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Taste Of Village Maid Jayanti

Their name was Shanti (28 yr) and Jayanti (32 yr). Shanti was widow, bit dark lady with big boobs 34″. I had described about Shanti briefly in the early story. She cooks tasty food. And Jayanti a divorced was average colour lady not white not dark. Plump and hanging boobs 36″. Jayanti usually works in farm house on every alternative week to Shanti, she works differently in the fruit garden too. She was very cheerful lady. From the very beginning she doesn’t maintain much gap, use to very talkative. From the conversation, I learn that, she was divorcee and the reason of divorce is because of her drunkard and gambler husband. Who use to bit her and take away her income? Now she stays with her father as mother her expired long ago. One thing common between her and Shanti was TV; both were very interested in TV. But the TV was in the bedroom of Farm house only. She does her regular works in field, and additionally she works in fruit and vegetable gardens too. She wore sari every day, and some time in nightie too, which she bring to work during the Farm house works. She complete her outside work, do the farm house work and watch TV and again goes to Garden works which her other friends and Shanti leave the field during afternoon regularly.

In the beginning days, whenever I come to farm house after touring fields and from my works, I observe her, she always watch TV, seating in a chair nearby my bed. Sometime she put her nightie up to her thigh. I can have a glimpse of her thigh and when I enter my bedroom she stands up in respect to me, I always ask her to seat and watch the TV. She gives me my lunch and stand aside for any other food service. After lunch I take some rest which she also lie down in a bed at the hall room. Occasionally she wants to watch TV which she takes permission from me and I allow her without any interrupt. Some time I operate the remote and sometimes by her. We watch Crime series now days almost all channel shows, sometime the sexual crime series are shown, she was against the torture of women, or the act which women’s were hurt by man and she passes rough comments against does act. I support her in this and after finishing the series we always discuss, same type of stories that happens in real life, known to her or stories known to me. By the mean time the other ladies and workers left to home from work and I make the payments. We go to vegetable and fruit garden after ending our discussion. We discuss lot of other things as movies, serials there with she collecting the vegetables and fruit. Our farm house common toilet was bit far from the house so she use attached toilet of my bedroom after taking due permission from me. She doesn’t hook the toilet door from inside; just close the door during peeing. This was about her usual habit.

After becoming bit free and friendly in the house, in the next alternative day, when Shanti was also in nearly my prank, In the next alternative week when I reached home, she smile and greet me, responding her I praise her, “you are getting slim day by day” she replied ” I can’t become fat, as because I don’t have husband “. I was shocked by her answer, I asked her “why? What is the relation of husband regarding fat and slim?” She replied shyly “the lady with husband enjoy and amuse a lot”, I understand the point, and said so then ” you should engage with someone” she replied shyly” it’s tough to search for a good man, as you also know” I said “am I a bad guy? ” she said shyly ” but you won’t be my husband ” I said ” but I can give u the happiness you are looking for” which see laughed naughtily and said “what you can give, dada (brother) ? ” I said everything what a women wants “pointing my eye towards her vagina” she understood and move away in shy.

After I refreshed myself, I was watching TV, and she went in to toilet for pee, which I hear clearly her peeing sound, in imagination my manhood got erect. And when she came out, I asked in normal voice, “your peeing sound disturbed me a lot”, she replied in cunning smile” what kind of disturbance did you had?”, I said “I didn’t heard the voice of TV properly, she said “You could have increase the volume” I said “I dint mind that”, she prepared my lunch and I asked her to accompany me; to be friendly taking food together increases the closeness with people’s as I believe that, and I have been success in it many time, we began to take food. She accompanied me and I ask her not to disclose or discuss with any other workers regarding the matter of taking food with her in the same table , which she said I don’t discuss anything happens inside the house.

After having the lunch, I had some rest, and she was asking me permission for watching serials, I allowed her. While watching TV I went to toilet for pee , after coming back she complained me that she was disturbed of my peeing sound, as it was making a big sound, and I knowingly left the door open. I asked her “what type of disturbance?” she replied “same disturbance, what you had” I approach her acting like a angry man and ask her to stand up, she thought I was doing does act really and in silently she stand up , with a frighten face. I watch her in eyes for a minute and I laughed out loudly which she began to smile and she said me that, she really got shock of my change in behavior and really got scared. I ask to give some massage if she don’t feel bad, she actively react and had a good massage in back, I was praising her massage after nearly 20 min of massage I thank her and I ask her to bring my purse from my pant, and I offered a 100 rupee note, saying it was her massage fee and it’s extra from her monthly salary, I also inform her that if I give her any money for her performance it’s extra money from her salary.

She thanked me and I praise her massage a lot. After some time, some extra feeling of lust and passion came on my mind and I ask her to massage me again, on course of massage, while relaxing myself on massage and commanding her show area of massage, a automatic sound came out of me, “aaaaahhh aahhh, moja (great) there, press there more”. In between she asked me, did I like massage, I replied that, it relax my whole body, and I ask her, did she ever takes massage, she said that, she never got any massage, in a cunning mode I reply back to her, married people’s don’t need extra massage, as they get there relation automatically in love, she said, but she is divorce of 4 years. I show my sympathy that, she might not be relaxed for long time. In a little voice, I ask her did she need massage, she didn’t make any reply; I understood that she need that, and my Penis got a motion to erect slowly and slowly. After 10 minute of massage, I turn around and face her, and I sit on bed, I thanked, her it was a great feel of relaxation. And now I will relax her by massage. I ask her to turn her back and sleep, which she obediently followed me and I began to massage her.

She was on her sari that day, I was massaging her from back to her knee, in between I ask to loosen up her sari a bit for better relaxation for which, she loosed her petticoat thread, by raising her butts bit upward and butts facing me, I began to be mad slowly and my Penis is growing more and more. Now I concentrate her butts, massaging there getting no any negative reaction, and moving upward massaging at back, I began to massage on the upper left and right side of back, mean I am massage the sides of her boobs, they were really firm, I never expect that such a huge boob would be so firm, I left the other parts and began to massage on side of boobs sides only. I got a clear indication of her acceptance , it’s may be due to 4 years of a thirst or hungry of sex, as I know that the lady who once got a habit of sex, become very tough to control herself of her sexual needs, tough she might control herself, but a little sensation may turn her on.

I move down to her butts, I raise her sari to bit upward from her elbow part, to nearby her butts, massaging faster one of her middle finger touched a bush and my penis feels like my fore head to penis is on fire and there might be a lot of pre-cum in it. She was not wearing any panty inside, as a married lady who stay with husband in village and maintain a regular sex life don’t wear panty.

Touching her bush, I bend towards her butts to see her bushes, it was like a dark deep forest, I put my right hand inside it and feel that her pussy hairs were grown up to a big length, I guess it’s nearby 2 inch, I praise her that her pussy hairs were amazing and mad e me feel great. After a second I put my fingers in her pussy, I feel lot of her pre-cum in pussy and it was a thick and like glue. She replies me that “I am feeling a need of love after a long term” I said “I will make you like a real women”. She now turns upwards facing me and said, “really, I want your penis in me”. My mind began to dance and I was in kneeling position move up to her waist in kneeling, and I began to knead or fondled her boobs without opening her blouse, I slowly unhook her blouse and her bra, I was feeling great as her boobs was very huge, when I opened her bra, it was like a suitcase full of cloths, and cloths jump high when it opened. I press her in love; make her feel the love of my hands. And I began to suck her nipples for nearly 15 min by pressing 1 and sucking another and vice-verse, she was moaning slowly. I pull out her entire maroon colored sari, and her saffron color petticoat tucking near her waist and covering only her love hole, it was looking like, as if she was wearing a loose mini skirt. I dint made her full nude.

Suddenly there was a knock in my door, I rushed to the door wearing my t shirt, as I was already in boxer, I act like sleepy and within 3 min of knocking, open the door, and it was the worker lady, cam to search Jayanti. I replied she was sleeping may be, I ask her to wait there, I came in found Jayanti was in fast mode wear all her clothes and I lied down on bed. After 4-5 min, she came in and I asked her what happen, she said that, Jayanti borrowed some 200 rupee from that lady, and now she need it, as there day work is over and leaving the fields and Jayanti promise her to pay by evening.

Saying this Jayanti, went to toilet and leave up her sari and seat to sit. She dint feel any shy by now and I got a proper view of the bush and butts. When she washed her pussy and came out, I ask her to undress herself she did it and on her petticoat without any blouse, bra and sari she stand there. I can see the geographical view of her whole body; it was like a general married Indian lady, fats the lower tummy, with appealing butts. I ask her to lift her petticoat to show me her pussy, she did that in standing there, I ask her to untie her hair, and she followed that. To my greatness she got a long her fall up to her upper butts. I ask to lift her hand, she did that. Now I ask her to bend towards me. When she did that, the volume of boobs can be nicely viewed. She was looking like a model and acting like a porn star and I forgot that she was my maid. I went to her pull out my penis out of boxer and went to her back lift her petticoat and slowly tried to stroke. In some 10- 12 slow stokes my complete penis went in. I began to feel grate and I was in heaven. Her pussy was tight enough. After stroking nearly15 min from behind, her moan getting loud and loud. She move towards bed and kept her hands in bed, while she moving towards bed. I was still stroking and follow her to the bed like wild animal.

She stand up from that bend position, I stroking continuously, I sit down in bed and make her to seat in my lap. Wow what a josh (energy) she got. She was jumping very fast. I guess she was giving, 60 jumps per minute. I move towards the dressing mirror facing my bed, what a view, her boobs jumping and her hair were like a wild. I was about to cum by then, I take out a condom put it in my Penis, and again insert it taking her in modified missionary position, she was below me and I was stroking above her, I some time catch her legs by my hand and stroke and sometimes put her legs in my shoulder but she like the position; her legs in my shoulder. She said, this way it directly hit her main amusing point. Stroking fast and fast I cummed, in her after nearly a 2 hour long period of love making. I slept above her for another 5 minute for an extra relaxes.

After that I went to bed and gone sleep pulling out my condom. She went to bathroom and cleans herself. It was about to sunset. She awakes me. I wake up its 6pm. She said me we should go to vegetable and fruit garden. But I was in no mood. I said her. You go and collect it. She obeyed me and went and came back. I was watching TV. She sits on the chair. I ask to seat on the bed and I said that she can seat in my bed when only Jayanti and me were there in room, if we can stay nude with each other; why can’t she use my bed. She gave me a glass of milk, I had it. And she was about to leave my farm house. Before leaving we had some love making I pick her up and both facing each other and her legs were across my butt. This time I dint use condom I flush out all my cum, cumming inside vagina without condom, is like flying in heaven. And never let her to clean her, as I assure to buy contraceptives. I left her on her house by my bike.

Next morning, she came and said me; her father won’t be at home for some day as he will move to her brother, who works in a distant city. I felt oh it’s my dream became true. Fucking a woman at night is a great taste. I ask not to tell anyone or they may doubt. That day we make some love, and ask her not to wear bra or blouse , I went to home and then to town as I got some works there, brought her some jewellery(not gold),cosmetics, deo for her, panty, and short nightie. I also repair her mobile. I came back and reach there by afternoon.
I went to chacha, give him a bottle of whiskey which he likes a lot, but he is not habitual but occasional. I went to bed room, and ask, did you went outside, she replied “no”, I said her, it will be bad if chacha would know that. I gave her gifts; she was unexpected to get those gifts. I ask her to take bath. She did it wear the nightie, but she didn’t want to wear panty as she don’t have its habit now. I said that as you will maintain a sex life you need it.

Those nights were a great night; she learned all positions slowly day by day. She taught a lot of thing form the porn movies in my laptop, she began to copy the acts and position. She always give me a good massage before sex and I feel great relaxation after my cum, I often give her extra money Rs 100- 200 when It’s possible , she is getting beautiful and plump day by day, may be due to daily sex. She use to be in nightie and I take the enjoyment of the various posture of her, which I show and she learn from porn movies. She never cuts her bush of pussy, but cuts her armpits, as she knows that I like the beauty of bushes in women pussy. As I am interested in the posture, whenever I was not in mood but she was in mood for sex, she show me the posture and arouse me , basically, she wear petticoat without any other cloths and lift it teasing me, jumping without bra, wearing only panty/ petticoat . I flush my cum in her love whole regularly, without any protection, which later she became, pregnant and cleared in monthly contraceptives. That 2 months with her was really amazing, I can never forget, even now I manage when know I go to home for leave and take leave in farm seasons.

She called me, and sometime come to stay in my place like Shanti . I tried to help her in bad days too. I had also helped her for opening a grocery store in her village. I introduce both of them in front of others as my cousin sisters. Later both of them came to know that I maintain a sex relation with both Shanti and Jayanti. But it’s an open secret among them.

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