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The Real Deal With Maid

Well these incident happened a couple of years ago i don’t remember exactly when though. I was doing my IATA course den after HSC and thankfully i was out of a relationship from my den gf Najma aka Muskan. I was kinda relieved that v broke up from inside cause things were going down the serious path. Still i used 2 pretend that i was very heartbroken it gave me the advantage of not going 2 my classes and stuff. Dad was in Dubai mom normal housewife and younger sis and bro who r studying, as dad was away i was the king of the house.

Now coming to the main attraction of the story our maid her name was Shabana she was skinny yet beautiful the structure of her face was attractive plus the dusky color made her look irresistible her lean body was perfect to bang. She was a divorced woman with a child of her own staying with her mother.

She was of great help to my mom, was more of like a friend to her mom used to share everything with her. And i also used 2 share everything with my mom. So indirectly Shabana came to know everything about my break up and all.

So how it actually happened here it goes i was chilling out with my buddies in my area when Shabana passed and i glanced at her, a friend of mine Adnan had a friend Imran, who was a painter by profession not the M. F. Hussain types but the normal walls painting dude. He saw me glancing at Shabana so he asked “bhai kisko jhadrele pehchante kya usko” (bro whom r u looking at do u know her) i said “haa bhantaai apne yahaan kaam karti hai” (yes dude she works at my place) den he said “bhai yeh toh full on chatak hai meri item thi majboot khaya hun isko” (she’s a slut and i have had fun with her innumerable times) i was quite shocked and asked him to tell me everything. He said that she is a slutty women and that’s y her husband has given her divorce after the divorce still she used to fuck around with Imran and used 2 ask money from him. But when he stopped giving her the money that’s when she stopped meeting him. Den i said that acha hua bata diya ab aayega maza. (Great to know about her now it will be too much fun)

I didn’t used 2 work den and used 2 be at home only cause my iata classes were at bandra dat too only on tue wed and fri it was a thu and my siblings were off to their respective schools and tuitions and that day my mom was also not at home she went to my nanis (granny’s) place regarding sum work. And i was at my place in my room sleeping wearing a lungi and nothing else. That’s when she knocked and i went and opened the door everything was normal she started working and all and den is when i decided i have 2 do sum thing today. She came in my room to sweep the floor that’s when i was on my bed & acted like i was crying she heard and asked kya hua Salman (what happened Salman). That’s when i told her i m missing Muskan my ex gf & den she said don’t worry i know i acted as a bit surprised & asked her how did she knew. She said my mother told her about my breakup & how much worried she is ke kahin main kuch kar na baithun like suicide and all. That’s when i said that i don’t think i have any other option uski jagah koi nahi le sakta (no one can replace her) v were together 4 six months she was the only 1 jiske saath i had my longest relationship.

That’s when she said that don’t worry u will get a better girl den her den, i replied is it so den where is she cause i need her the most right now. No one is ever gonna love me like she did and it’s better that i go & die. Koi nahi samjhega mujhe (no one will ever understand me) that’s when she said pagal ho kya main hun na (r u mad i m there 4 u) u can share with me anything and everything that u want. I m there 4 u as a friend den i interrupted and said i don’t need a friend i have a lot of friends. And friendship is meaningless these days and i need sum one 2 love me take care of me and in return whom i can love whom i can take care of, sum one with whom i can go out hang around watch movies. That’s when she said ok Salman if u want me 2 be more den friends with u i will be there 4 u but only cause u r saying that u will not do anything stupid like suicide and etc and she is doing it only for my mother cause she won’t be able 2 bear the pain if i do something stupid like it.

Den i guessed dat bandi baatli mein utar gayi hai (she has fallen for my trick) & hugged her she hugged me back i whispered in her year that i love her & pleaded her never 2 leave me alone she reacted in a positive manner and started kissing me quite hard. I was just wearing a lungi so in a jiffy i removed

It and i was stark naked and their she was lying in front of me in my own house in my own room and in my own bed wearing a salwar kameez of light green color just 2 remind u she was nothing like a regular Indian maid. She was quite hygienic smelled wonderful hairs all tied up above her head. Now as i was naked she hold my dick and pressed it quite nicely i loved her soft hands grip on my tool. I went over her and slid my hands inside her kameez from her abdomen and started going up soon my hands were on her boobs and she had quite an amazing pair of them. I realized she was wearing a black bra which was looking nice i unzipped her kameez from the back and picked her up and placed her right on my dick and started kissing her boobs. Her arms were cleanly shaved not a single hair on her body and that’s how i love women. I started licking her giving her love bites on her necks and pinching her nipples. She started moaning and as her hands were on my back she started scratching my back and i loved it. I asked her to pinch my nipples too as i was enjoying that i unhooked her bra and started sucking her nipples wildly. There was no sign of protest from her she was enjoying each and every bit of it i picked her up laid her down on the bed back ways and removed her shalwaar. Her ass was there in front of me i grabbed it; bite it hard with my teeth and den asked her if she is ready for it. And like a faithful servant she nodded her head.

I took parachute coconut oil in my hand rubbed it all over my two fingers and inserted it in her ass whole. She screamed it was tight i made her feel easy by doing it slowly and den i removed it and asked her 2 be ready for it she said she is up for it i applied the oil over my dick and den bamn!!! I rammed her ass whole and asked her how it was she said it felt like kisine garam garam saliyaa ghusa diya andar (sum one inserted a hot rod of iron in her ass). Den i fucked her ass whole like that 4 a while & den asked her 2 turn around & den inserted my dick in her chut (cunt) & kept on fucking her kissing her pinching & biting her nipples licking her neck & giving her love bites. There is also one thing that i do with my tongue inside the ears that was taught 2 me by my 2nd gf heena aka baahaar i did that too and she literally went berserk after that she was moaning in pleasure i sensed that she was gonna cum.

So i increased the speed i came first still kept on going as i wanted her 2 have her orgasm too den she gripped my hairs in her fingers and hugged me tightly i realized that she too had her orgasm.

She went 2 get dressed i too freshened up while she was leaving and asked me if she can have a thousand bucks i gave her but later realized that was quite expensive fucked her a couple of more times later on wards whenever used 2 get the chance used 2 grab her ass and boobs while other family.

Members used 2 be there in the other rooms. After a couple more fucks she started requesting for more money but den i started saying no 2 her den she got remarried to sum one else left the job at our place haven’t seen her in a long time. Although my fetish of fucking my maid was complete after her

Sum more maids came 2 work at our place but no one was worth it, all of them were the typical Indian maids.

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