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Take Carer And Maid Aunty Turned To Sex Partner

Hi everyone I am Reddy. Please send me valuable feedback to my mail I am back again with new experience with maid cum aunty from my childhood. This is happened when I was 18 years old. Her name is Hyma (name changed). She is our maid used to work with us from her 12 years old. She was dark complexion with bright lips and sexy fit body, always used to wear half sari. She always used to wear jasmines flower in her long sexy silky hair. I was two years old when she joined for work. She is daughter-in-law of my old maid. We were like so close she used to look after my chores every time. I too like her. Time passed day by day we were really close, she used give me bath when I was small and she used to dress me as well. Time passed I’ve grown up; still she used give me bath. When parents go away from home she used to look after me and my sister, she used to stay at our place, used to take shower with us and eat with us. I am very close to her than my sister, even she used like me more than my sister.

I remember one time we had strange incident. All my family went to Chennai for some ceremony I was left alone with Hyma. She cooked food and still used to give me bath. One day we had small conversation about her marriage where she felt little shy and asked me to marry, that was a fun conversation and she felt shy when I asked her about marriage. She later gave me bath and we had food. That evening she said she is going to wash all the clothes and dry. She washed all the clothes and dried them. I was left with no clothes for next day except the one I wore. It was sunny whole day. Night we went to sleep; I was sweating heavily so she said to take my shirt off and she wore nighty. I hugged her and slept that night. It was quite common for me most of the time I used to sleep with her like that.

Next morning I woke up and it was heavily raining and all my clothes were wet I have no clothes to wear that morning. I asked her what I should do. She said she will dry few of them under fan. Meanwhile I can have bath and get dried. She took me to bath and she too came for bath along with me, I had nice bath and after that she had nice bath and we both dried well and she wore her nighty again without any inner wear I wrapped tower around my waist. We came into room and saw our clothes they are still wet, fan is not working because of no power. I have nothing to do now except keeping that wet tower around my waist till I get my clothes get dried. She dried her inner wear too and they aren’t dried. She said me to sit stay like that for some time and can wear clothes when they are dried properly. She sat on floor and I sat on her lap.

After few minutes she realized my towel is too wet and her nighty is soaked as well because of wetness of my towel and said me to take off the towel. It is not new for her to see me naked so I immediately removed my towel and sat on her lap and I was playing with her. I asked her, why she is still wearing nighty when she got dry clothes to which she said, she hasn’t got bra and underwear. That was first time I asked her what is bra and I took that wet bra into my hands and asked her what is this and why do you use this for? Her face turned little red and replied me saying, you are too young to know about all those. I insisted her to explain about that then she replied saying she got bigger chest than mine so she has to wear them for holding them right up.

With innocence I immediately went to her and lifted her boobs up and said is this how? She was shocked and said you should not touch them like that and took my hands of them. She wasn’t very angry but she said you are too young to know them. I felt bit confusing and asked her why and asked her what is matter explain me now. I was like little bit bothering to her now. I went and sat in her lap again and was talking and again I asked her explain to me about them. After long time insisting her she finally agreed to explain by small example but she warned me not to say any one or ask her any more about these. I agreed to her and she started explaining me in a strange way. She said me” you know when you get bath some time your Willy becomes big; especially when I apply soap around your thing, which is because I am girl and when I touch that part the sensation makes your Willy big so those parts are private for men and women and boobs as well. I understood little but still I was little confused and asked her I can’t able to believe and understand. Then she said me to touch my own Willy with my own hand and squeeze little to which I did the same; she said but nothing has happened and she said that because you touched yourself will have less sensation and she gave me nice touch and started playing with my Willy and balls.

All of a sudden my small Willy became big and I feel strangeness in my body and she laughed at that and said you little overgrown boy its big now. I asked her why this happening is and how, to which she said enough of your questions and I should stop talking about that now. I stopped asking her questions. After few minutes she laughed at me and I didn’t realize what happened then realized my Willy is still big. She said me relax and I sat in her lap. After half hour I asked her small favor and asked her to promise me to do it. She promised me and I asked her to play with my Willy like that every time I like it. She was little shocked and said she will think about it but she asked me not to discuss this things with any one or anywhere or else both of us will be in trouble.

After that for few months she never did that to me and we never were together at home. She used to tease me few times when she used give me bath. One day when no one is at home I was watching television sitting in her lap, she kept her hand into my short and started rubbing my thing, to which I started enjoying. Just she teased me and started laughing. After few years I think I was 10 years one day she gave me bath and I dried myself and sat naked in her lap watching television , suddenly strange thinking tickled my penis and its grow so big and tight it never was like that before , I turned towards her with she was smiling to me with strange smile. She was playing with my Willy with her hair around it , which is tickling my penis and just that made me feel so arouse I never felt same before. That was when I feel in love with long hair fetish. Later many times I used to ask her hair and used to play with it around my dick. When I was 11 my mom said to her to bath me any more since I am very grown up so I have to do all on my own.

After that for good 2 years I have never got a chance to spend time with her personally. I finished my exams and I was free at home spending time playing cricket and different games in holidays. Now I am more mature than before I know few thing better but not everything. One day all my family went to Vijayawada for some function that was when I got my luck and dream came true. I was 18 years old and she was 24 years old and she already had few affairs with boys around her place.

I went out for playing and came back and asked her to give me nice bath with massage it’s been very long I had bath from her, to which she immediately said yes. She was wearing dark blue color clothes with white color half sari with long plait for silky hair and Jasmin flowers. I sat on table with my boxer she came to me and asked me to remove my boxer and sit. I did so she started massaging me with oil and mean while she had her eyes on my tool. I started making eye contact with her and said her that I knew now what you said all about when I was you to which she laughed. After few minutes of chat she said what I know about, I explained her saying, how men turn up and what is foreplay. She looked me strange and gave a lustful smile. I asked her if she can play with my dick with her hair. She first hesitated and then she accepted she asked me to sit on stool and sat on the floor between my legs and kept her long plaited her on my tool and I turned really hard.

I then took her hair and started playing and felt mesmerizing. I removed her flowers from hair and changed to a bun and started keeping my dick in middle of that bun and felt that wonderful experience. After few minutes all of the sudden I have ejaculated loads of sperm, she was shocked and came to me and asked me if she really turned me one. I grabbed her and kissed her to her lips really hard and deep. I pushed her to corner of the bathroom and lifted her petticoat up and started rubbing her pussy cheeks, she is turned on and started moaning. I ripped her blouse and sucking nipples hard and squeezing them. She turned on and started moaning heavily.

I grabbed her towards me and kept my dick on her pussy and pushed her. She started shouting slowly and whispered in my ear saying be slow its first time so you might not stay longer if feel excited. I was so excited I started pushing hard and hard by kissing her all over her neck, boobs and lips. I just lasted for 4 minutes and finished later, she taught me how to fuck properly and last long. I was well trained later and we had really wonderful sex there after till she got married at age of 28.

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