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Unsatisfied Maid In My Village

I live in a city n was studying B.Tech n I was 22 years old. I don’t really visit my village because I like malls n huge buildings but still I visit my village at times when I needs some peace.

So 1c when I visited my home in village I saw this new maid her name was Laxmi. She was slim ,dint have big boobs not even a handful but still they were in shape n I could see her belly every time since her sari kind of rolls into a single strip. You know what I mean. I can even see her boobs through blouse sometimes. Her ass was perfect n her waist was more than just perfect. These two things actually intrigued me. They got my attention. But since it was a village I was scared to do anything but I never expected that things would go on by itself.

1c when I was alone in my house she came to do the households so I was just doing my stuffs ignoring her. After sometime I took bath n came to my bedroom to change dress. What I noticed that she was standing near t. V. N doing something with the broom so I thought it’s the time to show her something so I first rubbed my dick to harden it quickly then stood in a position where she could see me n my cock. N I was keeping an eye on from the corner of my eye n when she saw me I slipped my towel so that she could have a full look at my tool. I could see that she was not only looking at it. She was staring at it. N I was doing all these as if I don’t know that she was watching. Since she was staring, i got hold of my cock n caressed it n rubbed it n gave some jerks. She was still into it she was not even moving an inch. Then after nearly 2 to 3 min she moved n started doing her work normally as if nothing happened so had my trousers on, without the underwear n went into the hall. She was still there, in the hall besides t. V. Cleaning the floor then I saw her noticing my huge bulge over my trousers but dint react to it.

I was kinda disappointed with this, no reaction, thing, after all that I did. Believe me that took a lot of courage!! Then for someday I was hearing about her from my aunts that her husband is a drunkard n beats her up every night n he don’t care about their children n all kind of shit that he does. So obviously it’s true that she don’t get to fuck a lot these days which made me clear why she was staring at my tool. I understood that she is not satisfied right now n was attracted towards my tool but dint have much courage to show her feelings to me. So I started talking to her just to make her comfortable with me; started with basic things to her family matter. At first she was bit uncomfortable but slowly she got more comfortable with me (believe me if u know she is interested but just scared. Talk to her n make comfortable. This works every time. Well at least for me ;)) then after a while I saw tears in her eyes so I told her not to cry n kinda held her in my arms but slowly just to see whether she was comfortable with it or not. N she was. She too held me n tears rolled down from her eyes. Her boobs were squeezed by chest since she was comfortable I moved bit more towards her n held her a bit tighter n let my hard-on dick touch her. N she felt that. After a few sec I could feel a shiver in her n then she hugged me tightly. Like she never wants to leave me so there I am. With the green signal saying “fuck me baby!! I am all yours!!!”

I started caressing her back n her naked back which was not covered with her sari n put my hands on her fine ass. Oh those fine butts make me crazy!! I fondled her butts n pushed her ass towards me so that she could feel my tool on her pussy n rubbed it hard. She was still holding me tight with her eyes closed. Then I made some gap between us so that I could grab her boobs n caress them, squeeze then caress her waist, belly n slid my hands inside her panties while I kiss her cheeks, her whole face, her earlobes n her neck n kiss her lips tightly n suck her lips n she was also started responding to me with moving her ass to allow my fingers to finger her n rub her pussy n rolling her tongue inside my mouth n kissing me hard n wilder. By then she went crazy. She was too wild n was literally biting my lips n her hands were exploring most of my body n also rubbed my dick from my trousers. Then I took her in my arms n walked into my bedroom n made her sleep n enjoyed kissing every inch of her n undressing her slowly, one by one n feeling her naked skin. N kissed all over her cleavage n her boobs sucking her nipples n playing my tongue on them , nibbling then squeezing her boobs, caressing them n sucking it hard. We had this foreplay for about half an hour n we already cum 1s then I wanted her to suck my dick since no 1 ever did that for me so I made her sit on bed n I stood up n placed my dick at her mouth at first she refused n said she has never done that before n won’t do it. I told her that I would satisfy her completely if she does suck my dick to that she hesitated agreed n slowly took my dick into her mouth. I pushed my dick more into her n held her hair n made her give some jerks n lick it properly n give me my first blowjob. It really felt awesome. The feeling of my dickhead aaahhhh it was great. I was about to come. I told her to jerk hard n harder n then while cumming I held her hair tightly with all the cum in her mouth. After I finished all this; she said it was not at all bad.

Now it was my turn. I don’t really like this (except the pink shaved pussy) but I had to. I kissed her from her cleavage to her pussy n started rubbing her pussy lips n squeezed her pussy bulge. Slowly inserted one finger in her pussy while I licked her clit n nibbled it n sucked it then rubbed it with my thumb n sucked her pussy lips, drilled her pussy n fingered her like crazy she was moaning n groaning sometimes spreading her legs n letting me go deep on her pussy while sometimes holding my head tightly to her pussy I could see that she was enjoying it all. She had cummed for the 2nd time all on my face.

We both were tired n were lying on bed then I saw her fully naked, eyes closed n her breathe slowing down. Later she told me she was satisfied and was willing to have intercourse also which will make her completely satisfied. I don’t have condoms so I refused to do it then but later I brought 1 m fucked her in my bathroom n this continued for 15 days. In many positions n tried everything with her.

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