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affair with frnds dad-1

Hi all I am maya aged 21. I am huge fan of sex stories. Let me in tell about me. I am a cute girl and my parents are doctors. I use to play basketball in my school days and maintained my figure very well. I look cute and sometimes enjoy when boys pass lewd comments on me. My sexual felling started at the age of 17 and used to watch myself in mirror full naked and touch my private parts and enjoy. One day I was just watching through my binocular outside my room and saw a guy pissing road side and first time I saw his cock and got excited, then it became routine for me to watch outside and enjoy. Later I got net connection to my system and at night as my room is separate one day I just opened Google and typed naked men I saw hot men naked and enjoyed it lot then after few days saw sex stories and started reading those. They are so nice and sometime I even feel I was the girl in the story. I became habitual to the stories and used to read all but never was neither in contact with any men nor in love. But things changed when I was 21 I was in Bcom 1st year and I had a friend her name is seema
One day I went to her cousin marriage to other city after marriage I was supposed to come back as she stayed their only and even her father also has to come back as he has some work. Let me tell about him his name is Rajesh a handsome simple guy aged around 55 we both got seat next to each other and we are sitting last and behind us there were 2 more rows which are empty and its night journey and very few members in bus. At night its bit cold and I forget bed sheet, but he had one, he saw me shivering and asked you can also use bit, so we both used same bed sheet since I moved bit closed to him our body touching each other, and as is my first man body touch I got some different feeling.
Then I was feeling bit sleep he asked maya if you want you can sleep on my lap so I said ok and slept on his lap. After some I felt his hand on my arms caressing. Initially I felt uncomfortable and later enjoyed it, then slowly he moved his hand near my ass upto thighs and I felt like some current passed in me. He kept doing this for an hour. Then around 11:30 midnight bus stopped and driver told there is 10 mins rest if somebody wants to pee can do. I got to pee when I saw outside I was full dark so got scared and told uncle that I have to pee can you come with me and stand bit far, he said ok dear
We both got out of bus and I saw few men peeing other side and I went behind a bus where there was little light uncle was with me I said turn around I have to pee and he turned other side. I slowly lifted my skirt up pulled my panties down and started pissing, when I finished and got up and turned back I saw him turning towards me
I was shocked and felt bit ashamed as a man seeing me pissing I scolded you naught what u doing, he said sorry dear, but I too internally felt too happy I don’t why, and I gave naughty smile and said this is a bad habit he again apologized. After some time we got into bus and again it started then I was bit silent,
He said “sorry maya dear I think you are angry on me”
I just saw him and said “when did you turned towards me tell truth”
Uncle said “when u lifted your skirt up then”
Me “then you saw me full things”
Uncle “no dear only ass not the front part”
I was embraced by his words, I again said u naughty and same naughty smile and closed my face with shame
Then he told “to tell one thing maya I want to tell one truth”
Me “I don’t mind please tell”
Uncle said “you have wonderful ass I never saw such thing yet”
Me “thuu uncle you are very very naughty” and both had a naughty laugh.

After sometime again I slept on his lap facing by back towards him and he touching my ass immediately I slept and I was enjoying the touch. Then I turned opposite directing facing towards him. As I was on his lap I was just 1 centimeter near his cock and felt naughty thing in my mind to feel it so I moved bit near to it in sleep and felt that and it was already hard and its touching to my chick

He too understood what I wanted so he kept has hand on my head and pressed me hard towards it and slowly whispered in my ears are you feeling it dear I said yeeeeeeeeeeeeees and he was touching me with other hand. This happened for an hour. Then I got up and sat, as in night journey lights will be off and its full dark even we r at last, uncle stoop up and saw all are sleeping and came near my ears and said all sleeping baby and kissed my lips.

What an awesome first kiss of my life I wanted more and asking I only kissed him it went for longer time. We kissed a lot then and he touched my (tiny) boobs over my top and gentle press giving pleaser, I too touched his cock over pants and enjoyed, we did this almost upto 4 pm until we reach Bangalore. I went to my house and he went to his house.

We didn’t meet for few days as we don’t have each other’s numbers as we forget to take, when my friend came back from function next day she met me in my house. When she went to toilet I suddenly took her mobile and searched there was a number with name daddy and I saved that number in my mobile. Then she left and it was night after dinner around 10 pm I called that number he picked the call

Me “hello is it Rajesh Patil father of Seema”
Uncle “yes who it is”
Me “guess handsome” he guessed correctly
Uncle” hey maya darling how are you”

Then our conversation started, and we used to talk daily around night for an hour, then slowly instated of saying him uncle I started calling him Rajesh, raj dear, raja, he used to call me SB (sex bomb) then
We used talk dirty and one day he asked me my navel pic in whatsup I sent then boobs, he too used to send his naked pictures so we had such phone talk relation.

One day me and my friend was supposed to college on her scotty and she called me to her house, I went and her mom was not there only Rajesh was there, I was about her mom she told mom went to her in laws house and will back in couple of days. But he father was happy to see me and I too, when my friend went to inside to bring me coffee I gave him flying kiss and he too returned the same, when he planned to come near me seema came with coffee and he stopped, we all had coffee and about to go but her scotty got punctured and we have to go by bus. Then I planned to grab this opportunity and purposely left my bag in her house and went to bus stop with her, when our bus arrived she got in and I was about to get in and immediately told her I forget my bag in your house, you carry I will come later or else go to my house back as I got some other urgent work, she said ok and she went in that bus. I suddenly called him and asked him what you doing raj, he replied waiting for you sb, when I asked how you know I come now, and he told you left your bag here and I understood, I will tell the next part soon, if you guys like my story kindly mail me
To tell one thing I didn’t had sex that day but enjoyed the day which I remember my entire life and will post what all we did in my next story

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