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Taste Of Village Maid Shanti

Hi it’s Somar from North Bengal. It was during the summer when I passed my MBA and selected in a pharmaceutical company in Marketing and between the time of leaving my college and joining the company, I was on a Vacation or a preparatory leave at my village. My village is a joyous place, I have been ever gone through. Large paddy fields, good number of canals, ponds and lots fruit or vegetable garden lying across the road.

As I was the only son of my family I was pretty naughty, elder sister got married, younger sister still at her UG course in town residing in Hostel there. Dad is an Agriculturist and running a Hardware shop, Mom being a teacher. Though I was not interested in agriculture or hardware shop but due to immense pressure from mom and dad, I had to go paddy fields and vegetable gardens during my vacation since I was pursuing my B.Sc course and I had to be at my dad’s hardware shop when I didn’t go to Agriculture sites. This was because my parents don’t want me to settle faraway as I was a single son of our family.

Our shop was at the road site near the main road not more than 1 km from our home. Where 2 permanent workers assist my dad and Farm lands were nearly 4 km away from my home, we had a farm house there. Where an old man who was once my Grandfather’s loyalist stay in a hut near to our farm house, he was of my dad’s age. He is very hard working, he usually looks the paddy, wages of maids, coordinate the maids for paddy and other works, looks the cattle, vegetable and fruit works, and many more. I and my sister called him Chacha.

Whenever I use to visit there, I was told to look the boundaries of our fields which were lying unorganized i.e. fields located here and there, I have to look proper use of resource as Tractor, Pump sets, cattle, plough or laying of paddy, collection on paddy in season, collection of vegetables in time, pesticides, fertilizer and many more. During season I have to stay at farm house, where it is bit unmanageable for chacha to do all the works alone, and dad visit there occasionally or when some problems were bit tough to solve my me and chacha. This time, when I completed my MBA, I got a vacation of nearly 2 months. I were instructed the works to be done. We had contracted 5 lady and 2 men for the works this time. 2 lady of them were widow and 1 was divorced and 2 had a family. Among them 2 lady will also do the house hold works of farm house, as cleaning, preparing food for all etc.

Their name was Shanti (28) and Jayanti (32) .
Shanti was widow, bit dark lady with big boobs 34″. She cooks tasty food. And Jayanti a divorced was average color lady not white not dark. Plump and hanging boobs 36″. Both were very fashionable and use were matching dresses all the time. They come to field in morning and start there works and decide who will work in farm house and either Shanti or Jayanti come and do the works. I wake up nearly 5 am every day and go to fields. Look after them and then come to another part all around. 1st day Shanti was bit shy to talk me but began to be free later on, she talks very less, got to know she completed her studies up to Intermediate (12th) but got married and now have to work on field for income after became a widow. Though I tried to friendly with her at house I was very strict at field, and try to apology her at home. I use to meet her in close when she comes to cook food, tea our cleaning farm house. I use to enquiry lot about her, about her income, about her child which didn’t have. She reply calmly and in between became tragic too. She was very interested in watching TV so, usually she opt for house works. She watch TV when she completed her works. After 3 – 4 days of regular work at home she is friendly with me. As I regularly tipped her with 30 – 50 rupee. She also cleaned removes the bottles of whisky of last night’s. And even question me “why I drink so much of alcohol” I reply “because to stay away from loneliness”.

She always takes bath before cooking and looks a tuned village beauty after that. I usually found her torn clothes hanging for dry near bathroom and 1 day I ask her “don’t you have nice clothes?” she replied she had only 1 saree which she wear in special occasion. Then I asked do you need new cloths, she replied “I don’t have money”. I said “I will gift her” she was shocked to know that, she disagree at that time but later she agreed, after I asked for her choices her color, her other inners as bra and panty which she started shying more and more, but was relying slowly. After 4 day to stay at Farm house that day I went to home and then to our nearest small town where I brought 2 saree and 2 matched blouse for her, 1 nightie the frock styled and a 2 pair of cheap quality bra and panty . Next day when she came I gave her the clothes and asked her to show me how it looks or match her. She bathed and came to me, she was looking good in that yellow colored saree and I ask for next, she wear a maroon colored saree, she was looking smart there. Slowly I asked her about inner wear. To which she reply. She feel shy to show that. After lots of “emotional atyachar” she came to me. I was getting mad. She was in black bra and panty in front of me. I was getting mad. I was about to touch her. She said “naa dada” I said please let me touch your boobs only she was very shy at that movement. Which she closed her eyes and for 1st time I feel her soft big boobs. It’s was great feeling, for 1st time touching an elder ladies private part. I came back to chair and ask her to lift her hands up. When she did it, wooowww it was great nude beauty in front of me. I asked her to keep her hands down. And ask her to jump. She began to jump slowly, wooowww she was looking amazing moving her boobs up and down. I pulled out my dick. Which she seem in a shock. She said it was quit big. I ask her to remove her bra and jump she did it. This made me made. Her boobs juggling here and there. She got a perfect shape of beauty of which married ladies have. A bit fatty belly, curvy hips, and some fats in her back hips. Her fatty body jumping and moving here and there I ask to bend herself forward me. Wowwwww now her boobs are hanging like a raw mangos.

I became uncontrolled went to her and pump the boobs. She said “please fill me, I want you, I am hungry since last 3 years” her body was like a typical Indian women, I pulled down her panty and found her pussy was bit bushy or hairy. I asked her why you don’t clean that, she replied “what is use, if no 1 is there for this” I replied keep it clean. I smell her pussy and became mad. It smells great, my dick became fully ready after I smelled it. While I was pumping her boobs from back I rubbed my Penis in her pussy. She back stroked me. I became mad as little bit of my penis went in, it was very warm and juicy, which my Penis glued like some glue in my penis.
Then I began to fell, my stroke began, on a half thrush only the fore head of Penis went. After few minutes my whole dick went in, which she moan. Oooooooo maaaaag ki moja (Ooo mom, what a feeling)

I became mad as I began to feel my whole of dick in her pussy. We were in doggy position, giving fast stokes. She start giving strokes. I began to feel the taste, I studied she do a good doggy job. As it was after a long period sex. I was about to cum. Then she request wait for some minute, which I feel that, she start taking the taste, after a while she cum and ask me to do my job. I ask her I will cum in her pussy, she replied. “You should buy me medicine”. Which I agreed her after. She began to stroke me. I was in heaven feeling that. On a while I cummed in her pussy. A sound began after that phuccch phucch, phucc phucc. When she stand up another sound came “faaaaark” air sound of her pussy.

I kissed her. And said thanks. To which she replied. ” I was hungry and thirsty since 3 years, and I shall thanked you, now you to me” I replied it was a great enjoyment”. She request me to feel her as long as possible. In which I assure her. I observed that my semen, a thick liquid juice was flowing downward to her knee from her pussy. I rub it and she said I will do that. After that it became a regular routine for both of us. We meet daily at least for a 5 minute. In which we do a quickie job. She comes and pull up her saree and petticoat and do that. But she allows me to blow my cum in her. I began to like hairy pussy day by day. She made me a real man with a fucking session daily as a married man. Whenever there was no farm work, she comes in a silly reason as my house hold works. She demand me for night session but I afraid it. If chacha know that. It will be very bad. But we got a luck. Chacha had to rush to her grandchild as his grand child was severely sick. I called for a 3 day vacation for all other except Shanti and Jayanti. Shanti and I enjoyed each other in this nights. As we stayed as a married husband and wife. I brought her some more sarees, costly bra panty. She use to give me a good body massage at night followed by a ride, she rides great. Whenever she ride at night, she untie her hair which falls up to her butts and a bindi in her forehead, she don’t like to wear bra at night as it was hot and at day she move around in her short nightie and remain ready to be fucked all around the day. She never let me to waste my semen, I blow on her every day. I bought her a mobile phone and calls her whenever I wish. After a 2 month long session of regular session. I had to leave her for my job. She use to call me in her need of money or some other help which I eagerly do.
Now she is starting a cloth sewing industry, which I helped her.

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