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Seducing And Finishing Banu – Part II

“How can you.. you cheap ..” Her voice rang out clearly..

The Shock hit my system.. i had got carried away and touched Banu without her permission.. She had slapped me.. I was slowly understanding the grave error.. “How could you.. How could you” the voice echoed in my head . She quickly covered herself and pushed me away giving me a very cold stare. The fear gripped my system.. I tried to go behind her “Sorry banu.. Sorry.. I got a bit.. am ..” She only moved further away from me and didnt listen and went straight downstairs.. I knew I couldn’t go behind her anymore..

I stood there paralyzed in fear. What had I done? In a moment of complete lust, I had lost years of control. I had put my name of being studious and well-respected in complete damage. Banu would go complain and that’s it. No one in my family would look at me in the same way again. I felt like just hitting myself .. I was ruined.I stood in the terrace, with great fear in my chest. Minutes seemed like hours. Then I heard footsteps approaching. I was mentally prepared for the worst. But it was only Banu, no-one along with her.

She still had that angry look on her face and looked at me from top to bottom. Then she said clearly with no emotion “I came to take this bucket. am going down” i tried to say something “Banu.. sorry.. pls dont tell anyone” she didnt say anything but walked without turning her back on me , staring every few steps. Finally at the gate, she said with strict voice “dont do these stunts ever again”. i nodded and tried to say something, but she left

For the next 2-3 months, I maintained a complete silence. I spent time in the terrace, but even if banu came, i just hid my face in the books and pretended to study sincerely. The fear of her complaining slowly started to go down. Now and then, she used to stare at me while hanging clothes and she always never turned her back on me , always Checking my movements whenever she dried the clothes. I behaved very decently. I knew i couldnt afford to push my luck again. But many times, i dreamed of the moment i went and kissed banu and touched her.. It was the most common theme of my masturbation. Like this, months passed.

One fine day, I was just casually texting on my phone in the terrace, when she came to hang clothes as usual. She immediately covered herself fully and stared suspiciously at me. I guess she got a doubt whether i was gonna take pictures of her body. I somehow felt to say something and said “Dont worry, I am not gonna do anything.. you are safe” She heard my remark and smiled..She actually smiled.. I couldn’t believe it.

She said “U are a good boy, it happens to boys of your age” . I sensed a chance to freely talk, and moved little closer. She then looked at me and said “Dont worry, you ll get a good girl soon and be married.. then you can enjoy all this”. I quietly nodded and said “But your husband was unlucky that way right..” She blushed on that comment and turned. I furthered and said “I have seen many beautiful girls in my college, but I didn’t feel anything for them”. Banu looked and laughed “Am an old woman, what you ll get by seeing me”. I said boldly “you are the most attractive woman I’ve seen”. I sensed an internal smile but she hid it.

Banu remarked “If i am distracting you from your studies, ill not come here” I said “you distracted me from the day you entered this house” She was enjoying my praise and . I continued and said “Age is no matter. i always cannot control myself when i see you.. you are very very beautiful”

Banu now looked as if she was enjoying my compliments. She said “waah.. Too much praise.. So when did you start seeing me like this” I said “Very early.. I think it was love at first sight”. Her brown face totally became red hearing my words and she just tried to walk away. I quietly caught her hand and said “Banu.. am in love with you”

She released herself, but stood quietly shyly looking at the floor and quietly asked “What do you love about me.. my body?” I said “I love your shyness.. your quietness, the way you sing when hanging clothes, the way u walk and the way you are” She just looked directly at my eyes. I was now fully seducing her, my fingers gently touching her inner hands and i said “Yes i also love your body.. in-fact i want to show you how much i love it..”

Banu just dropped the bucket of clothes and ran away from the scene , pretending she had some other works. But before she left the terrace, she turned and gave me a very sexy smile.. Banu the 35 year old maid, was transformed to Banu the 16 year old girl. I had opened her desires again, and i knew soon i would have her in my arms.. Very soon.

From that day onwards, banu became very open in my presence. She became comfortable with me in an intimate way. We used to frequently chat in the terrace, sitting next to me, and now and then giving me a few chances to enjoy her.. I used to lie down on her lap, enjoying her stroking my hair.. Banu was now virtually my girlfriend. She enjoyed my attention. But Banu was very careful never to allow me to fully touch her, the fear of my family and the watching neighbors restricted her greatly. I enjoyed this period, but i was frustrated about not being able to enjoy my prize, Banu.

One day in summer, I was really lusting for banu and wanted to propose a plan of us secretly having sex in a nearby lodge. Whole day i was waiting for her to come upstairs, but she never did. The afternoon became evening and my entire family went out to the temple. I was alone. Banu wouldnt come i knew.. I was disappointed, When suddnely i heard the noise of banu’s feet walk in the terrace.

I asked her “why didnt u come today” She said “i had other work, i informed i wouldnt come” I said “Whole afternoon i was sitting herre waiting for you” She looked at me for one second and asked sadly “you sat here whole day in hot sun for me?” i just nodded quietly. Immediately next second she cam very close to my face and asked “you love me a lot dont you?” I didnt answer.. but i just took her cheeks in my hands and kissed her.. Kissed her for so long i forgot time. my hands freed themselves and caught her hips… Slowly feeling her structure up and down as we kissed. . Her fat lips were the sweetest nectar i had ever tasted.

She too was enjoying.. Letting her tongue inside my mouth, kissing with a passion that didnt suit a middle aged woman.. I moved her to a more darker spot of the terrace and started kissing her neck.. She too was enjoying the pleasure and made noises like ‘mmm aaah..” then suddenly she said “No.. someone will see us here” . I was totally in heaven.. letting my fingers go up and down her curves.. Then i realized what she was saying is true.. We could get caught and i would lose banu forever. With great difficulty, i controlled myself.

Banu was breathing heavily.. I could see she hadnt had pleasure in a very long time as well.. She missed sex, i could see it in her hungry eyes. Inside every shy, silent woman is a raging sex goddess. Banu needed to be fucked and badly. But we had to be careful, Banu came and whispered in my ears sexily “Dear.. Be patient.. Your family will be going out of town in 10 days time.. We can catch up then..”

I said begging “But banu my family will force me to also come.. please allow me to play now..” and moved towards that sex temple of her body.. She pushed me behind and said “well if you go you will miss your chance to see this” and in a rush, she removed her blouse to show 2 raw mango like breasts.. even in the dark, i could see how great they looked.. Wow such ripe breasts and firm nipples.. i came forward to squeeze them and caught them with my arms and was enjoying it, when she whispered “In 10 days time, all my body is yours to play with.. but for that you should stay alone in your house”.. I was totally now trying to suck her wonderful breasts, but she closed her blouse and said “Deal or not?”

I said “Banu, I have waited my whole life to hear you say this.. How can i refuse.. But when 10 days end i am gonna make you shout my name in pleasure.. Will fuck you till you become pregnant”.. Banu just smiled and pretended to be scared..Ah.. My life mission was going to be completed.

Those 10 days were the longest of my life… To be continued..

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