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Story of my life

Hello my friend how r u . i am your ....... today i discuss with u about story o my life. Soooooo start  AFTER 3 WEEKS , I was still ignorin mhlengi. Whn he wntd to knw sumthn concerning the kids he called my granny. Was sick n tired of him playin with my feelings. I had passed my grade 11 was now goin to do matric. School opens:
I wke up early in the morning mhlengi hired nanny for twins. I went to take a bath , after that i went to lotion my body . There were blouses for matric only, i had already bought it , sasitshelene wit my friends that we were goin to wear them and grey pants. I wore my blouse and my pants , my pants were very tight they

Story of my life
showed all my ass . On my head bengenze i straight up. I applied ponds and eyeliner on my face . Was lookin beautiful , i tided my straight up into a bunny. Whn im too excited i dont eat . I went to kiss my twins and said goobye to my family. I took an apple my bag dan went to school ,i was feelin myself.
After givin birth i lost weight was now wearin size 32 , i was soo sexy.
I arrived at school my friends we already waitin for me on the gate.
Wuuuuh they screamed whn they saw me , we hugged.
Hloni: awsababi kanje mnga
zee: yey ungaphik ukt usanda kzala
me: lol
my friends were also lookin beautiful. The bell rang and we went to assembly. We had a prayer, welcomed new students.
Principal: girls i knw you are allowed to do adult sexy story anythng with your hair , but it has to be tided and neat. Like ... Come here thuleh
we were on the school hall. I went infront
boys were like mmmmh yoh. Mhlengi was jst starin at me . I stood infront feelin myself
principal: just like her, niyambona wenzile i.. Nithi yin le
me: str8 up.
Principal: yec kona lokhoke wase efasa kahle , this is how im expectin yol to look like.
I went bek to my friends . They told us where our new class is at. And mhlengi was our class teacher again. I was soo pissed by dat, my classmates were excited. We went to class.
Mhlengi: morning evryone we bek again, i see only two people failed . U guys made me proud. This year u have to work even harder!. He sat down , my friends and I were sittin at the back . U knw whn the school opens you dont do anythng u just sit in class. I needed to use a toilet . I went to mhlengi's table
me; hi sir, may I plz go to the toilet
mhlengi: unjan thule
me: im fine
i ddnt wnt to hear what he wntd to say, i went to the toilet . As i was walkin i shaked my ass ngamabomu. And the boys were like mmmmmh yoooh
mhlengi: yin ngalaba abath mmmh
they went quiet , i continue and went to the toilet. I did my business . And walked out. Whn i walked out i met mr Sibiya he is teachin us English
sibiya: hi thule
me: hi sir
sibiya: how are u
me: im good sir and u
sibiya: im good , u are soo neat infact u look beautiful thule keep it up
mhlengi got out of class and saw us he went to the office.
Me: lol thnk u sir
he was a pastor
sibiya: whn are you coming to my church
me: sunday
sibiya: ok cc
i went bek to class , ngangenisana no mhlengi
mhlengi: thule khane ubuya e toilet
me: yes sir
his face changed.
i went bek to my friends and told them wat mr sibiya just said
and we laughed .
Hloni: lol ay sobuye sbone iyndaba zesonto
mhlengi: thule and your crew you are makin noise
me: hau! I rolled my eyes and looked at him.
We were not makin any noise , like seriously
mhlengi: i can see yol are goin to cause a chaos there
my friends went silent
mhlengi: yah i have to separate yol , thuleh come and sit here at the front
that really pissed me of
me: u should have told me u just wnt me to come and sit at the front nje! Coz we ddnt make any noise. I raised my voice and evryone looked at me
mhlengi: who are u talkin to like that thule?
Me: aysuka nx
i went to the front
i was sooo pissed

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