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Seducing And Finishing Banu – Part I

I am coming to you once again with a very early story in my life. The story of my sexual awakening . To give you a background of this story, i lived in a very big and extended family down South. I was a decent looking shy, friendly and studious guy. I was 5’8 with a good build, because of all the work i did. My hormones kicked in at a very early age itself. But since i lived with a big family, my house full of relatives, i never got a chance to explore my desires in any way, other than masturbation. Even watching porn was a difficulty due to presence of so many people all the time, never had even a room to myself… . I was a very frustrated teenager

I was a teenager  when Banu entered my life . Banu joined my household as a maid and help out in the kitchen, Banu was a simple village woman, in her late 20’s. She had lost her husband a year before joining us, and was looking for work. She had a robust figure, with a very good structure of around 32-28-34. She had a very longish innocent face, Dusky complexion, long hair reaching upto her waist. She was a silent type, worked hard and soon my house members liked her a lot .

From the day I set my eyes on her, I craved for her. Maybe it was due to my repression or hormonal charge, but seeing a woman other than family, that too so accessible and attainable, made me want to Fuck banu . She became the object of all my shag-sessions. She had a wheatish hue, Her 5’7 figure was slim, but she had flesh in all the right places (Boobs, Hips, Ass). i secretly watched her untouched Whenever she entered my room to clean, I loved watching her long deep navel or breast outline. Being a shy woman, she always never spoke anything to me , but just gave a smile now and then. Her fat juicy lips and her long face,.. I lusted for Banu.. But my lust was so pure, that i wanted her to fall for me and bed her with agreement. I dreamed of nights were Banu was married to me.

Banu wore plain sarees, and never dressed fancy. the only jewellery she had was a nose-ring. To my eyes, that made her look sexy. Whenever she was outside washing clothes .. I used to hiddenly check out her sweating brown hips and curves, whenever she bent low to sweep the floor, i used to greedily stare at her cleavage and bra-less breasts. Whenever she entered my room to clean or take something, i loved to inhale that musky smell she emanated.. I was totally in lust with banu, i had to somehow propose to her and make her mine. She used to sing when she washed our vessels, her voice was melodious and I imagined me and her naked in bed as she sang.

As i grew, and moved into College.. Banu still remained an obsession in my head. I never actually got the courage to speak to her, but in my head i had built 1000 of erotic and sexual fantasies involving her. I liked Shy and silent women.. Banu would be my passion, i always believed i could seduce her and take her to bed. The fact that she had lost her husband always made me feel she was missing pleasure. Yet banu was always quiet and never gave any hints to me.. In-fact whenever she noticed me staring at her nipple outline or tender stomach, she would immediately cover it up. That only made me hotter.. If banu started as a teenage lust, she was now a full time project for me.

In my later college years, i picked up the habit of studying for exams in the terrace. Well, this was mainly because nobody came to the terrace, none of noisy big family came to disturb me there. No one except.. Banu. who would come to hang clothes to dry. I used to sit there, staring at her from a corner. As she hung the clothes, I’d stare at sexy Hip folds, protruding nipples against her bra-less blouse, and her exposed navel. Now and then she’d notice me, but i’d hid my face under my books as if i was sincerely studying. This was my favorite part of the day.

There was a turning point in my entire relationship with Banu. It was a gray November afternoon, and i was sitting and reading something boring.. when i heard anklet sounds off the steps.. I knew it was her. I continued to keep reading, but eye roamed to her entrance. I was sitting in one corner of the terrace, she didnt notice me i guess.. Well what i saw.. Made my Jaw drop and my dick raise full 90 degrees..

Her entire figure was wet from washing clothes.. Her long hair dripping water.. Her blouse wet and transparent, outlining her breasts shape clearly.. Her saree pulled up and her pink petticoat translucent.. Her exposed thighs and her legs shining..vast portions of her hips was exposed and her navel.. Oh god her navel even had a mole near it.. Diamond shaped and deep.. my erection was so large now that i had to try to cover it using one of my books.. Banu looked amazing..

I had always dreamed of Banu sexually.. but to actually see her in true beauty was something else.. The hidden sun made the sweat to shine of her.. She started singing some tune to herself. To free herself even more, she removed off her pallu , god the curve of her breasts against her blouse.. Her breasts perked and jutting out.. I could see her perfect shape around the edges of her hips and i just couldnt contain myself.. The weather, her hot figure and the moment overwhelmed my simple mind.. I wanted to fuck banu then and there .. I wanted to make love to her for the entire life..I couldn’t control myself.. I got up and began walking to her.. My heart beating madly.

Her back was turned to me, she didnt notice me walking and i silently reached behind her back.. the distance between us was almost zero..I was admiring her body up close.. then she suddenly turned and saw me.. Shock spread on her face .. She became aware of her exposed state and immediately and tried to pull her pallu over herself.. But i quickly moved in , placed my hands on her soft hips tightly, i pulled her close and closed my eyes and locked my lips on her wet lips.. How juicy it was.. I must have been in my dream.. Suddenly it became a nightmare.

I felt a hard slap on my face and was pushed away.. Banu was with angry look on her face.. She said “How can you..”.. I was shocked beyond words..

To be continued..

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