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I work in some MNC company in Bangalore. My company guys they have put for training for 3 month in Mysore. In Mysore my father sister was there, my father forced me to stay with her later I did so. Went to her house and she gave me a room in the first floor, and somehow the time got spent that day. Even my aunt has one daughter but she got married, my aunt use to work in Railways and she use to go to work by 9 to 6 his husband had some business so he use to go by 7:30 in the morning and he use to come in late night only, so they had one maid she use to come at 7 and she use to go by 8:30 if she want to clean the first floor she use to go at 9:30 the maid was so fucking hot and she had one baby to her size was 34-28-34 I feel like fucking her.
My office timings was 12 to 10 so I use to get up by 9:30 and get ready and I use to go by 11, one day my aunt said be care full with the maid she may rob your money if the maid comes to first floor keep your wallet with you only. And I had one plan so that I can fuck her the next day I got one pen camera. The next day maid came to clean the first floor I keep my wallet with 5000 thousand even I keep my pen camera on and I was acting like sleeping she came and she cleaned the full room and she did not take any money and the same thing I repeated the next day she came and she saw it and took 1500 all was caught in my pen camera. The next day she came and I asked her she said I did not take it as if she did not do anything then I showed her the video she was shock and pleaded me like hell to not to say any one my job will go I have one child please.
I will give back your money she said and whatever you ask I will give you sir please don’t say to any one and this is the chance I need it then I asked her I want you full fill my thing, she agreed it by that time my aunt called her she said I will come tomorrow and I will do what you say sir please don’t say to anyone.
I was waiting for tomorrow no sleep for the whole night and I did not masturbate because I want to show my full horse power on her and it became morning and she came late to work that was Friday she has to clean top floor and down floor to and by that time I came down and aunt was ready to go to office and that day I had applied leave on that day. My aunt said you be hear and let her finish all work and then you go to work I informed today is my off and my aunt left her house by 9 by that time she had cleaned full in the down and she went top even I went back of her to fuck my maid then she removed her money from her boobs and returned to me I did not take. I said I want you that all you keep that money even I will give more for you, I started hugging her I felt her sweat smell from her body it made me so tempting me to fuck her.
Then I kissed her fore head, chins and finally smooched she push back me and again I tried it she said sir this is my first kiss like this it is nice please kiss me again sir. Again I kissed her then I push her in to my bed she said sir can you close all the window the light make me so scare pleas sir, and I did what she said then I went near her and started kissing her again I asked her to open her dress and she removed it saw was wearing black bra by that time even I removed my shirt, asked her to remove her bra the boobs are so fucking hot I felt like her boobs calling me to lick them, I started pressing her boobs she starting making sounds haaaaa haaaa haaaa slowly please. I drank some milk; it was so tasty by that time she put her hand in my pants she said it so big then my husband. It was 7.5 inch and she took it without knowing it she took from my pants and pushing the fore skin front and back I said to lick her she did so.
She started give a blowjob it felt like I am in heaven, I wanted her pussy. Later we both were nude in one bed I started kissing the whole body finally I came to her pussy was so hairy. I asked you will not shave she said next time I will shave and come and I started sucking her pussy. She was catching my head and making sounds haaaa haaa later first it was salty. Later the juice made me so tempting I had inserted my middle finger and removed all the juice in her pussy. She asked me give my penis she was sleeping I was in a 69 position started inserting in her pussy. Slowly I inserted in her she was pleading with pain. I can see in her face late I started push it forcefully she was haaaa haaaaa haaaaa slowly and she said fuck me more (in her language) more and faster please then I started inserting in her pussy like hell by the time it took me 25 min to get my sperms thing out half. I left in her pussy and half I gave it in her mouth she started sucking it like hell I was fully tired she was tired to even sucking my penis.
Meanwhile the second round started this time the ass to me. I said her to take bath even I did not so that we both can take bath at a time and she agreed it. We both took bath I put soap on her boobs and washed her pussy with her she took my penis and washed it and started sucking their itself even I started pressing her boobs and later I started kiss her pussy in half bath I started insert in her pussy and took out and started it on her back, like she was bending and pushing my penis from back and catching her hair and fucked her haaaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa. Later she removed and sucked it and I inserted in to her pussy and gave it in her mouth and then I was tired and with a towel went to room and sleep she took bath and wore the same cloths.
While going she kissed my lips and said this is unforgettable day for me I said from tomorrow I make you happy and this continues for 2 ½ months later I finished my training and back to Bangalore whenever my dad says go to Mysore 1st I will be ready to meet my sex maid.

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