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Foreplay With Recently Broke Off With Cousin Sister

First I will introduce myself, I am Rahul.I live in Hyderabad. I am an athletic guy . I have a very good physique. People say that I am very handsome indeed. To add to my value I am an extremely good singer,so this quality really keeps girls interested in me.

Let us start the story.This is a real story which started when I was in 12th standard. About my cousin,she is 4 years elder to me. Her name is Nisha.

She is my masi’s (mother’s sister) daughter. She is extremely fair .She is a bit chubby.But she is extremely beautiful.From childhood she used to pamper me. Kissing my cheeks ,hugging me,these things were very common between us. She used to live in kerala those days. They used to come to our home occasionally. As I grew up my feelings gradually changed towards her. When I was in 12th standard we went to their place to visit them. She hugged me as always.At that time she had looks to die for. They received us at the bangalore airport. On our journey she sat beside me in the car. I just kept my hands around her shoulder.The way she looked at me was something different though nothing more happened in the journey. But I was continuously looking at her boobs. She had developed great melons.

At that time I was disappointed as her behavior was normal . Her intentions seemed to be good. But I did not like it that way. At that time our families used to sit and chitchat at night. She used to rest my head in her lap. Then when everybody went to sleep she told me to go out as she had to change from gown to shorts. I wanted to see that mesmerizing scene but I went out . But my luck clicked at that time. From outside the room I was able to see the mirror that was inside the room. She removed her gown but was wearing a t shirt inside.But I saw her milky thighs.She was in her panty and t-shirt. My eyes just popped out.Nothing more happened in that trip.We went back.

After one year she told me that she has a boyfriend. She was frank with me as we talked in msgs . She told she had sex with him in his room and has taken nude shower with her boyfriend. I didnt ask any more things . After an year they came to our place.She was looking more beautiful and this time when we met I could see a different feeling in her eyes.It was diwali time. After diwali got over me and nisha di were sitting in our drawing room.It was around 1 in the night. Everybody went off to sleep .She was in her gown exposing a little cleavage to me.Anyhow light was off but I could see her cleavage because of her fair color.

Suddenly she held me hand n said I wanna say something to you..I said please go ahead.. Then she said her boyfriend has left her for some reason unknown to her.I could see the grief in her eyes but I consoled her. I said its ok to which she said its not ok as she has crossed her limits with him. This sentence suddenly turned me on. I started asking some questions and I could see she was forgetting her grief while answering. Below is the conversation:

Me : have you kissed him??(though I knew everything I wanted her to say all this and help my dick to harden)

She : she just nodded her head.

Me : have u been topless in front of him??

She: nodded once again but didnt say anything.

I could see she was starting to get excited. All of a sudden she said she used to touch his dick when they were in the bike. This statement gave me an instant kick off. My dick was coming out of my shorts.She told me she went to his room and they had taken nude shower. Suddenly I asked “have u given him a blowjob??”.. She buried her head down but said yes. She told me they used to have video call where both of them would be topless. “he has seen me nude many times yaar.” this was her statement.

Then she told the biggest truth of her life. She just buried her head down and said she has gone through an abortion. I was literally shocked.But my dick was leading me to a different environment altogether.I kept my hands around her shoulder to console her.. She was sitting on my left and my left hand was around her .I dont know what happened to me suddenly I put my right hand on her left boob.

At first she didnt say anything but when she realized she said “where have you kept your hand????”. I could not answer.I did not move my hands though nor did she release my hand. There was silence between us. I gently pressed her left boob. She looked other side. I held her complete boob in my hand..It was so soft.. I guess for two three minutes I kept pressing her boobs. Suddenly she turned towards me and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

We were then facing each other and smooching very softly,my hand was still on her left boob. I was pinching her nipple from outside her gown.On this act she got excited and all of a sudden she placed her hand on my erect cock. She started pressing it. Meanwhile we were continuously smooching each other. We were sitting in a sofa. She held my right hand and pressed it hardly on her boob. That was the best feeling I had. I whispered in her ear “i want to touch it(her boob) bare”. She guided my hand inside her gown and I held her right boob bare . What a feeling it was. I kept pinching her nipple.

Then I took her to the bed in the same room. As we sat in the bed we started our action again. This time she inserted her hand inside my shorts and caught hold of my dick which was rock solid 8 inches. She stroked my penis up and down. Once again I whispered in her ear “i dont know how it feels when someone gives u a blowjob???” she just gave the naughtiest smile to me and said “let jao (lie down)”.. I laid there. She lowered my shorts and took out my penis which was 90 degree erect. She stroked my penis for sometime and then kissed my penis.. After that she took my penis in her mouth.. I was on top of the world. She gave the best blowjob to me.

After that I asked her to lay her head on my lap.She did so. I asked her to raise her gown but she was reluctant as there were people in the house. Though light was off but we could see each other quite clearly. Eventually she raised her gown to her neck. She was laying her head on my lap and I could see her white bra and white panty . Her skin was glowing. I told her please close your eyes and let me do whatever I want. She smiled and closed her eyes.
I started playing with her boobs. I lowered her bra and yess..I was seeing her topless in front of me.. Her nipples were pink in color and were quite big.. I was moving my fingers around her nipple.. She was enjoying this. Then I played with her navel. I made many circles with my fingers around her nipple. Then I was moving my hands all over her thighs.

Then I inserted my hand in her panty.. She immediately stopped me but on my plea she allowed.. As I entered my hand in her panty I found that her pussy had trimmed hair. I started fingering her..She was getting damn excited by this act. She turned immediately towards me . My hand was in between her legs inside her pussy. She took out my cock again n gave me a better blowjob this time.

Then after a vigorous session I asked her to show her ass. I just love girl’s ass. She turned me down. After a lot of persuasion she said ok. She just turned around n slept. She was on her stomach with her smooth white ass exposed to me. I literally played with her body.I sucked her boobs madly. It was already 4 am in the morning. Next day they were going back. After the great session she said go to sleep please as it is time when mom and masi may get up. Her nude body was in front of me with some rays of sun falling on her body. What a view that was . But I regained my senses and bid her goodbye with a wet smooch and gentle pressing of her boobs.

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