it to her moans. She moaned ah ahh ahhhh hmmmm ahhhhh ohhhh hallu saab saaaab hallu hallu.
I twitched her butts and gripped them from front and kissed her deep. She could not moan but was jumping in joy. She was fair so fair that her nipples were in contrast to her body. They were dark chocolates for me. I took one of them in my mouth dragged to its elasticity and then left it suddenly. Her nipples were in motion like a piston jumping up and down. I clutched her butts again and this time the other nipple. She could not hold more and sat down gulped my brother and started chewing sucking and licking all at the same time. It was my time to moan aargggg. I had cum loads and loads after 5 minutes.
We were not done yet. The second round started but this time she paused and asked are we doing right? I immediately deep kissed and said now what do you think?? No answer; she opened her legs and guided my tool inside hers and said saheb tear me apart. This was it. I banged and banged her hole for 15 minutes before I came. She had cummed at least 3 times.
We were so exhausted and looked at the clock it was 2 hours after she came in my house. She said I will never forget the moments with you. I was never treated so passionately by a man. Yes I am calling you my man. She requested me not to disclose what happened I said I can’t even if I wanted to because the pleasure that you get without forcing but will full force from both the sides is awesome. Just awesome!

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