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True Story Of Family Maid

My name is Anand living in Chennai. I am 30 yrs and I am very busy in my work and handsome guy. I am married and have very pretty and lovely wife. As we are newly married we living alone in apartment, we employed maid Shruthi. She is dusk color and thin active body age 26; from day one I have been attracted to her but don’t have courage to do any move or talking. But I and my wife we treat her like one of the family member pay her well and take care of her needs. I came across this website 6 months back then my life has changed, I read all the maid stories here and took each tips and advice and started working towards my maid, initially when my wife is away my 1st move was I asked her to massage me I was not well and wearing only towel no under wear inside, during massage she felt something wrong in my intention she stopped massaging and left and she said she is not comfortable and she not like that, then I got panicked I offered her money and requested not to tell my wife, she is very loyal to my wife and she don’t want to upset her so she didn’t take money and she didn’t tell her at all.
Then I read few stories more here then I understood I should make good friend to her before anything happens, from then I use to talk to her normally and in front of my wife and crack few jokes and make laugh everybody, whenever she is alone I give her good food and juices and talk about her family lot, she have 2 kids and her husband does odd jobs.
Then she came to know about me that I have fancy towards massage that I go every week for massage parlour and spend 2000 bucks, because my job is so stressed, some time I work 18 hours a day. So once I Requested and convinced her made deal, I asked her to give 30 min professional massage I pay her 1000, instead of me spending 2000 outside. She agreed and it went well for a month in between I try every move but all time I get disappointed. But reading stories from here gives courage again slowly I realized she getting comfortable with my body and getting use to it seeing me half naked. Sometimes I ask her to do only face massage and pay her well to show I am genuine. I even told her whenever u need money ask me but she never ask. My body have lot of hair, I asked to help me trim my hair I gave her trimmer and she did and from that day she was getting close slowly, later few days I asked her to put soap in my back, she did that also then we started talking about personal life I started explaining her now and then I get laid with friends and office mates. She was surprised and upset that I am cheating on my wife because she likes her very much.
I told her yes I am also afraid what if I get wrong connection with wrong person and it will spoil my marriage, so I openly told her that I like her and if she agree I won’t go with other woman and it will save my marriage, and I told my maid as she working since one year I trust her lot and in a way she helping me and my wife, like this lot of conversation over a month slowly we moving closely and initially it started hugging each other then we kissed each other. She started giving hand job over a month but it was difficult for me to convince her for sex. But I was enjoying when she smooch me and suck my nipples and massage I was in 7th heaven. But it was frustrating I was not able to fuck her.
Then I was reading interesting maid stories how a guy forced his maid, so I got courage to force her, Later last month we have good hugging and kissing I forced her to spread her legs and inserted my cock and fucked her, she was more defensive I did almost like rape but trust me this was best sex in my life her vagina is full tight I felt like fucking ass and I enjoyed every bit, after that also sometimes she won’t agree that she feel emotional that she betraying my wife and her husband but every time a I convince her and fuck her, it’s been month I Fucked her 6 times. She have medium boobs and long nipple and very good kisser she sucks my tongue very well and like her skin color little dusk, because my wife and all my girl friends her very fair I started having fetish towards dark skin colour, more over she does all the work at home, her behavior didn’t change now and then I give her money, even though she won’t ask, and all ways she refuse. Waiting for day where I can spend whole day with her; so guys if u like any maid of yours please don’t get discourage but u have wait patiently for months and try step by step.

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