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Our Housemaid Was Incestuous And I Enjoyed Seeing Her Doing It

The first maid I ever had sex with in Nepal was a girl from the mountains in West Nepal. I had heard that in certain areas they had some cultural habits that most people found strange. There was a shortage of girls in some areas so a girl would be married off to a family of brothers which they considered normal plus other kinds of things.

We needed a new maid because the one we had decided to get married so my wife Sita called her usual agent. He told Sita that there was a shortage of maids that met her requirements but had this particular girl so she said she would take her. He brought her to the house along with her father and a female relative. They wanted to see where his daughter would live and work. Evidently they were stunned by the size of the house and everything inside. They couldn’t believe the girl Sabina would have her own bedroom, albeit small, a bed to sleep on and two cabinets to put her things into. Sabina and her father had never seen TV before along with any electrical appliances and she was told that she could watch it with Sita.

Anyway Sabina started work but all she was good for was cleaning and the laundry and she was terrified of the vacuum cleaner so all was done by hand. Then I arrived home on leave and she was terrified of me for the first few days never having seen a westerner before. If I was in my sitting room she wouldn’t come inside and if she was in any room I went into she would run out.

Then a few days after I arrived I went out into the city and on my way back I got out of the taxi on the Ring Road and walked down the street full of small local shops where I saw Sabina looking at a shop that was full of cheap plastic bangles, hair slides and that sort of thing. I knew she had very little money if any so I went up to her and gave her 200 rupees and indicated she could buy a few things and left her to it.

When she got back she was really excited and went to her room to see how they looked on her. Sita was OK about it and said we should buy Sabina some clothes because she only had two dresses and that she had meant to ask me but had forgotten. I gave Sita 1500 rupees and sent her with Sabina to go buy whatever she needed locally. An hour and a half or so later they were back and Sabina’s face was lit up having been told all these things were for her and to throw out her old worn clothes. The next hour was spent in trying everything on and Sabina was thrilled because she had never had so many clothes in her life.

After that day she no longer was frightened of me and even cleaned my sitting room while I was there but she was still terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Two days after that the female relative called Mandira came to the house in the morning to see how Sabina was getting on. She only spoke a little English so talked mainly with Sita. Mandira was delighted to see Sabina was happy and had lots of new clothes. Sita went to make tea and Mandira told me that she owned a bar in Boudanath and I should come and visit.

Mandira had very large boobs both otherwise very slim. She saw Sita returning with the tea so she went quiet and the two of them carried on talking and I stayed to drink tea with them. Sita told Mandira it was lucky she came today because tomorrow she was going to visit relatives in East Nepal for several days with her sister which was the first time I knew of this visit. Sita looked at me and said she was sorry she had forgotten to tell me and that shortly she would go to her sister’s house to make final arrangements. Tea was finished and Sita said she was going to her sister’s and would be back around 5pm. She told Mandira to stay as long as she wanted so she could talk to Sabina.

Once Sita had gone Mandira started talking to me again and asked if I would visit her bar and I told her I would in a few days time once Sita had gone to East Nepal. Sabina had finished the laundry and she came to join her sister and they chatted away for about 30 minutes. I realized it was near lunchtime and Sita had not made any lunch so I told Mandira to send Sabina to buy lunch for all of us because she knew where to go. I told Mandira she could go with her if she wanted but she said she would stay with me. I gave Sabina more than enough money to get lunch for the three of us and off she went.

Mandira began talking again and said she would be really happy if I came to her bar like I had said and if Sita was not here then I could stay a long time. I replied saying that was why I would wait until Sita had gone. Mandira told me she would make sure I had a good time and I replied saying I looked forward to it. Sabina returned and we all ate lunch together which seemed to surprise them and I remembered in Nepali culture men normally ate first and females afterwards. Once we had eaten Mandira told me she would take me to her bar so I would know where it was and then if I didn’t mind she would come back here to talk more with Sabina. I said that would be OK so she explained to Sabina what we were doing and that she would return with me. Sabina just nodded her head so Mandira and I left and we took a taxi to Boudanath and after getting out of the taxi she took me to her bar.

It was fairly small inside and no customers at that time because it was early in the day but there were three girls sat there waiting for any customer that did come. Mandira said we would have a beer before going back and told one of the girls to bring them to her in her private room. This room appeared to double as an office and only one small bench type seat to sit on so we sat side by side. The girl brought the beers and the other two came with her to have another look at me. Having served the beers Mandira told them to leave and close the door behind them and they left. We took a drink of our beers and Mandira asked if I would still come and I told her definitely yes. Do you like my girls was her next question and I told her they looked nice but a little young.

Mandira said they are all eighteen so no problem in working as bargirls. I asked Mandira her age and she told me she was twenty eight years old. You like me too, she asked and I said I did and she had a great figure. I like you too; she replied and asked if I would like to see her figure. Not too sure of what she meant by that so I said yes why not. She pulled her sweater off over her head and removed her bra’ exposing her very large tits. I was very surprised but I enjoyed the view she was giving me. Having had a good look she then dressed again asking if I liked her boobs. I told her yes very much. We then finished our beers and she said let’s go back to Sabina before she get’s worried. We left a few moments later and got a taxi back home. Sabina was sat watching TV having been taught how to put it on and she was pleased to see us return. They chattered for a minute or two and Sabina left the room and Mandira told me she would be back in a few minutes and bring either beers or coffee back for us.

Mandira then asked if I would like to see her figure again and I asked if it was OK to do it with Sabina there. Yes no problem she told me so I said yes show me again. She stood up and took off her sweater and bra’ and then went a stage further and got completely naked for me before sitting back down next to me. We started kissing and I felt her tits and then I put my fingers into her cunt which was pretty wet already. She moaned as I fingered her and she decided to undo my zipper and she took out my cock which was very stiff. We were like this playing with one another when Sabina returned a few minutes later with just a towel wrapped round her. Sabina put the beers on the table and removed the towel and she too was naked underneath the towel.

I looked at Sabina seeing her naked for the first time and she had a bald pussy and tiny puffy tits. Mandira bent down and sucked my cock with Sabina watching and then invited Sabina to join us on the sofa. I stood up and stripped myself naked and then sat between them on the sofa. Mandira gave me another suck and invited Sabina to do the same. She was very shy but after some hesitation she took me in her mouth and sucked me for a short while.

I then got up and knelt on the floor and lifted Mandira’s legs over my shoulders and licked her now very wet cunt. It did not take her long to cum so I moved to Sabina and did the same to her. She too cummed but not once but three times in very quick time and I lapped up her juices. Mandira told me to fuck Sabina so I pulled her to the floor and slid my cock into her pussy. I slid inside all the way so it was obvious she was not a virgin but I didn’t care. I fucked her for about ten minutes with Mandira watching and then I started cumming myself. Once I pulled out of Sabina Mandira bent and sucked my cock followed by licking out Sabina’s cum filled pussy.

We sat and drank our beers and Mandira asked if I had enjoyed that and I said of course I did. Once your wife has left tomorrow can I come back and you can fuck me next time. I said I would love that and Mandira dressed so she could get back to her bar. I had the bar phone number and told her I would call once Sita had left in the morning. She then spoke to Sabina and told me Sabina wanted to do it again with me and we had time because Sita would not be home for another hour plus. I gave Mandira the taxi fare and she left with a farewell kiss. I went back to Sabina and she took my cock in her mouth and once I was erect again I fucked her long and hard before filling her cunt with more sperm. This time I licked her out and whatever she said I did not understand but she had two more cums so I guess she enjoyed it. We then got cleaned up and I dressed and Sabina went to her room. Sita arrived home a little later than she said but suspected nothing.

Next morning Sita left at 7am to go to East Nepal so I waited until 8am to Phone Mandira to say she could come anytime she was ready. She told me she would come for 10 am and so I said OK. Between 7.15 am and 8am I fucked Sabina on the kitchen table to which she had no objection. I fucked her again twice before 10 am and let her take a warm shower in our bathroom before Mandira was due to arrive. When she did arrive just after 10am I got a surprise I definitely was not expecting because she brought two guys with her. One was pretty old looking around 50 plus although I found out he was only 42 years old and the other around thirty years old.

Mandira saw the expression on my face and told me the younger guy was her brother and the older guy was Sabina’s dad. Mandira said they had just arrived from their village a few minutes before she left and they wanted to come with her. Don’t worry she told me there won’t be any problems. Sabina must have seen them arrive and came down to the sitting room in one of her new dresses a few minutes later. She greeted her father in the traditional way by kissing his foot and when she stood up she spoke to Mandira who nodded her head in a “yes” gesture. Mandira said she had told her to make tea for everyone.

Mandira told me that neither her brother nor Sabina’s dad spoke any English so we could talk freely. Mandira told me about their culture in the area they came from and about girls marrying brothers from the same family and I replied saying I had read all about this. She told me that she had two husbands in the mountains and had only come to Kathmandu to earn money to help pay for the running of their farm. I have told them about what we did yesterday and they are OK with it so no problems. She stood up and took off all her clothes and then asked me if I wanted to see her fuck her brother. I said OK and moments later her brother was undressed and fucking her on the floor in front of us.

Once they got started Sabina’s dad also got naked so I decided to join them by stripping off my things. Sabina returned and had a tray full of teas which she put down on the table and undressed herself. Her dad looked at me and gestured me to fuck Sabina so I told Mandira to let him have the first fuck with her. He gave me a small bow and took Sabina on to the floor and began fucking her hard and fast. He did not take long to cum in his daughter’s pussy and Mandira got a load of sperm from her brother almost at the same time. Mandira told me to fuck her next which I did and saw her brother get stiff almost immediately and he now fucked Sabina. We both shot our loads into the girls and then go up to drink our tea.

Having finished drinking the tea I got to fuck Sabina and having cum in her wet pussy her dad fucked her again. We continued fucking until almost lunchtime and Mandira said they had to go back to the bar and for me to go there later. All of them left including Sabina so I showered and took a nap for two hours. When I awoke I took a shower and after some lunch and a coffee I went to the bar. On arrival there the only one’s there were the three girls from yesterday and they told me that Mandira and the others had left Kathmandu to go back to the village.

I called Mandira and luckily she was still in range and she told me she was sorry but Sabina was going home to get married and that’s why her dad had come for her. You won’t see us again but thanks for the nice time you gave us. That was the last time I ever heard from them. I then phone Sita and told her that Sabina had been taken home by her dad because he was marrying her off. She said this often happens so don’t worry I will get a new maid once I return home assuming you can manage on your own. I said it was not a problem.

I asked the three girls what was happening to the bar now Mandira had left. They told me they were closed now until a new manageress comes tomorrow but I could stay if I wanted to. The only reason the door was unlocked was because Mandira had said I would come there later and to let me in. I asked if the door was locked now and they said yes because if you did not come before 6pm we would have gone home.

I said well I might as well have a beer now I am here and told them to get themselves a drink each as well. They talked to one another in Nepali and said we should go to the room opposite the office and drink there so they could turn out the main lights, so I said OK. This room was quite small with one table and two bench seats and dim red lights providing some light to see by.

We all had a second beer and they were giggling to one another and talking in Nepali. The one sitting next to me then asked me quite openly if I had fucked Mandira. I said I had at my house and Sabina as well. They all giggled at that and one said you should take us there and let us stay the night with you. I thought to myself that four in our king size bed would be entertaining so I told them to get 12 large bottles of beer and I would take them home. Not only that I would give each of them 1000 rupees as a gift.

Thirty minutes later we were in my sitting room all naked and drinking beer. All three of them looked very young because of their bald pussies and very tiny tits but they assured me they were old enough to fuck. We soon got started and I fucked them in turn giving them all a cunt full of cum. They did lesbian sex while I watched and then we fucked some more. One then asked me where the bathroom was so I led them to it and the one who asked me where it was stood in the middle and began pissing holding her cunt lips open.

I joined her facing her as she pissed and knelt down and began drinking her warm piss. The other two looked on and clapped their hands in delight and once I was tonguing the girl dry came into the bathroom fully and pissed on me and the first one knelt beside me and drank some as well. I went and brought the beers in and we sat there drinking cold beer and did some more pissing and fucking in the pool on the floor.

An hour or so later we cleaned up and went to bed and spent most of the night fucking, licking, and sucking one another. We did get some sleep but not much and around 5 am we did some more pissing and fucking before showering. It was barely daylight when I gave them 1000 rupees each and took them where we could get a taxi. I paid the driver to take them where they wanted to go and said I would come to the bar in a day or two. I then went home again and slept until late afternoon.

Our Housemaid Was Incestuous And I Enjoyed Seeing Her Doing It

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