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Seducing And Finishing Banu – Part III

Somehow, 10 days which seemed like 10 years passed. I deliberately played a lie that i have extra coaching at college and cancelled my trip. It was my semester holidays and my family was going away for 2 weeks. This was my best ever chance. Only me and Banu would be at home.

What i loved the most is the banu was also desperate for the 10 days to end and she used to give me signs like simply giving me horny looks when i was in the room or giving me secret winks. She even used to lick her lips every time i looked at her.. Our poke the broom provokingly in my direction.. Man she was doing a great job of making me horny.. I was excited.. i was finally gonna lose my virginity .. That to Banu.

27th May, 2009, finally came. Ding-Dong at 10 o clock in the morning.. The bell rang. My house was empty.. my family had left early morning. I closed all the windows and doors, nicely sprayed the house full of perfume. This was a very special occasion for me.. Then the door opened and Banu came inside. She was dressed in a orange yellow saree.. She looked like a Mango.. her breasts large, her hips curving inward and her ass plump like a big cushion.. Man i was just drooling seeing her..

She asked joyfully “How do i look” I said you “look delicious.. but u wasted time dressing up” She said “huh why .” I said “arey today who is going to allow you to wear clothes ” she became horny but protested “let me make breakfast.. why so fast” I said “you are my breakfast, lunch, dinner for the next 15 days..” I moved fast and caught her hand and unraveled her pallu.. She didnt resist me..

I pulled her closer, and in a swift move, embraced her into my hands..she closed her face in shyness. I maneuvered her till my bed and dropped her.. In a minute i removed all my clothes and stood nude with a full erect endowment and proclaimed “See him.. He’s madly waiting for you.. not gonna leave you soon”

I jumped on her like a hungry lion, kissing her face with lust.. Her hands were shivering on my body, and i greedily bit her chin.. Man.! This woman was delicious… my hands working fast in removing her clothes.. I tickled her back as i unhooked her blouse.. Her erect breasts jutted out on my chest.. I was completely on top of her

Her long hair tickled the sides of my muscular body, as i kissed her eyes face nose and lips repeatedly.. almost admiring her in my arms. Then i cupped her round breasts.. slowly moving down and chewing her rubbery nipples one by one.. She was closing her eyes in pleasure.. her body arching up and down in excitement.I used my tongue like a paint brush.. spreading my wet passion with it all over wonderful breasts..

Then i kissed my way down to her hips.. Her stomach tasting like a piece of meat.. i fingered her navel and saw a mole near it.. I came down and talked to her navel as if it were hearing me and said “you little thing.. how long you tortured me huh.. today am gonna torture you” and flicked my tongue in and out.. banu was laughing like anything Trying to twist and turn.. But my prize was not going to go anywhere..

By now she was fully making moaning sounds like “aaaaaaaaa… Mmm” .. I took her little toes in her legs and was pulling them.. She shouted “aaah what are you doing to me.. am in heaven or early.. aaah” I said “Banu you deserve this pleasure.. am gonna completely gift you a new life”. I picked an ice-cube from my fridge and played it fully on the toes of her feet and soft legs sole..her legs kicked me in near orgasm.. but i held firm.. massgaing her wonderful legs with my Ice and Cool kisses..

She then got up in her nude state and shouted “Just fuck me.. Fuck me hard” I said “with pleasure my lady.. with pleasure” I moved my head towards her inner-thighs kissing them softly.. spreading fire across her pussy.. It started lubricating with liquids.. my face became fully wet with them..l let my tongue roll all-round her well-shaved dark pussy.. it opened itself to show a pink treasure….

She then said “You.. You.. You cant alone have all fun.. let me also” and pushed me down.. She dominated me completely.. Kissing me nude from head to toe, sucking my balls and washing her face with white-hot sperm.. But she was hungry for me.. She had become a complete sex-animal and sat on my dick and moved up and down like a Pole-dancer closing her eyes and shouting my name,..

I started moving my hips with greater speed as banu sat on top of me dick shouting and closing her eyes as my Dick pierced her tight vagina again and again “aaaah.. Aaaah aaaah.. Oooh” her shouting was ringing clearly in my ears, as i readied myself for the second orgasm in 10 minutes and it went 90 degrees upwards making a white net all over her body.. Wow.. We both had climaxed at the same time.

Banu fell from the top on my chest and naughtily looked at me from the side of her eyes and said “This is what you wanted to do to me right” I said “yeah.. its the greatest 1 hour of my life..” We slept naked on each others bodies . As she got up and tried to leave, i caught her bouncy ass and slapped it.. She looked amazed “what you want more.. my husband used to be tired by 15 minutes.. ” I caught her boobs from behind and said “am not your husband..”

I pushed her into the bathroom , where both of us stood under the hot shower.. I fucked once again under the running water, drinking the water running down her hot body. an amazing feeling.. We continued to fuck over the full day and next 15 days in all ways positions and fantasies we could imagine. it was the best 2 weeks of my life.

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