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Sushima Maid – My Hot Beauty

 I’m here to tell you guys and gals this real incident that happen with my maid servant Sushima. She is got real sexy voluptuous body. Her size is around 42-36-38. She is being 8 years older to me. I am 20 and she is 28 in age. She is real horny female. She is only wearing saree and blouse very carelessly. Meaning mostly her saree was shifted away from breasts exposing her enormous boobs blowing out of the small blouse. She is also all time giving me horny looks. I am getting very desperate to feel that sexy body of her.

One day when everyone was out of house I grab chance to seduce her. She had gone to bathroom for bath. When she come out after bath she went to her room next to kitchen. I know that she never close her door fully. So I slowly push open door lightly. I got nice view of her wrapped only in towel. Her back was toward me so she don’t know I am looking her. I waited to see her open towel to and wear saree. I saw her full naked body from back side. Then she is slowly wearing each thing like panty, bra, petticoat, blouse and then slowly wrapping herself in saree. Then when she come out I quickly ran to my room to masturbate. Suddenly she come to my room to do cleaning work. She saw me shaking my dick very fast. She laugh at me. Then she slowly tell me that she know I was watching her secretly. I feel very embarrass. I told her what she will do then. She also ask me back what I want to do then. I told her frankly I want to see her full naked properly. She bindass said ok do what you want if you got guts like a real man. I am in shock. I don’t want to loose this golden chance. I bring her to my bed and make her stand in front. She gave me her saree pallu in hand to take off. My hands were shaking as I am pulling her saree away from body. Three times I carefully unwrap the saree from waist.

Then she is standing in only petticoat and blouse. I am seeing her sexy bra showing from sides and between hooks of blouse. The blouse was so tight even her nipples are poking out like pins. My whole body shivering getting desperate to see her naked fast. She put her hands on my cheek kissing me softly and say “sabarkaphalmeethahotahai, jaanu”. Then I try to take breath to cool down. Then I kiss her whole body from top to bottom. She was going to open blouse hooks herself. I say no I want to do it. She says ok. So with my fingers I slowly open the blouse hooks one by one. When all hooks were open then I could see her big juicy balls bursting from one white color bra. It have embroidery with lot of holes in it so I can see parts of her fleshy balls from it. My dick is shooting up like thunder.

She is seeing the big lump in my tight pant. She also quickly open my shirt and pant and also underwear. I am standing full naked in front of her. Then she raise her petticoat to show me her sexy thighs and little bit of pussy hiding in one black panty. I pulled her to sleep in bed with me. She is looking so hot in that pose. Then I sit on her belly and pull the bra straps from shoulder exposing the beautiful bare boobs. Then I put my hands under her body and open the bra hooks also. Then I am kissing her full sexy upper portion of body like face, neck, balls, armpit, and stomach. Then I open the petticoat and pull it down completely. She looked so sexy in only the black panty. Then I am pulling the black panty very slowly away from pussy part. When the panty came to thighs I am amazed to see her huge deep cunt with lot of hair like thick jungle. I am licking and biting hair on cunt like hungry dog.

She is also enjoying the pleasure so much. She is making moaning sound like aaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooohhhhh and saying thing like “ash lick me deep inside and make me to cum”. Meanwhile she was pressing my dick very hard. I cry painfully. Then she hit her pussy in my face and say “eat my pussy my hungry man. I am think of raping her so badly that she will remember full lifetime. I bite her nipples so hard she is going aaaahhaaaaah .

I am getting more and more pleasure when she is getting pain. I knead and squeeze her heavy duty balls making her cry more in pain. Then I suddenly thrusted my large size dick in her oozing pussy and bang her continuous. She din’t tell me to stop. Instead she is saying “fuck me hard, screw me badly idiot. Then I hit my dick with full force deeply inside her sexy cunt. I went on hitting for long time. Her pussy was burning hot. I felt blood also coming little bit because I’m knocking so hard. Then finally she cried I’m going to cum” I am hitting even more hard into her wet pussy and said even i am also going to cum after a 40 mins continuous fast speed fuck”.

Then she actually start to cry and beg me fuck me more. I was in shock to hear that. Now I understand why she was so ready to fuck with me and she is getting fat salary for what. Then I fuck her even more badly. I tear every single hole in her body.

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