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23 Sweetest wild sex ever..

Hi everyone! This is the first time I am writing here my sex experience with a Russian guy. My name is Jessy and I was born and brought up in London. My mother tongue is Malayalam so I got the typical Indian girl looking. I am 5’8’’ with well-shaped figure 36 30 38.

Naturally I have beautiful tanned skin for which these English girls are crying to have hence getting a guy is not that big deal for me but unfortunately I am very choosy when it comes to taking guys to my bed although I have many male friends.

This happened to me when I was doing my MBA at the age of 23. For some reason I love being around with white guys and they seems to be get along with me easily but I never said yes for any serious relationship.

On the first day of my University (Uni), there was a long Q in the at the IT department help desk and I didn’t know why that Q is for, so I approached a guy and he said this is for the 1st year students to get their student card.
23 Sweetest wild sex ever..
23 Sweetest wild sex ever..
I joined the Q and started reading novel (my hobby) while waiting to be served. After about 10 or 15 minutes later, a guy has called me and said it’s your turn. I thanked him with a smile and went to the receptionist to get my student card.

The 2nd day passed by knowing about our tutorial groups, course and the campus. On my third day I went to join my 1st tutorial group that held in a small classroom. I sat in the 3rd row and believe me the class was boring so I was just looking around the people and their behaviours.

There I saw the guy who called me on my 1st day to tell me that it was my turn. So my eyes were just on him until my tutor said, ‘ the 1st part of the class is over and I see u all after an hour’. There I came to know its Lunchtime so I just followed

the guy with whom my eyes got caught with. He went and sat on the bench right in front of the library and start smoking. I just went sat next to him but facing the opposite site pretending reading my novel.

He didn’t even bothered to say Hi or Hello, which really pissed me off and challenged me. So with all the heart-broken feeling but with some hope I went to the classroom 20 minutes before the next session starts.

There he came and sat in his place and started to write something down. I took all the courage I could ever get and went to him said ‘ hello would you mind to spare 2 minutes of your time’ and he said ‘ sure, why not’ and showed me the seat next to him.

I have no clue where I got that courage from but I started to talk to him as if I knew him for ages. I told him that I have been following him for the last 40 minutes, for some reason I start liking him, I liked the way he walked and want to be his friend if its ok with him.

He was stunned by the way I spoke and shook his head and said ‘yeah, yeah its my pleasure’. Here I have to tell you all about him. Alex has blue pair of eyes with 6-pack body. The way he walk with straight up look and no scared of anything kind of walk

but yet humble face is just indescribable. He is not handsome but he is got that looks that I always longing to see with guys and which made my mind keep thinking of him even after I came home. From that day onwards, we both became good friends.

We always wait for each other and go to class together, having lunch together, taking walk by the Uni corridor and even started know more about family and personal details of each other. After two months we both wanted to join the near by gym

so walked down do the nearest gym and registered ourselves with them. While walking back to our Uni he said lets go sit on the bench for sometime and we did so. It was around evening 5pm and there were many people relaxing by the riverside of Thames.

It’s always me who talks much because Alex is a good listener. After showing him things that I usually carry in my handbag, I said ‘this is it, I don’t have any make up kits as I don’t like them, I giggled and asked him ‘so what do u want to talk about now’?

He looked on my face and kissed me gently on my lips and I was sitting there as If I was stoned with my wide opened eyes. After few seconds he took his face back and said ‘ I am sorry, you were cute when u asked me –

what do you want to talk about now- and I felt like kissing you’ he imitate the way I asked him. That made me to blush and said don’t be sorry, it’s fine. He smiled at me and said I really thought you didn’t like as your face were stoned.

I said ‘it was all of sudden and I just didn’t know how to respond to it’. He lends his hand out and I place my hand on him, then we walked hand in hand along the South Bank stretch. When we reached the train station we kissed good-bye. This is what I liked in him the most;

he is very gentle, respectful, cares me so much and never rushed at anything like other guys. That whole night, I was just in moon dreaming of him. With all the excitements, the next day I woke up early and thought of waiting for him at the Uni train station.

But surprisingly I met him on the station near to my house and came to know that he is been waiting for me since early morning. That made me to hug him and said ‘you are so sweet, why didn’t you ring me when you came here,

I would have taken you home and we could have had a good home made breakfast together’. He asked me ‘ are you not living with your parents’? I said ‘yes I am, but my parents would leave home by 7am usually and you just wasted 2 hrs waiting for me in this station all alone’

I said that with my long face. He laughed out loud and said ‘well I am all here for you now, so you can take me home and feed me with your lovely Indian breakfast’. I said ‘ who said Indians won’t eat beans on toast’ and we walked home back decided to bunk the 1st class of the day,

which wasn’t our favourite anyways. After having breakfast, we decided to watch K3G movie of Sharukh Khan, which I have promised him long back. He actually started liking the movie and literally involved in that story with the help of subtitle

but I was getting bored because I have watched it for more than 20 times. So I said to him, I am going to read my novel while u finish watching the movie then we can head to Uni whilst opening my novel. He shook his head and I started to flow along with my novel.

After like 20 minutes, Alex asked me, ‘can I have some water please’ and I said ‘sure’, so I went to the kitchen to get water for him and while I was pouring the water in a glass, he came right behind me and whispered in my ears ‘I want you so badly’ and hugged me gently.

Oh my god I felt some kind of electricity in my stomach and it made me to lose my control. I turned back to face him and within a second our lips got locked together. He was still gentle but kissed me passionately while having my face in his both hands.

It was so romantic for me and I hugged him and lay on his chest after kissing, he walked me to the living room and made me sit on the sofa and knelt down to see my face. God I was in love with that man on that minute,

I wanted him forever, and he is such a germ of person and never hurt me for anything. I said to him’ I want you too Alex’. Again our lips got locked but this time it was more vigorously. He kissed me all over my face, neck, played with my earlobes

and I just loved the way he played with them. It turned me on so much and I wanted him so badly at that minute. He ripped off my clothes and made me semi naked with my bra and panty and I helped him to remove his clothes off and I was just stunned to see his 6-pack

with hair at the down part of his tummy which has been covered by his underwear. He made me to lie on the sofa and started to kiss me hungrily and my hands were rubbing his back while responding his kiss.

He then went down to my neck and licked it slowly with his tongue and that made me wild and I guided him to my breast, which has been erected and waiting for his attention. He removed my bra and said ‘ you have got a beautiful pair of melons that I have never seen in my life’.

I giggled and said ‘ its all for your dear’. He touched them softly and I urged him to press it harder as I was getting hornier than ever. He squeezed them and kisses them like anything while running one of his hands down to my crotch.

It felt so good and I was positioning another breast to be served by him while moaning for each of his kisses on them. He sucked and licked my breast and my nipples were getting harder while his other hand is caressing gently down on my pussy.

I pressed my breast harder on his face, and that made him to hold both my melons and suck them hungrily. Now he made me to sit facing him but I since I knew what he wants, I stood up on the sofa and wanting him to lick my pussy; he nodded his head and said

‘ I am at your service sweetheart’. He then knelt down and kissed my pussy gently. That sent me a vibrant kind of feeling to my whole body and I want him to dig my pussy more with his tongue so I pressed his head close to my pussy.

He knew what I want but he was demanding there, he went down to my thighs and were kissing them, that made me more wild and I pleaded him to lick them as I was in high and just couldn’t wait for it anymore. He licked me so wildly, he sucked my clitoris,

and his tongue was exploring my pussy lips and that made me to stay in heaven for sometime. My entire body was listening to his tongue’s magic; he was so good at licking them. I just esteemed to see that scene of him drinking my pussy’s juice

and take me to the wildest part that I ever imagined in sex. I couldn’t stand anymore so I took his head out of my pussy and I sat down on the sofa. I spread my pussy with my fingers and looked at him hungrily and he as always smiled in a mesmerising way

and started to lick my pussy happily. My moaning is increasing now, because he was started to insert his tongue into my love hole and I moved up and down following his tongue. My moaning grew higher, higher and higher while he was drilling me down with his tongue.

I reached climax twice there. He ate my pussy fully and enjoyed the taste of the love juice. Now it is my turn to make him to go to heaven. I have a high sexual desire and I know guys love girls who are good in blowjob and now I have to make use of this opportunity to make him beg

me more from me. So I decided to use some flavour. I went to kitchen to get the honey bottle. He loved that idea. I pour the honey on his hard rock cock and tasted it as a real hungry baby. He was moaning heavily and that was the signal that he is in heaven.

I played with his balls while sucking on his 9-inch cock, which was slowly turning into pink in colour. I took the entire cock in my mouth and made him to moan more. He said ‘ it feels great baby, you are so good at it,

I love you so much’ but that I love you was from the bottom of his heart for sure. See that’s what I was talking about, if you want to get into the guys head you got to be real pro in sucking his cock. Just treat it, as an ice cream then the rest would fall in its place.

Since I heard the word that I wanted to hear, I now started to use my techniques. I made him to fuck in my mouth and I hold his dick tightly with my lips. His tick meatballs were slapping my face while he is fucking my mouth. I enjoyed that a lot coz I saw the real happiness in his face.

He doesn’t want to cum fast so he took out his cock and kissed me while fondling my breast. I could taste his lips, which has been soaked with my pussy juices. It drove me mad hence I made him to stand and I knelt down to take his whole dick into my mouth

(girls, guys love this position as they love to be in charge of everything). Alex was pushing my head towards his dick and I again played from the scratch. I ran my tongue on his dick-head and teased him while rubbing his balls. He enjoyed that and craved for more.

He begged me saying ‘come on honey, make your man cum’, that is it, now he couldn’t control and he wants to explode. So I hold the bottom of his dick and started to suck on it while moving my hand up and down.

His moaning grew bigger in sound and I know he is about to explode, but come on! What is the fun in doing the usual thing hence I went and lay on the sofa and made him to fuck my boobs. He loved that idea, he said ‘you are full of surprises my girl’.

He fucked my boobs for not even 3 minutes and he exploded on my face and breast. I just loved his expression on his face when he explodes, that is the real victory for me. He helped me to clean my face and we kissed each other madly.

We didn’t have any intercourse that day since we both loved oral sex a lot. But due to time restriction we had to pack our bags to go to Uni. But something special happened before we left the house. After we had shower together, and dressed up.

Alex again knelt down but this time for proposing me. It was very funny the way he asked me ‘ would you marry me’? It was so obvious that he was shy but still he wanted to do it but life isn’t all about that one fucking sex session is it?

So I told him, it’s too early for a serious commitment, but I don’t mind being your girl friend for time being and he agreed on that but he added saying, ‘please don’t think I proposed you because I had you today, I have been having feelings for you for quite sometime’.

And that explains the kiss on that evening and all his gentle behaviours. I couldn’t say no as it would hurt him, so I said let us take some more time to make big decision of life but this doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

I smiled and said I like you since the very first day while blushing. He kissed me on my forehead and said ‘yeah let us take some more time to decide’. These days we are like the real lovebirds out there.

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