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The Tale Of Bobby Aunty

HI, I am Shiv and here’s a narration of horniest affair I was into

I am 6 feet 1 inches with a sculpted body and a degree in economics ,to say the least I can charm you in ways you won’t even know,with a proud 6inch cook I like to experiment in bed , and charm women who are looking for being friends

How lucky can you get ,when you actually fantasize about a lady and one day your dream comes true,I am not talking about a normal average looking lady ,but about a 32yrs old with face of an angel and 32dd with a 38inch butt.

Coming back to story, it was a normal night, I was chilling with a couple of friends along with my friends bhaiya and bhabhi, now they had a pg only for girls who I thought were pretty hot, but nevertheless there was bhabhis friend bobby who was joining us for the night.

Normally I don’t like to hit on elder women unless they are super hot, but this time I felt like making an exception, an independent lady with a butt to spank .It was cards night and everyone was involved on making money and having little fun when doing that, my fun was looking at cards with a cursory glance at cleavage of bobby aunty

The whole night I was just taking her case, to drive her to the point of irritation ,so that she has the urge to impress me, I had to decide because first impression decides your chances of getting in bed .

After a complete night of card’s, going out to grab food and dropping her home, I just imagine ed the sweet sound of my balls hitting her groin, but since there is a time for everything else we said goodbye and night was over with a last erection.

So the real story starts when I was checking out some pictures of bhaiya and bhabhi when I saw her and impulsively decided to add her on Facebook with a customary message of

“Hi,how u doing” message, to my surprise she remembered me and the conversation started with how fed up she was me that night and how she wants to kill me, well for that she had to meet me.

Messenger turned into WhatsApp in a day and soon into friendship when one day she told me how her gang in Bombay had extramarital, I took that as a hint, and decided to compliment her about way she looks especially her butt and I was surprised that she took it in a very jovial way, after that flirting was normal, but I still didn’t think that she would let me do her, until one day she invited me to her flat, one of her two flats in she’d stay to write, she was a writer FYI

I reached her place at 11pm and rang the bell ,she opened it with a hug and a white t-shirt and black pajamas ,to say least I had a massive erection.I sat beside her after exchanging pleasantries.

She offered me a drink while watching television ,although she doesn’t like to drink but just made her drink at least two glasses of wine,after that we spoke at length about what’s happening here and there and how good she is looking, when I decided to make my move and start playing with her hair ,sitting together in that hall I had to decide whether today Wi be my lucky night when she said

B-Do you make same kind of moves with every women

S-Only who are very hot

B-So what’s your next move

This is when I decide to kiss her on the neck, she released a faint moan with heavy breath.

We remained in that position for 5minutes kissing her neck and shoulders when she held my hand and took me to her room,started to kiss me ,I made her lay on the bed and kissed her passionately, she lit up and asked me to remove mail my clothes .In an instant my cook was out and she tarted to blow me ,taking my 6inch rod completely in her mouth, I just went crazy looking at this women and end of my cook, she was licking like no 21-25 yr old women can’t imagine to lick,

I made her stand up and started undressing her ,removed her t-shirt to see those 32dd breasts, she was breathing profusely now, her breasts moving with flow of her breath, I could take no longer ,I ripped her bra and started suckling her nipples, and pressing those melons , with her moaning I removed her pants when she said “no don’t do it”, but I was already going crazy with her tit’s in my face and I wanted to pump her there and then, with her refusing to be fucked.

In a flash I removed he pants and a tarted locking her clit, she was moaning heavily now (a a a a aah, ouchhh) , I could not control any longer I took my rod and inserted in her pussy, she gave out a loud cry, she was tighter than I had anticipated,

I started to pump her while squeezing her boobs and looking I her lust filled eyes, she wanted to feel like a teen tonight and was searching for a cock to give her that retribution, I pumped her for 10minutes missionary, when she stood up and told me that she wants to be fucked like a dog, she came in front bent her knees took my cook and inserted in her ,and started to move her 38inch ass to and fro, I grabbed d her boobs laid her down and pumped her till her moans transformed into screams and after 15minutes she ejaculated with juices flowing on my penis, we came together for first time we had sex, after half hour she started with round 2 and ever since I’ve never met her, maybe I was the only experience she wanted in life

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