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Prema, The Maid Who Came Back To Be Banged

Yes, the title does say “came back to be banged”. She was a full-time maid we had when I was around 10-12 years old and she left when we relocated to my current place. We had several maids at our new place and they’re very few who managed to stay beyond a few months. One was Lakshmi, the one I wrote about in my previous article. Another was Prema. Probably because she had already worked for us before and she knew what she was getting into before agreeing to work for us again?

Prema is about five to six years older to me. I’m 22 now which means that she’s probably 28 now. But, this happened almost three years ago just after we decided to drop Lakshmi as our maid. Lakshmi took time to get adjusted and she finally never did because Prema came knocking and my parents were only too glad to have someone who understood what they expected back.

Prema came back to be a full-time maid. She and I have some … history … and to talk about it will be another story altogether. I’ll pen that next. This is fresh in my mind so I’ve decided to do this first. Since we share some history, things were a little awkward for us. What we’d done nearly ten years ago was still in my mind and there are times I still jack off to it. I’m pretty sure she feels the same way too. I wouldn’t know because she’s not our maid any more.

Prema took the place of Lakshmi. For those of you unfamiliar with my previous story, you can find it under the Maid Servant section. But, if you’re too lazy, read on. I live in a two storey house and my room is on the first floor adjacent to a hall where the maid sleeps. Picture it how you like because it doesn’t have much to do with the story.

The first day she started working, Prema and I hardly saw eye to eye. In fact, over the course of weeks, it became very formal. And I didn’t know if I was happy about it or not. Maybe she’d decided not to indulge in anything anymore. I was just glad she hadn’t decided to spill it all to my mom. That would’ve been bad. She’d … grown. She was tall, I was taller. Her tits had inflated exponentially over the years. I’d been working out … sort of. But, I guess we were physically impressive to each other. She was slim, wasn’t dark, wasn’t overly fair.

As the weeks passed, my memory improved. I remembered exactly what all we’d done nearly 8 years previously and I longed to see if she felt the same way. Even if she didn’t, I had to take a peek at her somehow. My desire had to be sated. I really wanted to see how her body had changed. She always wore tight kurtas so I knew her tits were tightly packed in. I’d seen her pussy before but there’s definitely a difference in an 18 year old’s to a 24-25 year old’s pussy. She’d take bath in our ground floor bathroom which – to my convenience – shares a common wall with our guest bedroom – AKA my computer room. It’s a small bathroom and she’d always close the windows. She would always take her clothes in as well.

One final day, it happened.

Mom, I, and Prema were at home. Mom was upstairs busy with something and Prema was watching TV. I was in the kitchen drinking water when I heard my phone go off in the computer room. I carried the glass with me in a hurry and stormed into the room. In my hurry, I split water and slipped on it and fell with a loud thud and I hurt my left thigh. Luckily, the glass didn’t break as it had fallen on the bed. The room isn’t that big so the distance from the door to the bed is only about four feet.

Prema came running in and I was on the side on the floor clutching my thigh. In a moment, I realized how it appeared to her and an idea popped into my head.

“What happened??” she asked, looking at me in concern.

“I slipped and hit myself on the corner of this bed,” I grumbled.

“Where did you get hurt?”

“My … leg. Thigh.” I said thigh but I made sure my right hand covered my dick to indicate to her that I was lying. Ah, if she only knew I was telling the truth. She almost raised her eyebrows but realized I was looking and helped me get to my feet.

“Wait, sit on this bed. Let me see,” she said.

“No no, it’s okay -…”

“Don’t feel shy. You’re wearing shorts so I’m only going to push your shorts up a bit to see if you’ve got hurt.”

My mom clearly hadn’t heard me fall and things were going according to plan. I pretended to hesitate.

“No, I’m fine …” and I groaned a little more and even though my left hand was on my thigh, I made sure I applied more pressure on my dick. Not enough to hurt me, obviously.

“Listen, are you sure you hurt your leg?”

“What? Yeah. Fine see for yourself.”

She sighed and pushed my shorts up my leg. She found the actual bruise. The bloody bed had scratched me and my skin had peeled off. I’m used to stuff like this since I play football, but she didn’t know that!

“See, I told you it’s on my thigh,” I said and I continued to press my dick.

“I didn’t say you haven’t hurt yourself anywhere else,” she said. She quickly brushed my right hand aside and said, “Go on, show me.”

“What! No -…”

“It’s not something that … I haven’t seen before. You’re in pain, so it’s okay. I know you, you know me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Is it still hurting?”


“Then let me see.”

I pretended to wince in pain as I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. I knew my mom wouldn’t come down any time soon since she was definitely in the terrace. It’s probably why she hadn’t heard me fall. I unzipped my shorts and sat uncertainly.

“Don’t act like a kid, Chirag,” she said. “Show me.”

I was getting turned on big time! She was asking to see my cock and I was going to show it to her like I’d actually injured it. Can cocks still get excited even when they’re hurt? I don’t think so. My cock standing up when I pull my shorts down will defy any medical logic and she’d figure out I was faking.

I went with it anyway.

I winced in actual pain as I lifted myself partially to pull my shorts down to my ankles. I sat back on the bed and my I had a partial erection for her to see. She raised her eyebrows.

“Um, where is it hurting?” she asked, uncertainly.

“Fine, I hit myself here,” I said pointing to my dick.

“Which part?”

My cock was upright at this point and she still looked concerned. Was she still not aware that I was faking it? Good for me!

“Right here,” I said, pointing to some random part of my cock.

“Let me see.”

“Look, it hurts if I touch it.”

“Just show me where before it gets worse.”

“I can’t touch it anywhere. It’s like trying to stab yourself knowing how much it’s going to hurt. I can’t do it.”

“Okay, close your eyes. This is going to hurt.”

Hurt? Haha definitely not! I closed my eyes and she lifted my underwear over my erect cock slowly like she was handling a flower. Damn, I wanted to jack off right there.

“You … are much bigger than I remember,” she said.

“Um, I’m in pain, remember? Thanks, btw.”

“Sorry. Okay tell me where it hurts.” She touched the tip of my dick. I nearly shivered.


“Here?” She touched my balls.

“Not … really.”

She touched the base of my dick.

“Yeah. And more.”


“Around it … just, wait I’ll show you.”

I moved her hand and made her grasp my cock. A whisper of a moan escaped my mouth but she probably thought I was in pain because she apologized. Suddenly, she squeezed it. I widened my eyes and looked at her. She had a sly smile. Just as she started stroking it, we heard my mom coming down the stairs. Quickly, I pulled my shorts up and she ran back into the bathroom to clean the water on the floor. Mom said she needed to use the comp and I said okay.

I knew what I was going to do.

I left a minute later and went upstairs to my room without saying a word. Prema followed me a minute later and said, “Your leg didn’t hurt while you climbed the stairs?”

“It did, but not as much,” I said. “Your massage helped. Still in pain though.”

“Cleaning that water up, I think I twisted my hip. Can you see?”

We both smiled. This was turning me on a lot since we both knew what our intentions were. All our years of history paid off.

“Sure,” I said. “Let me see.”

She was at the doorway of my room and she turned her back to me. I walked up to her and touched her hip.


“No, much lower,” she said, her voice almost in whisper so my mom wouldn’t hear us. I moved my palm lower and touched her right ass cheek.

“Here?” I said.

“Yeah, but little to the right.”

“Look, I can’t make out like this.”

She didn’t say anything. She moved her right hand to the front of her waist and suddenly, her kurta’s bottom became loose. I held it before it dropped to the ground and lowered it. I got on my right knee and watched her ass at my face level. She was wearing a pinkish-red underwear. I touched her right ass cheek again.


“No, a little higher.”

“I still can’t make out … hang on.” I slid two fingers into her underwear’s elastic and brought it down to her calves while staring at her wet pussy.

“Bend a little,” I said. She bent over and her pussy was trimmed. Short hair and super wet. I touched closer to her pussy. “Does it hurt here?”

“Yeah, but little to the left.”

She meant her pussy itself. I touched her wet pussy and she suddenly shook in pleasure.

“Right there,” she whispered. I pushed a finger in and she covered her mouth to ensure she didn’t moan out too loud. I played with her pussy for a few minutes and stood up because my dick had had enough suspense for a day. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pulled my dick out.

“I can’t reach, Prema,” I said. “This might hurt. Just stay quiet.”

I didn’t know what excited me more. Was it that we were doing this after such a long time? Was it because we were doing this in secret while my mom used my computer downstairs? Was it because we were basically role-playing? Damn, it must’ve been all three.

I walked to my cupboard, got myself a condom, wore it, and pressed my dick against her ass. She was so wet, I could almost feel how wet she was through the condom. I pressed slowly and harder into her while holding her hips. She pushed her ass against me trying to help me ease her “hip problem”. I felt her tight pussy squeeze my dick as the head entered. I breathed out in pleasure and pushed it in with harder thrusts. Oh, I wish there were words to describe it.

I fucked her right there as we stood at the doorway of my room. I leaned over her back and grabbed those big tits. A monster took over me. I clawed at her nipples and bit her shoulder while she bit down on her dupatta to make sure she wasn’t making a sound. It was really hard to control the sound of her ass slapping my waist as I banged her ass, but my mom didn’t hear a thing.

I pulled out and flipped her over. She leaned her back against a wall and I pulled off her bottom and underwear from her left leg. I lifted her left leg in the air to make way for my cock. We fucked standing, against a wall, and it has to be one of the most interesting positions I have ever tried.

We had sex like that for nearly five minutes after which she suddenly pushed me away, held my cock with her hand, and pulled off the condom in one swift move. She got down on her knees and swallowed my entire dick. Eight years ago, she could never do that. It turned me on to think of how much she’d struggled then. Now, she was all pro and worked on it. I closed my eyes and all I felt was waves of pleasure hit me. I grabbed her head and sucked me harder.

After god knows how long, I felt a huge load coming and I burst in her mouth. The bitch drank it all! All along I’d thought only porn stars could do it. My maid, Prema, just proved me wrong. I came a lot!

She was our maid for about six months and man, I fucked her so much a part of me got bored of sex a few times a day!

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