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Shanti – The Rouser Of Passions

My wife is Vandana; a pretty hot and sexy babe. We fuck a lot and enjoy our sex life – no complaints at all. I work in a Software firm and Vandana in a BPO. We moved into a new town an employed Shanti, a cook to do our cooking. Shanti would typically come in around 6am, finish up making our breakfast, pack our lunch, and wash the vessels and leave. She would also come around 4pm, make some dinner & leave. Shanti was quite trustworthy and she had the keys to the house to come in whenever she needed in the afternoon. This way, she would also not have to wake us up in the morning, and we never really knew when exactly she would come to the house. Her husband had left her and run away, and she was extraordinarily quiet and would never talk much. From what little I saw of her, she would normally be dressed to cover. And then Vandana’s shift changed to the graveyard shift.
From 10pm to 4am. It came with good growth, so for us it was a no brainer for her to accept it. Needless to say, our sex life soon got affected. Our sex timing shifted from nights to early mornings. Vandana would return from work around 5, and sometimes, we would fuck like rabbits in the morning. On one such morning, during a particularly intense bout of vocal fucking, I suddenly noticed from the bottom of the closed bedroom door, the light come on outside. It was Shanti who had come to work, and I decided to tone down the volume and intensity of fucking. But Vandana being herself, and not bothering about anything just shouted “fuck me harder, make me come” and she thrust her arse back at my cock. I forgot about anyone outside and instead pumped her till she cried out loudly, and I too grunted and came with a loud roar, unloading my hot cum into her pussy. I noticed a shadow move outside the bedroom door and was not sure if I noticed it right. But the next few nights, or should I say early mornings, I noticed this behavior of the shadow on the doorway, only during our sex time. Curious, I decided to investigate this a little deeper.
One such morning after a sex session, instead of going back to sleep as always, I decided to get dressed and step out and see what was going on. I saw Shanti in the kitchen; she had a patch of sweat on her blouse, and was working in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen, not knowing really what I was thinking, when she turned and saw me standing at the door. With something that resembled a smile, she asked “Would you like some warm milk”, in Tamil. I nodded and she quickly produced a glass of hot milk, which I accepted. I drank the same, all the while standing in the doorway and beginning to notice this woman. I did not realize it, but I had already gotten a massive hard-on, seeing her tight arse and busty bosom, clenched within her clothing. On my finishing the coffee, I went towards the sink. Shanti was washing the vessels, her arse tightly wrapped within the sari. Still not realizing the hard on I had, I leant forward to put the cup into the sink, and suddenly my dick was poking her arse.
Before I could withdraw, I felt her push back and she looked at me and said in Tamil “Put it inside, I will take care “and then said “I mean, put the cup in the sink”. I meanwhile wanted to stammer some sort of apology but instead stared at her breasts standing behind her, captive in her low neck blouse, her giant boobs and cleavage visible, a drop of sweat made its way down her neck into her plunging cleavage. I needed a fuck, and almost ran back to my room, and without closing the door, ripped off Vandana’s nighty and began fucking her hard. All the while I stared at the kitchen thru the open door now, and Shanti’s eyes met my eyes. With savage intensity, I pulled my swollen 9inch cock, slick with Vandana’s juices, out of her and thrust her mouth on my cock… and finally with a loud roar, came in giant spurts all over Vandana. Not once had I broken eye contact with Shanti in all this time. Shanti smiled and went back to the kitchen, while I just collapsed on a puzzled but satisfied and sleepy Vandana.
By the time we woke up, Shanti was gone. It was a holiday and the day went by. A few friends called us over for dinner, and we were to leave around 8PM. Vandana tried to call Shanti on her cell to tell her there was no need to come tonite to cook, but was unable to get thru. Then around 7PM, Vandana went out to the parlor to get her legs waxed – she had a new flimsy short skirt she wanted to wear for the dinner. After about 20 minutes, I got an SMS on my phone from an unknown number – it was Vandana saying she was using the salon owner’s phone, asking me to find if she had left her phone at home & send her an SMS on this number confirming it. I dialed her number, and sure enough, she had forgotten the phone in the loo. I sms’d her saying the phone was at home and continued my work.
Around 20 minutes later, her phone rang again – I saw the caller Id, it was Shanti. I picked up the phone & said “hello”, after a brief pause an uncertain voice asked me “Vandana madam?” I replied saying “I am her husband; she has left her phone and gone out. Who is this?” and I heard a definite giggle and Shanti said “Sir, it is me! When will madam come, she had called”. I was already feeling a rising in my loins hearing this coy woman, and said “Oh Shanti, it’s you”. Again Shanti said “Yes sir, it’s me only”, and in a far lower voice, she said “Do you want me to come now or tonight?” and even before I could gather my balance, she giggled and said “I mean, does madam want me to come early or something tonight?”. My head was spinning now, and somehow I said “I am not able to hear you, madam will call you”, and I hung up. I was now horny as hell, and went to the bathroom and started a cold shower, to try and ease my raging hardon.
Midway thru the bath, the doorbell rang. I thought it was Vandana who had come back, and just put on a loose towel and walked towards the door & opened it. Instead it was Shanti! She was now dressed in a tight t-shirt & skirt, and looked at me and smiled. I noticed her boobs jutting out, she held in her hand a chunni of some kind, her nipples almost poking out of the dress, and the t-shirt was tucked into the skirt, accentuating her hips and taut stomach. Shanti asked, looking over my shoulder, in a low voice again “has madam come?” Almost instinctively, I said in a low voice too, almost secretive whisper, “No, how come you are here?” Shanti smiled confidently and brazenly reached up to tie her hair, thrusting her boobs towards my face while doing so, and said “I want to finish cooking and leave early”, saying which she moved in.
I had scarcely moved to give her way and instead my giant hard on rubbed her arse as she crossed me. An audible gasp escaped her mouth and she stayed there with my cock straining my towel and almost buried between her arse cheeks… and she turned her head and asked me “When will madam come, do we have time? I mean, shall I start my work in the kitchen or…”. I almost lost all control and was ready to hold her hips while kissing her, and begin pounding her pussy. However I could see Vandana coming meanwhile in the distance. I squeezed Shanti’s shoulder and said “Madam is coming, I am going for bath now”, and with my huge boner jutting out, I ran to the loo desperate for an ice-shower now to cool this hard on.
15 minutes later, I came from my bath and got ready, I could hear Shanti in the kitchen, and soon Vandana came all decked up. To say she looked sluttish, ravishing was an understatement. Vandana and I have quite an open and intensely sexual relationship. We used to work together in the same BPO and our sex life was an open secret, with her staying overnight many times when I was a bachelor staying with other office friends. In a sense, she was a catch. The hot slut who would flirt with all, and give sex to none – and I managed to tame the bitch and fuck her brains out repeatedly. Vandana was my prize. I then moved onto a different job while Vandana continued at the same office. Often during our sex, she would narrate how different men in office we knew, made fools of themselves trying to please & iThempress her, all desperate for that one fuck, but really getting just a couple of jerk off fantasies, as Vandana would tease them wildly! Such narrations only made me desire her even more and fuck her harder. We had fucked enough times as single friends, in bedrooms where the rest of the room-mates would be outside the room in the same night. And thus, we just decided that the whole idea of silence and quietness was not worth it. We enjoyed our sex and were vocal about it. This attitude of ours made us a very bindaas couple. And now, Vandana looked hot as I first saw her. And she knew it. She smiled indulgently and said “Wait till we get back lover, I have a surprise for you” and she moved to the kitchen and muttered some instructions to Shanti. Without realizing, I strolled into the kitchen to find two very different women in front of me, both hot, sexy and oozing oomph, begging to be fucked royally. Vandana’s phone rang and she stepped out of the kitchen, while Shanti continued staring deep in my eyes, with lust written all over. And she said “Madam looks sexy no?” In a low voice, this had now become some sort of code for a secret whisper between us.
We heard Vandana on the phone, she was saying “Wait, I’ll come to the balcony in the bedroom, the signal is weak looks like” and just as she said this, both Shanti and I stared at each other with anticipation. And as if on cue, the current in the house went off. We had sixty seconds before the generator kicked in. I heard Vandana shout from the balcony “Let’s leave as soon as I am done on the call, you can light a candle and tell Shanti to leave”. I reached out in the pitch darkness and my hand instead fell straight on Shanti’s heaving bosom. It was as though she had moved to stand in front of me. Before I could realize, I felt her hand on mine, and thinking she was going to pull it away, I began myself, instead Shanti clasped my other hand as well and raised both to her giant jugs and squeezed them. Without truly thinking about the consequences, I began squeezing her boobs rapidly and felt her hand resting on my engorged cock outside my trouser and she pressed it, and moved her hand up and down. In the darkness I heard her breathing, and felt her hard and taut nipples. I continued to maul her tits for well over 45 seconds and reached for her arse.
Even as I clasped it and pulled her close to me, her grip on my manhood tightened, and the backup power came. As the tubelight was switching on, I heard Vandana shutting the balcony door and walking towards the kitchen. I disengaged myself from Shanti with extreme speed and yet with difficulty, Shanti seemed cool as a cucumber and smiled and said “Good night sir, see you later?” I stepped out of the kitchen and saw Vandana, and my hard on did not subside. As I walked towards Vandana, she smiled at me and said “Do I look that good or are you just horny?”, she said pointing at the tent in my trouser and the large wet spot that was forming; not realizing the true source of this feeling.
Without losing a second, I grabbed Vandana, pulled her the bedroom. I just ripped off my own trouser, made her lean against the wall and stood behind her. The curtain was not drawn and the door was open too. Vandana managed a muffled “wait, what about the cook”, to which I said “she’s gone”, even as I was staring into Shanti’s eyes who now stood in the kitchen doorway. I put a finger to my lips for her, and then lifted Vandana’s skirt and ripped off her panties as I fell on my knees and started noisily licking her wet cunt. Vandana as usual began to moan without abandon, and said “Fuck me fast you bastard, this is dessert before dinner!” And she now thrust herself back at me, reaching behind her to grasp my shaft which was now oozing precum. I had now forgotten about Shanti while sucking on Vandana’s clit, and now when I saw the kitchen. I saw Shanti leaning against the granite slab; her one hand deep into her skirt and another squeezing her breast, her mouth was open and her lips quivering. In lust induced frenzy, I caught Vandana’s hip and thrust my cock into her and fucked her hard, all the time, staring into Shanti’s eyes. I could see Shanti fingering herself and rising to a crescendo time and again, as her gyrating hips would slow down and she would catch her breath. I too timed my thrusting into Vandana to coincide with Shanti.
And after 10 odd minutes of hard pumping and squeezing, Vandana was the first to give way as she convulsed into an orgasm, gripping the wall for support. Seeing her this way sent Shanti over the top and she too began to quiver and shake and had movements close to epileptic fits. I removed my wet cock, drenched with Vandana’s juices, and staring into Shanti’s eyes, plunged my cock into Vandana’s anus, and within three to four strokes, I roared and came deep inside her anus. My phone rang and reminded us that our friends were waiting in their car downstairs. Without even wiping up, sticky in our cum, we got ready and left. Shanti had already left before us quietly. As I picked up my phone, there was an SMS on it from an unknown number – inside was written “Shanti”.

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