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Seducing Widow Maid To Fuck

Hi I am Sushanth, 23 year, Hyderabad. I work as a software engineer in Hyderabad. I stay with my brother whose office is also near to mine. So we stay together, his office timings are completely night shift and mine are day shifts. So at night I stay alone most times. I am always horny when alone. We have a maid called Manisha, she works for all of families in building; she is a good looking aunty with sexy rounded ass, slim waist, 26 years old and has a sad past. When she was in college and 18 years old she got married and in soon pregnant with a baby girl. After six month he left her and got killed in an accident. She wants to marry again, hasn’t found a man yet though we have arranged a children’s home for her child. So she stays with her kid in same building and works as a maid for all of the families, she takes care of her body nicely.

My brother has got married and he usually goes to my home town for every two three weeks to spent time with his family. So I will stay alone in my room at that time which could be 2 to three days. I will spend most of the time in room on net and so alone. Manisha serves breakfast and then cleans the house; usually I go out when she cleans my room. Usually I am on net with my work, also watching some porn and put the screen off when she comes. She always been my sex fantasy from the day of we joined in that room, most of the guys will have sexual desires towards any widow, or single lady, because they are alone nobody would care for them, it is easy to fuck them, and so I. I usually look at her voluptuously.

So one day while I was alone in room, my brother has gone to home town, I thought of seduce her. While she about to come to home at regular time 10AM, I had put some sex pic on desktop and went into bathroom. And as usually she came in started cleaning bed room which has attached bathroom in which I was in. I have seen her peeping into the screen some time. As I suddenly opened the bathroom door, she just ran away smiling. Next day when she came to clean I kept the screen on with a sex clip with some songs first and scenes later. I left when the songs started and went to bathroom. And I kept looking through the small hole, when I looked she was watching the scene and pressing her boobs. She has nice round boobs with good nipples, have seen them when she bends to clean. I took It as a best chance.

I came in slowly and held her from back and asked, “he you like that??” She ran away giggling. I then called her and slowly asked her “you like to see more?” she didn’t say anything. I put on some more clips and asked her to stand near me. slowly I started to rub on her hands and ass which she said, “I am afraid of madam”. I told her, “it is OK, this will be our secret, do you like to see more and enjoy?” She said, “Sometimes”, I put on some more clips I stood up and slowly pulled her close to me and started smooching her, she hesitated but I said, “I will not do anything you don’t like, OK, just enjoy” I started kissing her forehead, cheeks and ears and rubbing her neck and ear lobes…my cock was hard and I pushed it on her thighs and slowly started kissing her on the lips, I sucked her lips for some minutes, she was afraid and did not want to continue.

Next day when she came I stayed on my chair and asked her “how is it today? You want to see? or should I go?” she just smiled and started to clean. I put on a sex CD and slowly pulled her up and started smooching, kissing her on the lips and hugging tight with her breasts on my chest and my hard cock pushing into her thighs. She was wearing a salwar and top I started rubbing her ass and pressing her towards me. I told her,” Manisha don’t be afraid, just enjoy, I won’t do anything without your liking it, just let us kiss and enjoy” Saying this I started to suck her lips, slowly she opened her mouth and I put my tongue inside and asked her to put hers inside me, she hesitantly did and started liking it. She held me tight with hands around me and I inserted my hand inside her salwar and rubbed on her ass and up on her back inside the top.

I asked, “How is it Manisha? There is no harm playing with hands and rubbing, if you like”. She kept quiet and I started to hold her boobs inside her loose bra from the low cut top and slowly unhooked her bra. “Manisha dear just enjoy let me kiss your boobs” saying this I lifted the top and started kissing and lick the nipples, she held me tighter with heavy breathing. I continued smooching and licking her boobs and slowly I took her hand pressed it on my cock, she pulled it back first but I pressed again saying, “you also rub dear” she started holding it and pressing, I opened the lungi and put it in her hands and asked her to rub. She said,” it is so big”. “Yes dear hold it tight and rub pulling the skin down from the head”, she started doing that… after some time she must have cummed, so she said, “ho enough, I have to go”. I asked her to finish me by rubbing hard; she did to make me cum into her palm and my lungi. She left. We started smooching each other whenever we get a chance. Then Saturday and Sunday, all at home no chances.

Monday came and I took the leave cause my brother did not returned from home, so I thought of to have sex with her in any case, she came to clean but I asked her to come after sometime. She later came with no bra and panty and started cleaning. I was doing bath while she came, and she as usually started her routine work. My dick became so erected in imagining her. I came out from the bathroom wearing only lungi around my waist. And my dick was almost clearly visible which is in the shape of a big rocket. As soon as she saw me in that position her eyes intently fell on my dick. I smiled in myself. I was wiping all of my body with towel, and wiped my inner parts also, She is smiling in herself and kept a eye on my tool, resumed her work.

After I finished wiping my body, I held her from back, by pressing her ass with my erected dick hardly, it made her so aroused. And I asked “Manisha, do you want CD or real?” She smiled and replied, “when real is there what to see on CD?” I lifted her and pressed her towards me. she started searching for my cock, me sucking her lips and lifting the top saying, “he u have no bra?” she just smiled. I took the boobs and kneaded them and started sucking… she held my cock and started rubbing. I slowly pulled her salwar down and said, “he no panty also, ho my Manisha u are nice?” saying that I rubbed on her pussy and fingered the hairy pussy.

I pushed my cock into her thighs and asked “Amisha hold him close and rub it on yours just outside on the lips”. She started rubbing and started moaning “he u like it? Are you safe? u want it in?” “No” she said, “not now, may be later ok?” I rubbed my cock on her clit and pussy lips and she went on rubbing it while I sucked her boobs and rubbed her ass. She started pushing hard saying, “Hum, hum, ha push hard.” and rubbed my cock hard making it cum on her thighs. I rubbed some of my cum on her boobs and rubbed “ha, ha” she also cummed. We kissed each other for some time and left. This continued for next days and we tried lot of other things to make each other cum. One day she sucked my cock, ho such a nice blow job, a good learner and I sucked her pussy (she shaved it and cleaned it).

After 2, 3 week, she came with her skirt and top and smiled. I held her close and started kissing and sucking, took off her skirt and top and asked her to take off my lungi, so we were naked. She smiled and said, “Sir today it is OK”. I hugged her close, she took my cock rubbed it and started slipping it on her pussy, I started pushing inside, I sat on the bed and asked her to come over me. She sat on my thighs, I started kneading her boobs and sucking them while she started slipping and pushing her pussy lips on my cock slowly making it enter her. wow a tight pussy but hot and slippery.. She went on slowly pushing and finally mine 7″ long got lost in her cunt, wow so nice and hot. I asked her to go on pushing as she likes it; riding my cock into her pussy. She went on rocking and pushing and then started tightening her pussy muscles on my cock signaling me to push.

I also pushed up with my balls pressing on her thighs and she started moaning and pushing hard ha ha “fuck me sir, please fuck me” I pushed hard into her and cummed, pumped my hot milk in to her pussy and she lied on me for some time with her boobs in mouth and my limbing cock in her oozing pussy. After cleaning up and lunch I fucked her again in doggy position, wow her nice thick pussy is good for doggy and she also enjoyed my balls hitting her ass when pushing. So we had a week of wonderful sex during days.

Moreover, we enjoyed together for a week alone when my brother family went on a tour; fortunately that was safe week for us.

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