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The Reality Sex – Maid Servant Sex

I’m a new author this is my first story. If you like my story please. let me know so I can write more and boost the healthy sex.

I’m Charan I’m 5’5, athletic lazy guy. I don’t know my maids name but she was a fuck hot be-yotch. She is 5’1 chocolate color with huge beautiful boobs. Aged 21 and I’m 23 when I fucked her presently I’m 25. she looks like a figure of Divya Dutta of Bollywood except she is choco and a bit thin than her.

One day I woke up saw my maid sweeping the floor. Huge boobs no bra cotton blouse with clear shape of her boobs. I used to stare her a lot when my mom was not around and my maid didn’t like that.

One day my family decided to go on a tour and I’m not a family guy. I dropped out of the tour my dad was pissed off. I was pissed off and unbelievably my family left on the tour in the morning when my maid was working. My dad didn’t give me any money to spend. So I asked my mom and took the money at the door. I was so pissed off at my dad I sat in the hall and then stood up moved around. Looked at my maid and she was laughing. Actually that look was for that we are alone and she was blushing. I understood that she has those intentions. I asked her to go clean my room. She then went into my room. I went at the back of her stood there and she was swiping the floor with those perfect fig mounds of boobs and ass. I said this is not how you clean the floor and took her hand into my hand and kept my crotch into her ass bent her down on my knees caught her abs with my left hand and said this is how you should clean she was fucking feeling my dick and blushing.

I asked do you like me. you are blushing since then? She was shy. I took her to sit on my bed took my dick out and pulled her sari out and started feeling her she was wearing yellow blouse and satin sari on that day. Laid her on the bed I slept on her and started feeling her caught her tight kissed on neck took small bites on her neck and unhooked her blouse sucked those nips and chewed her lips. I tools her lower lip into my lips and sucked chewed them for a min tight. Took some boob bites. Removed my shorts and stood on my knees and she lay under took my dick in her mouth. Started sucking slowly I started fucking her mouth. I then bent her over her back laid her and sat above her neck and let her suck my dick. Then removed her blouse started sucking her boobs ate her boobs took some bites and moved to her stomach sucked her tender stomach chewed it up and started removing her sari; removed her whole sari.

She had a clean pussy with little hair. I rubbed her pussy for some time and took her clit into my mouth started sucking her I had to rub her pussy much because of all the juices. Then I slowly kept my dick into her pussy moved to and fro gone completely inside her and laid over her moved my legs much did set my dick and started slowly fucking her and then kept my speed up and had a speed lap and then stopped a sec and pulled her hand up in missionary position and started sucking her boobs. Spilled all my saliva on her boobs sucked it back caught her tight around and started fucking her fast again fuck her much fast and got on my knees sat on my hip and took her into my lap and started fucking her on my knees both moved to and fro stopped for a while and started kissing I kissed her like eterny and took her up stood on the floor and said her to close her eyes and left her open in air free caught her on her back and slowly started fucking her kissing her in the abs sucking her boobs and after stand fucking took some rest laying her on the table and easing our breath out for few min again took her on the bed I laid on my back.

She was sitting on me and we slowly started riding we rode for 10 min and I really want to cum I wanted to cum in her pussy so I started to fuck her until I cum and we rode hard as I knew I’m about to I sat up to her laid her on the back and thumped hard and fuck suddenly released my cum out on her tummy.

This was how we fucked most. my family was out for a week and we fucked whole week day and eve we tried anal but she didn’t allow after a month of this suddenly she left the job.

The last times saw her was after the month she came to receive the pay from my mom and she was having a yr old boy which I didn’t knew but she was very naughty and succulent.

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