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Wooing The Widow Saru

Since my Mom was a working professional, she needed domestic help on weekdays to cook and do the chores. Enter Saraswathi. Saru, as my mom called her, was a middle aged woman in her early 30’s. She was an average looking woman, with hair tied in a short bun, 5’6, a good body with 33-30-34 and slightly dark complexion. She had a sharp longish face, a midsized body with curvy hips good eyes but dressed very plain sarees. I never really noticed her much, because she was largely silent in her work and we never shared any rapport of any kind.
As I grew up, Saru also became like the 4th member of our small unit. But I never became close to her in any sense, because that she was a typical lady who was largely unspectacular in her look. She did not have any children; her husband died in the 3rd year of her marriage, and due to a bad family, lived alone with her mother. One can say I had zero lust for Saru, till a particular day in my life.
I was 20 and in the final year of my college when that day occurred. It was a normal afternoon in my study holiday, mom & dad away at work, I was bored and watching some random videos on net to kill time. Saru was in the kitchen cooking and I felt a bit hungry. So I started walking to the kitchen, when my attention suddenly was drawn to Saru. Saru was cooking at the stove, wearing a loose green saree.
Her perfectly shaped hips were fully exposed to my eyes. They looked gorgeous, brown, and shapely, with a bit of fat sticking at both ends. Her hip-line was long and curvy. I had a great weakness for hips and navels of woman, seeing that structure in full-view made my dick raise 180 vertical. Her blouse was hanging slightly lower and her shoulders and back was fully in my view; it looked like a brown board. Her hair was long and untied, across her shoulder & reached upto her navel. I was suddenly damn horny seeing her. I felt new desire to go hug Saru tightly from behind and kiss her.
She was humming quietly to herself, unaware of all my attention. What a melodious voice she had. Due to the heat, she was now and then removing her pallu to wipe her face. I was seeing her without her pallu for the 1st time. What shapely D shaped breasts were beneath that blouse? What a good structure and what a shape! I was tempted to go touch her. What was happening to me? I never felt that away about Saru.
I quietly sat down in the hall, pretending to read a newspaper and covered my erection by crossing my legs. But my eyes would not move away from Saru. Saru finished cooking and casually went to the out yard to hang dry the clothes. In broad sunlight, I watched with a new hunger, noting every raw feature of hers. She never noticed me. Each time she stretched to place a cloth; her beautiful long-navel got exposed. It looked round, deep and seductive. Her stomach was like a yummy piece of flesh. Her armpits wet from the effort, sweating wonderfully; her perky nipples just jutting against her thatched blouse piece, her sharp nose-ring gleaming in the sun. Her fat and luscious 34’ ass is moving with her every step. Saru suddenly turned from an average maid to a goddess. Maybe it was my hormones and age, but I wanted to fuck Saru madly. Once or twice, I think she caught me staring, but was it my imagination that she ignored it with a smile? My dick was throbbing madly in thoughts of Saru, when suddenly the bell rang.
My mother entered. With her entry, my dreams were interrupted and went back to my room. But even as Saru came to sweep my room, I stared at her eyes and face in a way like never before, with lust and desire. Saru was too innocent to notice, I greedily kept checking her through the corner of my eye. As she bent down to sweep the floor, I openly started her cleavage. No bra! A wonderful pair of round boobs too. As she turned her ass toward me, I almost grabbed it out of sheer carnal feeling. Suddenly Saru the maid I never once saw all these years was the centre of attention and my desires.
As Saru moved out, I immediately went to the bathroom. All I could think of was her. My long 6’5 inch cock veined, muscular and throbbing in her thoughts. I closed my eyes and masturbated thinking about having sex with Saru, while first having foreplay and seducing her. God it felt so good, that I almost screamed in orgasm. As I stood there, with thick sperm from the effort, plans started entering my mind involving Saru. I was 20 and I was a virgin. I now made my mind up that I was gonna lose my virginity to Saru only. I had to do it, and I could do it.
For the next 7 months I waited & waited, because I wanted to approach Saru only when my parents were away for a long time. Each day of those months I watched Saru in a hungry way t. She too started becoming aware of my attention, but she underplayed herself as usual. I spoke to her casually now and then, but it was never too long. Finally I got my chance when my parents decided to go out of town for 8 days, and I put off my presence due to my project work (so I made them believe); 7 months of lusting for Saru was about to end. I was about to bag my delicious prize.
The month of April arrived, and my parents packed off for a trip, I pleaded out of. Saru was now gonna be with me for a week, taking care of my needs. This was the period I had waited for. Project work meant I had hardly to go to college, and for 1 week I decided I had no-other work than to map and fuck Saru. 10 AM morning, sharp, she arrived.
She looked good, wearing a purple saree. It contrasted well with her darkish hue. She looked fresh, with a nice smell coming from her. I noted her hips as I always did and saw her protruding ass as she walked past me. Saru was the only woman I really desired. I had to have her, this was my golden chance. She spoke in a mellow voice “Amma has instructed me everything” I said OK. I said nothing; I was just waiting to put my plans in motion. As she began her chores of washing the clothes, I kept watching her lustily and then at the right moment, walked up to her when she was near the washing machine and said “Hey u missed one more cloth to wash”. She looked up in doubt.
I quickly removed my shirt obviously in front of her. I was wearing only shorts now. She looked surprised at me. I was a decently muscular, correct-weight frame, neither fat nor thin. I had been working out for few months and had a good ripped look. She said “Why your shirt now?” I said “I came from jogging, feels warm inside it”. She just nodded and took the shirt.
I went sat in the hall, shirtless while reading a newspaper. I kept staring at her. She too looked distracted by my bare-body look and kept seeing me now & then. She finished her work and brought me a coffee. While taking the coffee I gently touched her fingers, which she surely felt. She asked with a light laugh “Are you going to sit shirtless all day” I said “It’s the summer and I feel hot, besides no one to ask me for a week”. She just smiled and went away.
She went into my room next to sweep and cleans it. I had planned for this. I had a very sexy image of a hot model nude, as my screensaver on my computer. I had it running since the morning. As she walked into the room, she noticed it and made an audible Gasp “Sheeeeee”. I heard it from outside and smiled. When she came to the hall, she avoided my gaze. I innocently asked her “What’s wrong Saru, what happened inside my room”. She looked very shy.
I loved her shyness. She said “there is something on your computer” I asked her with mischief “What is that” She looked very smilingily and said “How can I say that.” I said “Ha ha nothing that I only put up” Her eyes widened in shock and said “oh u like all that?” I bravely said “who doesn’t like it. I can’t be like that when parents around, am just enjoying the freedom”. She just her head down and pretended to do her work.
I asked her cutely “So tell me, don’t you like all that?” She faked as if she didn’t hear me. I asked her again and she just said “Those things are not meant for me”. I said “Who is it meant for then?” She thought for a long time and said “young people like you”. I asked with a beating in my heart, “So you mean widows like you never enjoy sex?” She stopped her work and looked at my face, and I stared straight back at her face. For 2 minutes we only stared at each other. Then she looked down and away, (I was still staring into her eyes, body language of dominance).
She quietly said “No, I never enjoyed all those things”. Now the very most instinctive answer I gave in my life. “Well Saru, I can help you with that”. She looked up with a most amazed look in her face and said “What are u trying to say”, I said “Well I am virgin and want to enjoy & learn sex, you are a widow who never enjoyed it, so we can help each other out”
She first saw me with an open mouth. Then she started laughing. I felt almost relieved in shock. She laughed and asked “you want to have sex with me?” I said “Yes of course” she said in almost a sexy voice “but I’m so older than you”. I got up and removed the newspaper which was covering my erection and she saw my tent in my pants and put her hand on her mouth. I clearly said “I am massively turned on by you, been waiting to tell you this for many days”
She again looked at me, my face and looked up and down my body. She looked quietly and said “please I have worked in this house. I never thought you see me like this”. I said bravely “I find you sexy and attractive, is this a crime?” She kept smiling and saying “you are so young”. I walked up to her, she moved back a bit. I held her hand and ran my finger on her palms, I felt no resistance. I said “I want you and now”
She looked at my eyes and I knew the deal was sealed .She now had a demanding voice “So you are virgin you say, so you don’t mind losing it to me?” I was overjoyed. Saru was mine now to enjoy. I walked up to her slowly. I just put my index finger on her thick lips and said “shhhhh”.
I removed the knot of her hair and kissed her on the cheek. She was just quietly standing there. For the initial few minutes, I was just catching her hands and kissing her on the cheek and neck. She stood still, not knowing how to react. I then stopped and said “Saru, are you enjoying this. I want you to have fun also”. She said “My husband was so short and never thought of me” I said “you have every right to enjoy as much as me”. She came forward and whispered in my ear “then teach me how to French kiss”
I smiled. With my thumb I raised her chin, planted a soft kiss on her lips and then began slowly sucking them. She initially didn’t know how to return it and stood with unmoving lips. I told her “explore my lips with yours”. I took her hands and placed it on my hard chest. With her other hand, she touched my face and moved her lips over mine, returning the kiss. And our heads moved together in unison. We were locked in a passionate kiss. How awesome this felt, I cannot describe. I could tell by her eyes that she was enjoying it too. I gradually let my tongue inside her mouth, licking the sides of it. This literally made her lose balance, and fell forwards on me. She remarked “Wow don’t tell anyone you are virgin. They won’t believe”. We enjoyed a good 20 minutes of sweet-kissing.
I slowly ushered her to the bedroom and made her sit down. She was still very rigid. I kissed around her shoulder, liberally using my tongue on her back. She felt slightly ticklish. I started loosening her blouse, and she tried to resist me, but I opened with gentle force. She covered her raw mangoes in front of me. Despite her age, her boobs were firm and not dropping down. I enjoyed biting her nipples with my teeth. She closed her boobs in shame and said “Ur making me feel dirty”. I said “Feed me” and lied with my head down on her lap, below her boobs.
I pried her hands away and start kissing her large aerola and brown boobs, making soft sucking noises. She was closing her face with her hands and looking shy. I was slowly sucking and licking and kissing her soft-breasts. I just buried my faces in the middle of her big breasts and chests and rubbed myself there. mmm.
I then moved down, massaging her curvy hips with my long strong fingers. I planted wet kisses across her stomach. She was just looking at me going crazy on her body. “Your hips are beautiful.” I turned her square and began biting and eating her stomach. My teeth were enjoying her lovely fat flesh. She now gets the hang of sex. Was letting her long nails run thru my hair, while making some nice moaning noises.
I am a navel fetishist and I was looking forward to playing and enjoying her superb navel. I said hold on, hold on and went brought some juice from my fridge. She kept protesting saying ’Hey don’t don’t”. I poured the grape juice into her navel and began sucking it out while she laughed madly in pleasure. I told “Am gonna measure your navels depth” and let me tongue inside it. It was deep and cool. I literally could have orgasm just enjoying her mid-riff. She just couldn’t control herself and her blackish body was just shivering with erotic madness
Saru exploded with passion; she pushed me down hard on the bed, and ripped of my pants. I was full nude in front of my maid, as she and I explored our bodies in passionate hugging squeezing and kissing. She bent down and kissed my nipples and my arms. She remarked like “you have a stud body”Then I said “Saru, I want to enter you” She immediately said “No please. It will hurt; I haven’t been entered since 14 years”
But I was in no mood to listen. I opened her bottom half pallu, she wore no panty. Now she was full nude in front of me; perfect dark brown beauty. I groped her lovely fat ass and made her sit on my lap. I kissed her shoulder as she moved her naked ass around my legs in a sitting position. I told her warmly “Don’t worry dear. I’ll be gentle”. She turned at that statement and kissed me lush in the lips. I was sitting down naked and she was on top of me. My dick was gently moving around hips and pussy like a paint-brush without entering. I loved the feeling on my foreskin.
I said “This ends now”. I pushed my naked maid on the bed again and got on top of her fully. Her pussy was unshaven and hairy, but I liked the fat thighs surrounding it. I let my fingers run thru her pubic hair and felt a woman’s vagina for the 1st time in my life. My index finger rubbed her pussy lips and clitoris as she moaned sexily. I had to close her mouth with my hand to prevent her making very loud screams. To get her going, I bent down and softly licked her inner walls of her juicy thighs. Her legs were moving restlessly.
Holding down her knees and pushing her legs wide, I gradually entered my long dick into her decently tight pussy. It felt like an electric plug into my body. She was now holding the top of the bed for support, as I slowly pulled out my dick. This felt even better. Gradually in and out in let my dick in, as she kept moving her head restlessly. My speed increased as my back moved faster in entering her, and then all of sudden, maybe after 10-12 minutes, I felt an orgasm coming. I shouted “Saru am cummingggg” and she shouted “huaaaaan” and our climaxes collided in a giant spurt of sperm. She had cummed too. My bed was a mess of white stuff.
With an awesome feeling that I am no longer a virgin, I collapsed next to her in bed and we kissed again. I stroked her hair and told looking at her face “this was so good” She said “ya I loved it too”. I literally didn’t allow Saru to work all day, as we fucked again and then again in the shower and for the remainder of the 8 days my parents were away.

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